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President of the Patent Office 3. Patent assignee Sharp Co., Ltd. ■ Japanese Patent Application
Laid-Open No. 52-403250 published Japanese Patent Application No. 52. (1977) 3.29 Internal
Code No. 64-6555, Specification 1, Title of Invention
How to set the back of the squica diaphragm
6. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a speaker for a speaker provided
with flame retardant! 17] I am thrilled with the method of withering &. A conventional flame
retardant injection speaker speaker 1 · 恢 a, a glass fiber or a piece that has been identified by a
purchase that uses a metal, and a pulp t and a natural halillo fiber with a princess flame retardant
It is T to divide it into what you added. To “Lx)-L, but the place of the front cloth is that
Tateshina ranks T” 2. There are various problems on the characteristics of Ikegami and Sika,
and there is a mermaid who has jumble of the jumbler's jealousy after the briefing treatment and
causes the old performance of the conference to deteriorate. During the TM combustion
treatment by the addition method of this type, the treatment with the known external addition
type pregnancy fire retardant so-called flame retardant hot metal is impregnated into the stock,
adsorbed or applied to the paper; Pre-mix the flammability-free 庸 innocuous ttsyi into the stock
and then carry out the m-burning process. −っていた。 Therefore, the addition of such
inorganic substances has been attempted in the past, and a powdery wood such as antimony
oxide has often been used, but in this type, powder particles are mechanically n-numbered in
valve fibers. There is a disadvantage that the bond between banop fibers is separated and the
paper quality is fragile. The present invention is intended to provide an anti-F1 Spy = pistol that
eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks. First, one embodiment of the present invention will
be described together with a step for the number of loudspeakers to be conducted. 抄 Tough the
做 1 本体 main body using a flame retardant bath bathed with g46 of the paper making of a
tough stock and forming 46 of the No. 1 Preformed EndPage: 1 or a sly blew town or 1llJ hair
The coating material is applied to the main body of the diaphragm and dipped, sucked or
covered. したかつて11! It is possible to greatly reduce the amount of flame retardant required
4im because the control inorganic substances are all mixed in. Therefore, the stock of the fortburning processing will be one for the large physical properties of iodide, and furthermore, the
mixing of alpha (α) anhydrous gypsum makes it possible to reduce the weight of the stock
before the processing of the paper.壇 難 難 難 ケ: 相 殺 し ll * t 'll There is something that is
almost no deterioration in the characteristics. In addition, alpha (α) anhydrous gypsum is a
female value and can be processed into the feces of the infertility agent j, which is entrapped in
the T preceptive sex of an ebony. As mentioned above, the slider for the present invention is IIJ4!
"X" is a mixture of alpha (α) anhydrous gypsum fiber, which can reduce the addition lid of
eryschist's burn wound, T woman's 〒 li 1 "burn effect"-"Shea sword with ill injection of island
sputum. '.
And T。 で き る ′ ′ ′ ′ で き る で き る で き る で き る で き る 製造 製造 製造 製造 方法.
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