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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are partial longitudinal sectional views
showing a conventional diaphragm for a sbiker, and FIG. 3 is a partial longitudinal cross sectional
view showing an embodiment of the sbiaba diaphragm according to the present invention. 4 is a
partial longitudinal sectional view showing another embodiment, and FIG. 5 is a plan view of the
same. 2 ... voice coil bobbin, 5 ... damper 6, 6 ... dome, 61 ... dome portion, 62 ... vertical portion,
63 ... horizontal portion. 1 1 69 1- 51-96431 (2) FIG. 2 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker diaphragm, in particular a dome-shaped diaphragm. As a general thing of the
conventional dome maim board (1), as shown in FIG. Since it is easy to form an integral structure
with the dome portion all, the damper portion U and the elan portion 0 by thin plate t press
processing such as titanium, 1 raster, etc., it has a uniform thickness as a whole. (3) is a voice coil
bobbin, C 、 is a voice coil, and ta + (3 ') is an edge supporting member. By the way, it is
preferable that the damper thickness is small so that am can be easily performed in some
dampers O, but if the material thickness is thin as the dome portion a, division vibration is easily
caused, so Is determined by the balance between the dome part and the damper part tta.
Therefore, it was impossible to form the dome portion a to be optimum. Therefore, as the one to
correct the above defect, # 1! As shown in Fig. 2, a dome (4), a damper (6), and a '4h made of
tflljW material are manufactured. Then, since the vibration plate KTo of c is selected by selecting
an appropriate one for the material and thickness of the wedge dome (4+ and the damper (6)),
the divided vibration at the dome (4) is reduced. However, since it is attached to the damper ta +)
dome (4) via the voice coil bobbin (2) and the dome (4) is merely dome-shaped, the force in the
direction of the arrow in the figure (horizontal direction Force) The resistance to mineral is
weakly deformed against K, and an abnormal shooting mode is likely to occur. As a result, the
sound quality may deteriorate and cause a wide spread operation failure. The present study was
made to correct the flaws on the fence, and the purpose is to select the material and material
thickness that is optimal for the dome and the damper, as well as for the lateral force on the
dome. Another object of the present invention is to provide a speaker diaphragm in which the
dome does not deform. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described together
with tgswA. In the figure, the same members as in FIG. (6) is a dome, and is formed of the same
member as a known dome. The dome (6) is connected to the dome (61) K to form a vertical
portion (62) and a horizontal portion (63). The horizontal portion (63) is bonded to the inner
peripheral edge of a rubber-based damper (5). From the fact that the non-invention is provided
with the vertical part (62) and the horizontal part (as) t- in the dome weir as described above,
even if a lateral force (arrow direction) is applied to the dome ll1 l (61) K.
There is no such thing as deformation. Also, the horizontal fil (ss) company usually resonates at a
certain frequency and gives rise to an influence on the characteristics, but in the present
embodiment, since the daughter-in-law + 61K bonding is performed, noble resonance is damped
and abnormal resonance is It is prevented. 11 and 4.5 show still another embodiment, in which a
rib (64) k is formed between the-setting portion (62) and the horizontal portion (63) of the dome
portion of FIG. 111 This embodiment has less deformation 9 than the embodiment shown in the
above-mentioned stripe 6 9 and can prevent abnormal vibration. It should be noted that it is
more effective that the ribs 64 are arranged at equal intervals, such as several fi's, than when the
ribs 64 are arranged at equal intervals, since the ribs do not face each other. As described above,
the present invention can increase the strength against the force applied in the direction of the
dome portion 0IIR from the dome portion (connected vertically to form a horizontal portion well
as described above), thus preventing abnormal vibration and horizontal Since the part is bonded
to the damper, the resonance at the horizontal part is also prevented, and the self-quality and the
roundness can be improved. Also the strength of the dome part! It is possible to lighten the dome
itself and to have the same effect as the efficiency, etc.
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