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3, Patent applicant 4 · deputy Mb 160 [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 52-13301 ° 0 (1977) 2.1 Internal agency serial number
specification-Name of the invention with a pseudo head 葦 sound collector parabola spherical
body having a main body and a mounting member for attaching a sound collection microphone
in the vicinity of its inner surface focus; A pseudo-head combined musical tone apparatus
comprising a pair of left and right pseudo-auricle pieces provided at the opening edge, and an
attachment means for attaching a pair of microphones formed on the body of the cough pseudoaural piece.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a pseudo-hera that
performs binaural sound pickup (pinaural sound pickup) 7 combined use Qtt1. Conventionally, as
a stereo microphone device that performs binaural sound pickup, a microphone unit is attached
to the rain leak of an arc-shaped elastic pipe, respectively, and a pair of microphone dinitts are
attached with projections for insertion of the external ear canal. Although the g11 @ diagnostic
type is known where the cord is derived from the central part of the pipe, this biting device n @
i1 is attached to the human ear and collected, so it is picked up by that ear If it takes a long time
to collect sound with a characteristic or different ', it will be painful to attach it to the equipment
tube head, and if the sentence head is moved too much, unnatural sound may be collected, etc.
There was a drawback. In view of the above, the present invention proposes a pseudo-head dualpurpose sound collector so that sound can be collected from one direction as well as binaural
sound pickup without such a defect. Embodiments of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. First, referring to FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, an embodiment of the
present invention will be described. In the drawing, the entire tube of the pseudo head combined
sound collecting device to which each AH microphone is attached is shown. (A body with an 11
μ parabola spherical surface t-W, and a support rod (3) and a support 14 so that the sound
collection microphone (2) is attached to the concave surface of the concave inner surface (la) @ A
mounting member (5) is provided. Clamping tool +4) K musical tone microphone (2) grip portion
(2b) of this mounting member 5) is fitted and positioned on the inner surface (l) of the head
C2m) '. The opening edge 6C of the t main body +11 is provided with the pseudo auricle pieces
16+ and +61 projecting symmetrically in the left and right direction. The artificial ear EndPage: 1
valve piece (6), located on the side of + 61 lb) Vcl ear socket 8 like a pair of microphones \ 71.
(The holding recesses (8) and (8) on which the surface 71 can be provided are provided.
Microphones (7), (7) rl: 30-40 pieces are desirable, tft simulated auricle piece t6), although it may
be a flat-shaped projecting piece as illustrated in the shape of tel Shapes that are close to the ear
and custom-made are desirable, and if made of the same material as the main body + ll, the dyed
surface, that is, a microphone (71, 71 (sound absorbing sheet such as felt on the side opposite to
71) '+ 91, +91 Wearing sound IP !!!! Improve the quality of cells. The microphones t7)-+ 7) are all
nondirectional. , 11 is a holding body of the main body + 11 and is composed of a mounting 8
(loa) and a leg i% (10 b) to be brought into contact with the lower half of the outer surface of the
main body il + The sentence (3) is screwed into the mounting portion (10a) through the body titft
*, and the main body 111 is ball-removably mounted to the mounting portion (10a).
In the mounting member (5) provided on the inner surface C1m), the pseudo head combined
fruit f mounted surface (lb) @ configured as described above is used as a pseudo head and is used
as a musical tone instrument When a sound collection microphone (2) is attached to perform
sound collection and is used as a pseudo head, a holding recess t81 provided outside sigma 1 (lb)
tic is provided at the rear of the artificial auricle i61, +6). A microphone (force, (7)) is fitted to
+81 to perform binaural sound pickup (pinaural sound pickup). Although the second
embodiment will be described with reference to the third @ and the fourth factor in the arrows,
the same reference numerals are given to the parts corresponding to those of the first figure
described above, and the overlapping description will be partially omitted. Body f1 with parabolic
sphere in the example of ill in this example. Cut off perpendicularly to both OII @ 1 of the main
body (1 ') corresponding to l, and a drop 1 [而 αυ, ■ is provided, and a false auricle piece (6'
Inserted (six projecting sideways, its pseudo-auricle pieces (six (six (6)) [1 [surface α υ, 0 υ
outer llli surface a pair of microphones + 7), (71 fit A holding recess 18), (8) is provided which is
to be fitted. (9 ') (9') is a false acoustic sheet attached to the rear face of the artificial pinna piece
(6 ', 6'). This 1llllit 1 '(main part as well as the first embodiment. (One inner surface (la ') 111 is
used as a tone generator, and an outer surface (lb 1111-a pseudo head is used respectively, and
it is possible to perform musical tones and binaural sound pickup. As described above, according
to the present invention, the concave Ii open Vc stuttering microphone of the main body having
the parabola ball 1ff can be attached to be used as a nest device and the artificial pinnacle piece
is provided symmetrically on the outer surface "@ of the main body" , A pair of microphones
attached to the artificial pinnae piece and thinned as a resemblance head so as to spring in the
period and bulging on the outer surface side of one main body, and the eyebrow is also one side
of a human being In combination with the same shape Tl-1L, both left and right artificial pinna
pieces, a pseudo head very close to the human head is formed, so the same collection
characteristics as when using the human head is obtained. Unlike the head of the person 1 which
can be obtained and can not move unnecessarily, it can be stably harvested over a long period of
time, and the natural ear canal picking is ciT disease. Father, two heads of pseudo head and tone
generator IC 11! As it can be used, it has the effect of being able to make pig soup in each ridge
and to expand the range of use.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cut oblique cutting showing one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a central cross-sectional view of FIG. 1, and FIG.
FIG. 3 is a central cross-sectional view of FIG. 3. FIG. In the figure ill, ill; (1 'on (l' main body, (2)
musical tone microphone,! 51 is a mounting member, (6), city); (6'-in (6'-n is an artificial pinnacle
piece, 71, + 71H microphone, 8), 8) a holding recess. Patent assignee Sony stock launch EndPage:
2 Figure 2 Figure 4 EndPage: 3
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