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■ Manufacturing method of diaphragm for loudspeakers App. No. 49-9461 ■ Japanese Patent
Application No. 45-34169 [Phase] Application No. 45 (1970) Apr. 20 @ Inventor Okada Ashiko
Kamon Shin Ogata Kamon Shin 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 0 Applicant
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Kadoma City Bold Kadoshin 1006 [Phase] Agent Attorney
Toshio Nakao 1 person
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
conventional method for producing a speaker diaphragm, and FIG. 2 is a schematic step diagram
showing an example of a method for producing a speaker diaphragm of the present invention.
FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker constituted by a diaphragm obtained by the
manufacturing method of the present invention.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm molded of a foamable resin material, and is intended to
provide an excellent speaker diaphragm having a light weight and an appropriate internal
mechanical loss. Heretofore, the speaker diaphragm has been made by forming a fibrous material
such as paper, hot pressing and drying. Instead of such a fibrous paper-making method, those
made of expanded polystyrene have also been developed by the development of resins. In the
case of expanded polystyrene, the production method as corn paper is as shown in FIG. The foam
material 6 is injected from the foam material mixing tank 4 through the injection nozzle 5 and
molded. However, according to such a method, it is necessary to control the foaming time, the
temperatures of the upper and lower molds 1, 2 and the injection amount of the foam material 6
fairly strictly, and furthermore, since the foaming is carried out in the molds 1, 2. Required a long
time [111111]. Further, since sterol resin is used, adhesion is poor, it is difficult to incorporate as
a speaker, mechanical internal loss is small, and innumerable irregularities occur in frequency-
sound pressure characteristics as a speaker. Furthermore, since the internal loss is small, the
division resonance is not damped at a high frequency and has many defects such as a large
amount of distortion. The present invention uses the above-mentioned conventional defects as
soon as it is softened in hot water near 100 ° C. by using a foamed vinyl acetate resin sheet V?
It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker diaphragm having excellent
characteristic and processability, which is removed by direct pressure pressing with a metal
heated to around Cl00 ° C. That is, as shown in FIG. 2, using the fact that the softening
reduction temperature of the foamed vinyl acetate sheet 7 is around 100 ° C., the inside of the
hot water 8 of 100 ° C. The hot water is infiltrated into the sheet 7 having the ICL open cells so
as to pass through to make the temperature distribution in the sheet constant, and then the
material drawn from the hot water tank 10 is gold consisting of the upper mold 11 and the lower
mold 12 Press with a mold and mold. The lower mold L12 is heated to a temperature between
100 ° C. and 100 ° C. of the foamed vinyl acetate sheet 7 exactly to a temperature between
100 ° C. and the modification limit temperature 140 ° C. by the finter 13 exactly. After the
formation of heat and pressure, the sheet is removed by a press into a cone shape to form a
speaker diaphragm. Of course, it is also necessary to affix the free edge portion, and it is also
fully conceivable to integrally form the edge portion by this foamed vinyl acetate sheet nijot.
What used the diaphragm obtained by such a method is shown in FIG. 14 is a plate provided with
a pole piece 15, 16 is a magnet, 17 is a two-tone r ° rate, 18 is a frame, 19 is a diaphragm, 20 is
a voice coil, 21 is a spider, 22 is a dust cap, 23 [111111] EndPage: 1 indicates a gasket. As
described above, in the method of manufacturing the diaphragm for a speaker according to the
present invention, the foamed vinyl acetate sheet is immersed in hot water at about 100 ° C.
and then pressed by a die heated at about 100 ° C. Because of this, continuous production can
be performed in a short time, and control of molding conditions can be extremely easily
performed. Further, since the material is a foamed vinyl acetate sheet, it is hardly corroded by the
plasticizer of the adhesive, and is extremely easy to assemble as a speaker. Furthermore, since
foamed vinyl acetate has open cells and is somewhat breathable, it can not only expect damping
resistance due to viscous resistance when passing air, but its bubble size is considerably smaller
than that of foamed snare rolls. The mechanical loss is large, so the distortion is small and the
frequency characteristic is also flat. In addition, it has many advantages such as a specific gravity
of 1⁄2 or less and a light-weight and robust property as compared to paper corn paper, and it
becomes a dog of industrial value.
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