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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS ^ is superimposed on one another and releasably
joined, the shape of which may optionally be selected according to the shape and / or the
number of the individual incense C3 ′ ′; these individual elements are preferably Plywood 1.1
′, 1 ′ ′ made of polyurethane foam plastic material, table plate 2, 2 ′ or plate 2 ′ ′ and
supporting element interposed between plates 3, 3 /, 3 //, supporting element, supporting
element Are identical to one another and are smaller in size than the plywood and the baffles 1.1
', 1 ", 2.2', 2"; individual elements 1, 2, 3: 1 ', 2',. The outer shape is round, square or hexagonal,
and they are placed concentrically with each other and joined together by a core tie rod 4 ';
individual elements 1, 2, 3; 1', 2 '3 /; 1 // , 2 //, 311 are all hollow in the downward direction
Therefore, the table board 2, 2 'or the board 2 ", or the plywood 1.1', 1" if necessary, the bottom
edge of the plywood 1.1 ', 2 "or the table board 2.2', 2"- with supporting projections 8 ', 9' in the
center of the holes 5 ', 6' extending downwards to a, and the outer shape and dimensions of each
plate substantially correspond to the supporting elements 3.3 ', 3 " Table type household rabbit
characterized by base plate 1, 1; 1 "and table plate 2, 2 'or plate 2" being constituted identically
[Detailed description of the invention] When this device is not in use (-! By placing the speaker
box in the cabinet Li, the entire shape is cubic and the appearance is good and there is little need
to close the space, and when using it, open the speaker box to the left and right to make the left
and right speaker spacing large Cabinet l note wide flat cubic / letter jl: Enter, can enhance the
three-dimensional effect of sound, that is, to form a band, the width of the speaker box 2.3 can be
2 minutes of the width of the car vignette l 1, lower the outer edge of the lower surface of the
speaker box 2.3 to the upper and lower edges of the cabinet 1, respectively, and provide the
upper and lower ends of the upper and lower ends of the speaker boxes 2 and 3 respectively. It is
Next, explain how to use the speaker box 2. When not in use, place the speaker box 2, 3 on the
upper surface of the cabinet 1) as shown in Fig. 1 and connect it to the Buddha with the joint 6.
Since the width of the housing 1 is formed to be a half of the width of the cabinet 1, the whole is
square and the appearance is good and the space is hardly occupied. When carrying 7L2, if you
hold the bearers 4 and 5 at the same time, you can easily carry it with one hand. In case of use,
uncouple the joint part 6 and open the speaker boxes 2 and 3 at the left and right as shown in
Fig. 1 and place it on both sides of the cabinet l, the whole becomes a cubic cubic shape, The
cabinet I (d is formed in a wide width, so the distance between the speaker . Since the
stereophonic sound device of this invention hinged the lower side edge of the 2wA speaker box
to the upper side edge of the cabinet and the width of the box was half the width of the cabinet,
the box was made into cabinet j7. . Ay, Iyu body Yugakata, 0 body □ 8 good (And there is little to
close the place. And by holding the bow provided in both boxes in the above state, the whole can
be easily carried. In use, if the boxes are opened to the left and right, the distance between the
two boxes becomes high, the stereo sound effect is good, and the flat cubic shape and the
appearance are good.
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