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= 5 Showa 1C September 3, l, Ii, iZl Director General Saikatsu Hideo 1, Name of Invention Speaker
4, Agent ?. 5. List of items J '+' 7, и-Nonh (1) 1 specification (2) Drawing 1-(3) Application 11
Secondary 1 ""-и ? (4)-Delegation Letter 1-"'░ m, 1 no ? ? Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 51-89411 @ (1976) 8.5 Japanese Patent Application No. 50-/ + 17 / [Phase]
Application Nissho Tatori, (197) Yu,] In the Office, Serial No. 6465551JIJ Im Document 1, Title of
the Invention 1, Title of the Invention Speaker
????? ??? 'L' applicant
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
speaker in which a vibrating film or the like formed by coupling a plurality of conductors in a
parallel magnetic pole gap is provided in parallel to a magnetic field between the magnetic poles.
The conventional ribbon speaker has a structure as shown in FIG. 1, and 1 is a ribbon-like goldplated foil vibrating membrane, which exists in the parallel magnetic pole gap of the magnets 2,
2 'and grate 3.3', The pole gap is fixed by the yoke 4. Then, the voltage of the input 5 is fed after
impedance matching / matching / matching between the matching transformer 6 and the
speaker. When power is supplied to both terminals of the ribbon-like gold Js / excitation film 1
during the equal constriction between 7 rates 3.3, driving force is generated. The speaker cQ-1j
has a low weight of the vibrating thread so that it has good frequency characteristics and
transient characteristics, and is fully driven on its entire surface, so that it is difficult for split
vibration to occur. -10,000 electric impedance (conventional example 0.003Q) is extremely low,
so it is necessary to raise the impedance using the matching transformer 6, 1 to improve the
overall efficiency of the overall efficiency which is low The flux density should be kept high, but
the size of the magnet 2 ░ 2 'has a degree of Vi, and there are disadvantages such as the
deterioration of economic efficiency. The present invention has been made in view of the
foregoing points, and can provide an electrodynamic speaker having the advantages of the
conventional ribbon speaker and improved with respect to its drawbacks. FIG. 2 is a perspective
view showing an electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention. 1 'is a special
diaphragm, which exists in the parallel magnetic pole gap of the magnet 2' 2 'and the play 3', 3 ',
and the magnetic pole gap is fixed by the yoke 4, EndPage: 1. Furthermore, the special fji moving
film 1 uses a high molecular weight group such as polyethylene, etc., and has a structure in
which a plurality of metal conductors 1 are in contact with the surface thereof. The currents
flowing through the respective metal conductors 7 are in the same direction because they are
wired in series outside '. Therefore, the efficiency in this electrodynamic speaker is proportional
to the product of the magnetic flux density and the length of the metal conductor T, so if the
magnetic flux density is reduced to one, this special diaphragm is realized by using a plurality of
metallic conductors 7. The driving force of 1 'is multiplied by the number of trees of the moving
body T of metal, whereby the efficiency can be enhanced extremely effectively. Material of metal
conductor I in the history, cross-sectional area metal feed electrical impedance eg 8Q ~ 16! Since
the matching transformer can be omitted by being able to control at 2, it is not necessary to
consider the loss of the matching transformer.
Then, the input 5 'can be applied directly to the metal conductor 7 of the special vibration film 1'
and the current can flow to efficiently drive. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the size of
the magnets 2, 2 'at the time of designing to make the efficiency one pair, and it is possible to
make the economic efficiency better and better. For products other than electrodynamic
speakers, such as ribbon microphones and lohons, their efficiency is proportional to the flux
density and conductor length, so if flux @ thigh is constant, the conductor The special vibration
of the electrodynamic speaker in Figure 2 @ 71! If it is a 0T vinegar to make a plurality of pickles
efficiency by making a plurality of pieces by making a plurality of conductors as in the metal
conductor 7 of 11 ', the flux density becomes small and the magnet becomes small if the
efficiency is made to be a pair It can. As described above, it is possible to effectively increase the
efficiency and to improve the economic efficiency because the pole is not the electrodynamic
speaker but also the lipo / microphone. FIG. 3 has a structure in which a plurality of metal
conductors 1 are adhered to the surface of a special vibrating film 1 ', for example, a polymer
film such as polyethylene shown in FIG. FIG. 7 is an enlarged view showing that the electrodes
are electrically connected in series outside the membrane 1 ?. FIG. 4 shows another example of
the present invention. The vibrating body 11 of (A) is formed by laminating aluminum, steel or
the like on a ^ molecular film such as polyethylene or a square spiral by etching / relay or other
means. The circuit having the conductor 17 is formed. Further, there is a layered mounting hole
14JL at the center, which is to insert and attach a center ball at the center of the yoke for fixing
the magnet. (B) is a cross section of the conductor 110 circuit that is bent at a right angle so that
the outer surface of the conductor 110 comes out at the X-X 'and Y-Y' dotted lines of (A). It is
held in the form of cedar. (C) has a structure in which a cage 12 and a grate 13 are symmetrically
installed in a yoke 14 'having 14 center balls in a symmetrical manner, thereby forming a parallel
magnetic field. It is a perspective view of a speaker completed by incorporating (B) into (C). A
conductor 1T is laminated on the vibrating body 11 of CB) in a uniform magnetic field as in (D),
or a circular spiral circuit is formed by L etching or other means, and this is formed into a U
shape at right angles so as to come out to the outer surface. Hold the bent one with the support
11a, insert the center ball 14 into the mounting hole 14JL and feed the input 15! iA will move. As
a result, the conductor length in the magnetic field can be made much larger than in the case of
one ribbon, and in the past, the sensitivity should be superior because it is proportional to the
product of the magnetic flux density of the magnetic field and the conductor length in the
magnetic field. It can.
