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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
paper-making apparatus, FIG. 2 is a view showing the accumulation of fibers in the paper-making
apparatus, and FIG. 3 is a structure of a conventional molding die The figure which shows, FIG. 4
is a figure which shows the structure of the paper-making apparatus which provides the
diaphragm for speakers of this invention, FIG. 5 is a figure which shows the structure of the
paper net employ | adopted as the paper-making apparatus, FIG. FIG. 7 is a view showing the
accumulation of fibers in the device, and FIG. 7 is a view showing the structure of the speaker
diaphragm of the present invention. 7 is a ring-shaped belt. 1st toe 2nd field-89 1 real opening
51-79335 (2) Fig. + Fig. 6 6-90-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
cone-shaped speaker having a paper fiber co-base, and in particular, a small ring-shaped band of
fiber stock is formed on the outer part of the cone-shaped portion to achieve compliance. The
present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm having a The diaphragm of the cone-shaped
speaker based on paper fiber has various vibration modes in the divided vibration region, and
causes peaks and dips in the frequency characteristics to cause negative sound deterioration. In
particular, in the case of a free-edge diaphragm, at the time of edge resonance, the material of the
edge 1: under the influence of thickness, shape, size, density, etc., the part inside the edge
sticking portion of the conical 2) shaped part It exhibits a vibration mode with a node. According
to the experimental results, the nodes generated in the conical portion at the edge resonance
occur in the portion 3 to 15 inner from the outer peripheral end of the conical portion in the
diaphragm with a general aperture 16 to 25z. At the time of such an enon resonance, sharp
peaking and dips occur in the frequency characteristics from the outer peripheral end of the
node or conical part, and in the higher order divided vibration at higher frequencies as well,
Under the influence of the part, the frequency characteristics were burst and dip, and a good
reproduced sound could not be obtained. For this reason, conventionally, in order to flatten the
frequency characteristics, for example, a device such as providing a large and small variety of
Korgedonon at a predetermined position of the conical portion, etc. has been carried out. Many
different things. In general, as shown in FIG. 1, for example, as shown in FIG. 1, a conical
diaphragm having a flugation is provided with a predetermined number of semicircular
corrugation sections 3 of a predetermined number of semicircular cross sections at a
predetermined position of a paper making machine 2 installed in a paper making machine 1. The
formed papermaking apparatus) 3 is used to make a paper, and then it is completed by either
heat drying or press forming. However, in such a papermaking apparatus, as shown in FIG. 2,
more fibers are deposited unevenly in the portion a of the corrugation portion 3 of the paper
mesh 2 than in the other portions, and the arrangement of fibers, Density and the like tend to be
uneven, and even during mass production, variations in fiber deposition, alignment, density, etc.
occur among diaphragms produced by papermaking, and also in the case of press forming by
peeling from papermaking net 2 It is easy to produce the non-uniformities as described above,
and it is extremely difficult to set the desired value of conv1 liers in the corrugation part of the
completed diaphragm, and it has the disadvantage of producing variations during mass
production. 1, to obtain a stable diaphragm of quality i, l, j difficult [and]. Further, after forming
the above-mentioned paper net 2 not forming the corrugation part 3 by using the paper making
apparatus having joint 1 as shown in FIG. 3, the press forming mold 5 in which the concave
corrugation long part 4 is formed as shown in FIG. Using cordesilla 1.
The diaphragm in which the corrugation is pressed by pressing all the surfaces except the ss 4
has a disadvantage that the forming die 5 must be subjected to extra processing. In view of these
points, the present invention has the same function as a conventional corrugation using a novel
paper-making apparatus to eliminate all the factors of irregularity in corrugation formation, and
is more uniform as compared to this corrugation. Provided is a diaphragm in which a ring-shaped
band having compliance is formed concentrically. In FIG. 4 and the following figures, 1 is a
papermaking tank, and 6 is a cone-like paper net having the same shape as the diaphragm to be
made. The conventional corrugation portion 3 shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 is formed in the paper
mesh 6, and the position 3 to 15 inside from the outer peripheral end of the conical portion, and
the portion inside from this position A predetermined number of ring-shaped bands 7 of a
predetermined width, which do not pass through the sheet-making water in which the diaphragm
fibers are suspended, are formed concentrically at predetermined positions. The ring-shaped
band 7 can be easily formed by spreading an adhesive mixed with gold powder or shingling at a
predetermined position of the paper mesh 6 in a ring shape. )1. According to the
papermaking apparatus equipped with a papermaking construction # 'of such a structure, as
shown in FIGS. 6 and 7, simultaneously with the formation of the diaphragm 8, the ring band 7 of
the paper mesh 6 is formed. A predetermined number of ring-shaped bands 7 'are formed
concentrically in which the fiber density, that is, the rate of change in fiber density is uniform,
and in which the fiber density is small in proportion to other portions. The diaphragm 8
completed in this manner, which is completed by heat-drying or press-molding after that one, has
a smaller fiber density in the portion of the ring zone 7 'than in the other parts, and the rate of
change in fiber density Since the arrangement is uniform, it has extremely uniform compliance as
compared with the conventional corrugine, and the variation during mass production is
extremely small, and by appropriately determining the formation position and width of the ringshaped band 7 ' The vibration form of the diaphragm 8 can be easily controlled so that the
divided vibrations occur regularly. In other words, complex and abnormal vibration modes can be
suppressed and peaks and dips of the frequency characteristic can be effectively removed. In
particular, since the ring-shaped band 7 'having compliance is formed at the node portion of the
vibration mode at the time of shaking at the same time, ie, at a position slightly inside (3 to 15)
from the outer peripheral edge 6 of the conical portion, the edge resonance occurs. It can
effectively suppress the negative impact on the middle part of the cone or cone, and can make
the frequency characteristics more flat. In addition, unlike the diaphragm in which the
corrugation having a semicircular cross section is formed by press forming using a paper making
apparatus in which the corrugation part 3 is formed in the conventional paper making net 2, the
ring band 7 of the paper making net 6 is completely different. Since the phase change and the
deposition state of the fibers deposited on the upper surface are uniform, they have uniform
A ring-shaped band 7 'having the same function as that of the conventional corrugation can be
formed, and a stable high quality diaphragm can be realized. Furthermore, the ring-shaped band
7 of the mesh 2 can be easily formed, and there is an advantage that the corrugation portion 3 is
formed as in the prior art, or that the press forming die 5 does not need to be subjected to extra
processing. In the above embodiments, when the ring partition 7 'of the diaphragm 8 is coated or
impregnated with an acrylic resin or the like) dumping agent, which is completed as necessary,
the internal loss of this portion 7' increases. In addition to easily suppressing the resonance of
the edges and the like, the vibration state can be easily controlled, and it is also effective in the
improvement of the bending resistance of the fiber. As described above, since the present
invention has a structure in which the link-shaped band 7 'having a small fiber density is formed
at a predetermined position at the same time as the diaphragm sheet manufacturing by the newly
developed paper-making apparatus Compared with Korga Singh, it has more uniform compliance,
can suppress peaks and dips in frequency characteristics due to the influence of edge and other
resonances remarkably, and if the speaker diaphragm of the present invention is adopted, a
speaker with excellent characteristics is provided. it can.
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