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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an embodiment of a
microphone according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view of another embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. 3 is another embodiment of the present invention. A is its front
view and B is its plan view. 1 is a headphone, 2L and 2R are speaker housings, 3 is a band, 4L
and 4R are ear pads, 5L and 5R are pseudo ears, 6L and 6R are microphone units, 7L and 7R are
supports , 8 is a lead wire, 9R is a hinge. Fig. 1-51-Fig. 51-73025 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 B-52-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a head 7 on with a
microphone 7 on which is used for so-called pseudo head roaring (pickup). Pseudo-Recording Ri
has recently been the focus of attention for creating superior presence that can not be obtained
with conventional stereo brass sounds. For a meeting where such pseudo familiar sound is to be
performed, for example, a microphone using a so-called pseudo 1 I-f iclosion device embedded in
a pseudo- 1 bin w 7 on rod, a microphone 關 7 on a pseudo pinna It is carried out that it mounts
and this is attached and used for the support tool K111. However, this cool 74 74 phone li! It is
inconvenient to carry around ta, and it is inconvenient, such as when you perform movement
sound combination outside the house using portable brass sound 4 ile 11 會 and 11%: In view of
such a point, the present invention is a simple, even when performing moving recording, for
example, and also provides a mobile 7-on device that combines the head 7-on with high mobility.
In the present invention, a pair of 1 electronic units and a pair of artificial ears are respectively
attached to a pair of speaker housings of the head 7 on. One embodiment of the present
invention will now be described with reference to FIG. In gIWK, a lll # i stereo headphone, and an
example of an insult is acupuncture device. The speaker housings (2L) and (2B) incorporating the
left and right speakers respectively provided at positions corresponding to the inner ear of the
user (not shown), and the nine speakers (2L) and (2B) It becomes a band (3) connected). Also,
(4L) and (4R) are ear pads. Each of the speaker housings (2L) and (2R) has a plurality of holes for
passing external sounds. Also, the ear pads (4L) and (4R) have many holes in the same manner.
(5L) and (5R) are soft plastics) 12) This is a pseudo-ear. The microphone units (6L) and (6R) are
provided in a position corresponding to the entrance of the ear canal of the entrance of the
cabinet of this sham-like ear (SL) ひ (5R). History K (7L) and (full) are support islands for
attaching and detaching the artificial ears (5L) and (5R) ', and consist of a gold pipe, and
microphone units (6L) and (6R) and- It has one lug that connects pneumatically. (8; H.
microphone and speaker for speaker). In FIG. 1, the right eyebrow of the figure shows a state in
which the pseudo ear is attached to the head 7 on 111, and the eyebrow and the left side show a
state where vIk is removed. According to yg in FIG. 1, the pseudo ears (5 L) and (5 B) are 1 ic and
the false ears (5 L) and (5 R) are used by using the head 7 on Illf 朧. ) Are provided at positions
corresponding to f + l + 1 doo, respectively.
It is similar to wl-microphone straightening [in the same way as the same pinaural confectionery
or busy diligence in 1 black out units (6 L) and (6 R). Here, in the illustration of FIG. 1, since the
speaker posts (2L) and (2m) and the rod rest pads (4L) and (4R) are used respectively (3I open
type), The user can listen to the external sound directly during the stuttering (so-called monitor).
In addition, it is possible to monitor the sound signal collected by the micro 7 on unit) (6L) and
(6R) by emitting the sound from the speakers in the speaker 1 (2L) and (2R). Since the positions
of the speaker and the microphone unit are close to each other, so-called I. urling may occur.
Therefore, it is a better way to use an open house for the speakers 1 (2L) & 2 (R) and ear pads
(4L) and (4R). Further, as described above, in the first ffl example, the microphone units (6L) and
(6B) and the speakers in the speaker housings (2L) and (2R) are not simultaneously used.
Therefore, the lead wire +81 'can be shared instead of being used separately for microphone
output and speaker input. Therefore, in this case, the lead IIf 81 does not become thick compared
to the conventional headphone. By the way, this switching of the microphone and the speaker is
to attach and detach the artificial ear (5L) and (5 items) (4) 1! The gauze may be attached to the
supports (7L) and (7K) in a related manner. FIG. 2 is another embodiment of the present
invention. In the example of FIG. 2 of 0, the microphone units (6L) M and (6R) are provided on
the speaker bodies (2L) and (2R) side, and in this case, the cost units (5L) and (5R) are provided. )
Can only be removed. In FIG. 2, as in FIG. 1, the right ear is attached to the handphone fi + and
the left eye is removed from the left, as in FIG. According to the example of FIG. 2, since the
microphone units (6L) and (6R) are provided to the speaker housings (2L) and (2R) 1illl, cursing
of the false ears (5L) and (5R) The signal path of the microphone No. 9 by Wk @ imperial, etc. ・
i ・ distribution is l. History 4 In the 21st example here: 1. It can be understood from the valley
that there are the same effects as described in the example of Section 1. Fig. 3 shows another
practical example in the history of the present invention.
In Figure 3, Hesodehu's right-handed-right-handed-to-no-ha is received, its A (q end face area, its
B for the Ten Kings 1 figure. In addition, the purchase of the left ear is also: LjI-like ah. In this
third (5) 11-example, in the example shown in the figure, the microphone unit (61 L) t Sbi-1 匣 K
(2 R) l Itc installed together with the Celtic Ears (SR) t Microphone Unit (SR) 'ell On (11 (Hinge
(9R) K) attached to open and close freely. C, the figure shows that the speaker housing (2R) is
sealed in the figure, and the speaker housing (2R) K hinge (9R) of the sound is attached.
According to the example of FIG. 3, since the artificial ear (5K) is attached to the head 7 on 111,
the artificial ear (5R) is not lost. Also, when using the device of the invention as the head 7 on, by
closing the artificial ear (SR), the artificial ear (5R) does not get out of the way and it is good from
the aspect of the lens. . As described above, according to the head 7 with a microphone according
to the present invention, the user wears the device tube and uses it when striking a false head
roar; In particular, the portable recording device is suitable for use in the case of performing the
movement stuttering 7 outdoors. Also, the microphone and the head 7 are both on (61 (. ・シ。
As it is ugly, it is practically convenient from this point as well.
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