It is possible to reduce the cost because the magnet 12 can be made small if the sensitivity is
monotonically VC. Also, since the thickness and width of the conductor 17 can be arbitrarily
determined by enlarging the entire length of the conductor 17 easily, it is easy to sharpen the
impedance and the configuration does not require a matching transformer. Since the specific
gravity of the molecular film and the like in the above-mentioned vibrator 11 is small, the quality
of the vibrating yarn does not increase, and there is no problem in the transient characteristics
and the frequency characteristics. Also, as a problem that occurs when mixing beans, it is
impossible to magnetize after completion of all the assembly because it is difficult to magnetize
in the conventional rib / spike structure shown in FIG. It is necessary to magnetize on the way,
and there are betting points on the process. Since the magnetic circuit of the speaker according
to the present invention is basically the same as that of a normal dynamic speaker, the entire
assembly is completed, and since it can be performed * mt after EndPage: 2, the process becomes
a volume ratio. In the history, not only the speaker but also the micro-ho 16th is also
proportional to the product of the magnetic flux density layer of the d & field and the conductor
in the magnetic field, so as shown in FIG. If it is formed into a single #, it is possible to localize
the sudden change to the juvenile rice nQ more than the body. Michi, No (1 life is good,
according to I I am a revealer ? assembly and vc shield 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ( Remain 0 here is easy. +: Brother-! The parallel
equal magnetic field of the parallel pole gaps is provided in parallel with the boundary between
the magnetic poles by connecting a plurality of the vibrating films 1 '@@@@ 7 conductors 7 in
the parallel magnetic field of the parallel pole gaps at "At". The conductor 7 is continuously
connected to the outside of the vibrating membrane 1 'so that one current of the conductor 1r-j +
oJ of the candidate flows. Since the efficiency of this exciter-like slider is proportional to the
product VC of the magnetic flux density and the length of the conductor, if the magnetic flux VlB
is made constant, by making the number of metal conductors 7 several as shown in FIG. The IJAa
force can significantly increase the rate of 10 times the number of gold conductors. Furthermore,
by selecting the material and cross-sectional area of metal conductor l, it is possible to control
?d1 air / peaker / s arbitrarily (for example, 8 ? to 16 ?), and it is possible to omit this
adjustment process. I am not afraid to consider the loss. It is possible that if the efficiency is
constant, it is possible to make the magnet smaller and it is possible to surpass the economics.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional ribbon
speaker j. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an electrodynamic speaker according to the
present invention. FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a peristaltic membrane having a plurality of
conductors used in FIG. 2, and shows that the conductors are finely connected in series on the
outside thereof. FIG. 4 shows an electrodynamic speaker showing another example of the present
invention, and (A) is a perspective view of a vibrator having a conductor in a square spiral gold
region. (B) is a perspective view showing a vibrating body held by a bending support material in
a U-shape such that the conductor is exposed to the outer surface at the point of broken line with
x-x 'and y-y' of (A) is there. (C) is a perspective view showing a structure in which a magnet and a
grate are mounted on a yoke that has a symmetrical center ball in a symmetrical manner, V-Fig. 5
is an assembly of an Ilb shaped speaker incorporating (CB) (0 It is a completed perspective view.
1 ? иии Film 2, 2 ? иии Magnet 3, 3 ? иии Great 3 иии Great 4 иии Yoke 5 ? иии Human Power T ииииииииииии
Applicant for patent application Sony Corporation Agent Attorney Koike No. 1 111 2nd sophistic
EndPage: 3; Figure 3-4 (C) 6 before, other than hairdresser's procedure correction honor May
21st, Showa 50 Patent Secretary General Hideo Saito Patent No. 14171 No. 14 No. 14 No. 2 No.
2 Invention No. 2 No. No. Speaker No. 3 No. Amendment of Patents Patent Applicant Address
Tokyo Parts for District North Goods 6th-7th No. 35 name (218) Representative of Sony
Corporation Akio Morita 4 ░ agent 5, date of correction instruction April 5, 1959 (ship date:
April 22, 1984) Brief description of the drawings ", (1,5, '2:"! EndPage: Description of 47 ░
correction contents on page 9, line 5 to ?FIG. 5 is...? To line 6 of FIG. Please correct the
following statements. 4 (DJ is an assembled perspective view of an electrodynamic speaker in
which the vibrator shown in FIG. 4 (B) is incorporated in the yoke shown in FIG. 4 (C). ?
???????? ?
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