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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a mounting structural view of a conventional
structure support leg, and FIG. 2 is a mounting structural view of a structure support leg
according to an embodiment of the present invention. 4 is a base plate, 5 is an iron leg base
plate, 6 is an oval L7 is an edge, 8 is a fixing plate, 9 is a base bolt, 10 is a structure (storage
box), and 11 is an iron leg. -9- Japanese Utility Model Application No. 47-27204 (2) -10
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the vibration system of a pick amplifier cartridge. The pickup cartridge is magnetic type,
moving coil type, piezoelectric type, capacitor type, semiconductor type 1 * i! l (, 3'l.-Ml'l'Jl (L /: ly @, @ ("", @) G) '-"tx *" A'lJ + ° 112 transmitted to the electrical signal conversion part
Cantilever and a vibratory system consisting of a vibrator (a magnet, an armature with an electric
generator coil wound around, etc.) for converting mechanical vibration into an electric signal
integrally with the cantilever and a mechanical vibration-electricity conversion system
Configured The vibration system supporting portion in the above vibration system has high
compliance and large vibration, and in addition to that the vibrator is not displaced in the back
and forth direction (axial direction of the cantilever) Vibrations near the frequency are required
to be effectively damped. As shown in FIG. 1, a conventional vibration system support portion
has a vibrator 3 (for example, a magnetic type has a magnet and a moving coil type has a
generator coil wound on the rear end of a cantilever 2 having a playback needle 1 fixed to its tip).
An armature or the like is fixed, and a damper 4 made of a visco-elastic body such as a rubber
material is interposed between and supported by the vibrator β and the rubber 5. In this
structure, the damper 4 is generally in the form of a uni-link or square as shown in the figure,
and is deformed with respect to the vibration of the cantilever 2 to have a damping effect. On the
other hand, since the material and shape of damper 3 and the contact area with cantilever 2 or
vibrator 3 are selected so that the compliance is increased, the mechanical strength is insufficient
and damper 4 itself is resonant Torsional vibration i ′ ′ abnormal vibration 2 origin 0I-7 · 0 ′)
Anomalous vibration is fed back to the vibrator 3 and there is a defect that the vibration state is
disturbed to generate reproduction distortion. The present invention eliminates the abovementioned drawbacks, and an embodiment shown in FIG. 2 will be described. In the figure,
reference numerals 1 to 5 respectively correspond to respective parts of the conventional
example shown in FIG. 1, 1 is a reproducing needle, 2 is a cantilever, 3 is a vibrator, 4 is a
damper, and 5 is a holder. A cylindrical reinforcing thin plate 6 is integrally wound or fitted to
the outer surface of the damper 4. The thin plate 6 is made of a metal, a hard resin, or the like
which is more rigid than the damper material such as rubber and which is not easily deformed.
According to the above-described structure in which the reinforcing thin plate 6 is integrally
wound or fitted to the outer surface of the damper 4, the tamper 4 is mechanically reinforced.
Therefore, only the central part of the damper 4 is effectively deformed to retain the damping
effect while the cantilever 2 ie the vibration of the vibrator 3 is vibrated in all directions of 1 ′
′ · 1 ′ ′ and 4 ′ ′ as in the prior art. Since the vibration mode of the vibrator 3 is not
disturbed by the abnormal vibration without causing abnormal vibration such as -4 itself or
resonance, torsional vibration or the like, reproduction distortion is significantly reduced. The
present invention is characterized by the reinforcing structure of the damper 4 and is not limited
to the above embodiment, and other pick-up carts of other mechanical vibration-electric signal
conversion type such as a piezoelectric type or a capacitor type. It can be applied to di. As
described above, the present invention is characterized by having a vibration system having a
structure in which the reinforcing thin plate 6 is mounted on the outer surface of the damper 4,
and the damper 4 is mechanically reinforced to provide resonance, torsional vibration, etc. There
is an advantage that the regenerative distortion is significantly reduced since no abnormal
vibration occurs.
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