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Norio Mochigi (No. 3 others) 4, agent ? Japanese Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ? Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 52-415190 Japanese Patent Publication 52. (1977) 3.31
Specification 1 Title of the Invention Electroacoustic Transducer A plate-like plurality of magnets
processed into a plate-like shape from a Fe / Cr-Co-based spinodal split magnet alloy and its long
side surface An electro-acoustic transducer characterized in that the magnetic field 1 (11 paths
are arranged on at least one of the front and back sides of the diaphragm) arranged in the
magnetic pole part.
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a full area dynamic
electroacoustic transducer using a magnet made of P'e.Or () o base spinodal M type magnet alloy.
In a conventional full-field drive type electric tone converter, a magnetic circuit formed by
arranging square rod-like magnets, a magnetic circuit which guides a magnetic flux by a yoke
from a magnet and forms a magnetic field in a space at a desired position, and a barium ferrite
magnet A magnetic circuit etc. which are integrally molded by the powder metallurgical process
of compression molding and sintering with materials are used. These magnetic circuits will be
sequentially described below. First, in the conventional drowsiness acoustic transducer as shown
in FIG. 1, the magnetic circuit disposed on the front side and the back side of the diaphragm (1)
having the wiring conductor (2) on the surface supports the rod-like magnet 3) The arrangement
is supported by (4). In such a magnetic circuit, a magnetic alloy such as alnico or rare earth
cobalt is ij or 15 shaped in a square frame by casting or grinding, and then magnetized and
arranged to form an array 2. In addition, the arrangement of magnets in the magnetized state has
many disadvantages such as demagnetization and attraction or easiness for the interaction, and
difficulty in aligning 14: 4. Recently, there is a rare earth cobalt based magnet as a magnet that is
often used for this type of magnetic circuit, but although the space magnetic flux density can be
relatively large, it is very expensive. Next, in the conventional electro-acoustic transducer as
shown in FIG. 2, F is a yoke supporting the magnetic poles (5) disposed on the front and back
sides of the diaphragm (1) having the wiring conductor (2). The magnetic circuit is configured to
guide the magnetic flux from the magnet (7) through (6). In such a magnetic circuit, it is
necessary to use only a component parallel to the diaphragm as a driving force in the magnetic
flux in the middle of the age in which the magnetic flux is guided by the yoke and in space
magnetic flux formed by the guided magnetic EndPage: 1 bundle. Is not good. In order to touch
the above-mentioned intermittent point, the appearance of a magnet with good processability
that can be processed into a shape that is inexpensive and capable of taking a specific magnetic
flux is required. Alnico alloy based magnets, which are used as permanent magnets in large
numbers, are false and fragile. Therefore, when trying to make a strip-shaped magnet, it has to be
cast, it is difficult to make a dimensionally accurate mesh, and mechanical load is extremely
difficult because this alloy can only have a grinding force of 0. Met. Also, barium ferrite magnets,
which have been used in large numbers conventionally along with alnico alloy magnets, are
usually manufactured through powder metallurgy processes of compression molding and
This magnet is harder and brittle than the alnico alloy magnet. Therefore, it has not been possible
to produce a magnet that can also be rolled to a predetermined shape. In addition, this magnet
also can only be ground by machine processing, and processing for increasing the dimensional
accuracy has been extremely difficult. Furthermore, as a magnetic circuit, one using a so-called
gulast magnet, in which magnetizable particles are embedded in a nonmagnetic matrix, has been
proposed. The present condition is that the layer is extremely small. Fe @ ur?00 base spinodal
decomposition type magnet alloy (hereinafter referred to as Fe-Cr-C0 base alloy) is solution
treated and then subjected to aging treatment to become an excellent permanent magnet, and
after solution treatment, in a magnetic field It is known that by performing an aging treatment,
an excellent anisotropic magnet can be obtained. In the present invention, as shown in the
hardness table below, attention is paid to Fe и C ?и Co 4 alloy hardness is much smaller than that
of the Alnico alloy magnet, and plate-like in the process such as rolling, It is intended to provide a
full drive type drowsiness acoustic transducer in which a magnetic circuit constructed by
magnetizing books arranged in a strip shape and magnetized to have an operating point with
high magnetic flux density is used to form a driving magnetic field. It is Hardness Table
Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. As shown in FIG. 3, the surface of a polymer film made of silicone 1 ester, polyester 1
resin, etc. A diaphragm (1 '1 and a short 1 vinegar-like magnet (8) arranged with its long 11011
face as a magnetic pole portion on a fill of at least one of its front and back faces) The magnetic
circuit comprising the support (9) and the crab are constructed. The above-mentioned ? @ & (1)
is prepared as usual. That is, a conductive material of AL blue -j is formed on the surface of the
corner molecular film by lamination, evaporation, non-dL plating or the like, and a predetermined
wiring pattern is formed by etching. Alternatively, a mask of a predetermined wiring pattern is
covered with a polymer film, and a conductive material such as AL is vapor deposited to form a
predetermined wiring pattern. Figure 5 shows a magnet for use in the magnetic circuit of the
transducer of the present invention of Figure 4, which is made as follows. That is, a composition
of Fe-Cr-CO-based alloy consisting of 30 parts C3r, 16% C01113; = main part Fe is rolled to a
plate of a predetermined thickness, for example ill, by weight percent (same below), and this is
solutionized After the treatment t, it is processed into a strip shape having a high operating point,
then given an aging treatment, and then it is magnetized to make a magnet.
