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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are layout views of a conventional
loudspeaker system and FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are front and perspective views of the loudspeaker
system of the present invention. Reference numerals 33 and 34 indicate intake holes, 31
indicates a baffle plate, 35 and 36 indicate Ue-t's, 35a and 36a indicate flanges, and 35b and 36b
indicate mounting screw holes. One thousand meters through 2 (Brown-113-real opener 5242635 (2) \ T31-114-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker box for stereo reproduction. In stereo reproduction, it is preferable that the
arrangement of the speaker units attached to the speaker box be symmetrical about the listening
position from the point of sound field formation. Such stereo reproduction speaker hooks are not
necessary or limited to the left and right if they are disposed on the center line of a plurality of
loudspeakers 12 and ports 12 and 13 as shown in FIG. In the case of mounting a plurality of
speakers 21 and 22 and the bass reflex port 23 in the mounting area, especially squawers and
tweeters. There are many cases in which they are placed in the center of the bus reflex port. For
example, in the case shown in FIG. 2, the woofer 21 is mounted on the center line, or the tweeter
22 and the Haffref port 23 are behind the center line. In such a case, if the left box is the one
shown in the figure, the right box needs to be disposed in the tweeter 22 or the bass reflex port
23 or vice versa, and can be used only for the right or the left alone. As such, such speaker hooks
fl) each require a separate fabrication [spear. (2) The same number must be produced on both
sides. (3) When defects etc. occur in the process and the numbers on the left and right do not
match, it is necessary to separately manufacture only one side separately. It has the drawback of
making production process control scratching and troublesome and 'y3'. The speaker system
according to the present invention can be arranged to rotate each speaker unit and port
(especially skoker, tweeter and port) symmetrically with respect to the center line of the box and
by making the attachment hole diameter substantially the same. The embodiment of the present
invention will be described, which is characterized by having compatibility. 3 and 4 show an
embodiment of the present invention, which will be described in detail. A tweeter mounting hole
33 and a port mounting hole 34 are disposed above the woofer mounting hole 32 arranged on
the center line of the baffle plate 31 symmetrically and with substantially the same diameter as
the half line 31 central line. Do. The mounting 7 runways 35a and 36a of the speaker 35 and the
port main body 36 have the same diameter, and the arrangement dimensions and the hole
diameters of the hysteresis holes 35b and 36b provided in the flanges asa and a6a are the same.
Therefore, when using it as a left side speaker box, the speaker 35 is attached to the attachment
hole 33, and the port main body 36 is attached to the attachment hole 34, respectively. -1 □Attach the port main body 36 to the hot water joint mounting hole 33 used as the right side
speaker hook and the speaker 35 to the mounting hole 34 respectively.
As described above, according to the present invention, box replacement can be completed in the
process of 雫, unlike the conventional example, as it can be used as the left and right speaker box
by replacing only the speaker 35 ° port main body 36. Since the left and right speaker boxes
can be completed in the process of attaching the speakers and the port body, the working
efficiency is remarkably improved. Also, even if there is a defect in the process, it is possible to
adjust the number of left and right sides in the speaker attachment process to adjust the number
of left and right sides, so there is no loss of product. Also, the shape (internal volume) of the port
is determined by the conditions required as the speaker housing, or the port body of the present
invention can be adapted to the required internal volume by selecting the thickness of the port
body 36. . As described above, the speaker stem and the speaker system according to the present
invention can make the manufacturing process remarkably simple by making the speaker unit
and the port main body compatible with each other, thereby reducing the product cost and
reducing the product cost. In any case, the inner volume of the boat can be selected relatively
freely, and it has a great advantage in practical use such as being able to provide a speaker
system having good characteristics. The design also gives a very simple feeling, and the effect is
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