FemCr и Co-based spinodal decomposition type magnet alloy which becomes a strong magnet
with good dimensional accuracy and no chipping easily by punching, cutting or cutting the platelike joint i as mentioned above An alloy consisting of 8 to 50% Cr, 5 to 35% Co, the balance Fe
and unavoidable impurities, or a part of Fe of the above alloy I for the purpose of improving the
performance of the alloy One or more EndPage: 2 other elements such as SL, No, A1. , TA and the
like. For example, FIG. 2 is a curved island diagram showing how to obtain a demagnetization
coefficient, that is, a permeance coefficient, from the shape of a single-use magnet. In a rodshaped magnet having an o-shaped cross section as shown, when the length of magnetization
direction (B) is B1 thickness 711 width is W, the permeance coefficient is uniquely taken by
taking pp and ? as variables. Desired. In this case, a plurality of return magnets having a linear
cross section form a magnetic circuit. However, an approximate indication can be obtained by
determining the nocoumeance coefficient of one magnet. It is most efficient to use astonishing
magnets in the furnace and (BH) -e-Z in the Ci curve for one history, but it is easy to make the
shape with a no-coumians coefficient because of its good machinability It is possible to realize a
high magnetic flux density closer to the (BH) -I + Lz point. Further, in the case of M magnetism,
since a plurality of magnets have the function of mutually enhancing the Harmiance coefficient, it
is desirable to carry out blue magnetism in a state where a few magnetic alloys are assembled in
a magnetic circuit. By arranging the magnetic circuit thus manufactured so that the N pole and
the S pole are alternately lined up on at least one of the front and back surfaces of the abovementioned diaphragm (]), a daylight flux can be produced on the slap plate. 'M ? can be realized.
In this case, when a current is supplied to the # 1 conductor (2) on the diaphragm, assuming that
the magnetic flux density perpendicular to the wiring within the plane of the diaphragm is 1 and
the length of the B1 conductor is 1, the driving force F? The diaphragm is driven in a direction
perpendicular to the diaphragm B1. As described above, by using an Fe-Cr и Co-based spinodal
decomposition type magnet alloy as a magnetic circuit, it is possible to obtain this alnico alloy
based magnet, a barium ferrite based magnet, a rare earth cobalt based magnet and plastomags
Magnetic circuits with high working points can be obtained at low cost with good dimensional
area, and by incorporating them, it becomes possible to produce a low-cost, high-performance
full-area dynamic electroacoustic transducer.
4. Brief description of the drawings ? 1 and 2 are both a side cross-sectional view of a
conventional electro-acoustic transducer, Fig. 3 is a simplified side cross-sectional view of an
electric precursor transducer of the present invention, Fig. 4 31 is a perspective view of a striplike magnet used for the transformer of FIG. 31, and FIG. 5 is a curve diagram showing the
relationship between the shape of the magnet and the permeance coefficient. (1) иииииии Diaphragm,
(2) иии Wiring conductor, (31 ииииии Square-shaped magnet, (4) иии Support, (5) ...... pole portion, (6) ......
Yohn (71 ...... magnet, (8) ----- strip magnet, (9) ...... Front body to support. (3257) Agent Patent
Attorney Inoue-man 'Ill'l [ffi r z fl ub 3 ? EndPage: 3 shots 4 pictures-f 51 ffi 1 / r! ?? List of
attached documents (1) One letter of attorney (2) one statement of specification ": (3) One
drawing (4) application copy one copy (5) application examination request letter l ^ 2 character
nail correction 6, l above Inventor (1) Inventor EndPage Other than: ?
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