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November 26, 1975, Secretary General of the Patent Office Hideo Saito, Tokyo (03) 343-5B21
(representative) Description ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-52-E354200 published. (1977) 5.30
Internal office serial number l Dami tec The above mentioned materials mainly relate to a rigid
surface not obtainable with a whistle Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention
relates to a diaphragm for a speaker. Various materials have been proposed and put into
practical use as materials for the speaker diaphragm. Among them, typical examples of the seedbase plate material mainly made of inorganic materials are metals such as aluminum, titanium,
duralumin, beryllium, or carbon. Inorganic high-strength fibers such as silicon and silicon nitride.
Further, mica 1 asbestos and the like can be mentioned, and 2 grade materials are used as a
single substance or in the form of mixed paper, composite, lamination, -coating etc. for
convenience. And these are-Young's modulus, density, speed of sound, resonance acuity to sapon.
It is used as a simple substance, a matrix, and a reinforcement material by balance with acoustic
physical properties focusing on acoustic physical constants such as stiffness and resistance. (1)
Or it is used as a dome diaphragm. However, on the other hand, these materials have high
density, high resonance acuity, high frequency resonance, disturbance of frequency
characteristics, low efficiency, and metal noise when metal materials are used. Furthermore, to
obtain a diaphragm of uniform shape from the inferiority of processability, it is also possible to
obtain a diaphragm of a uniform shape such as b. These single bodies can not be used as
diaphragms, and it is necessary to use a matrix of pulp, metal, resin, rubber, etc. Deterioration
due to the matrix of :, limitations on the mixing ratio, and poor bonding with the matrix etc. The
present invention can provide a diaphragm for a speaker capable of avoiding the abovementioned various disadvantages. That is, in the present invention, the vibration (2) EndPage: 1
moving plate for a speaker is constituted by #: t, expanded graphite, or a heating material of a
material containing expanded graphite. Expanded graphite has a purity of 99.7% or more, which
is a group generally referred to by the name of graphite. Then, a piece of the expanded graphite,
or a granular or granular aggregate is press-formed into a thin plate and an intended diaphragm,
for example, an open shape. In this case, the acoustic physical properties such as density,
stiffness, Young's modulus, and sound velocity can be controlled by selecting the crystal state,
particle diameter, filling amount, pressing conditions and the like of this expanded graphite, and
in particular, the properties and shape of expanded graphite And control of internal loss and low
resonance characteristics can be achieved by selecting the molding conditions.
The characteristics of the speaker diaphragms A and B using the expanded graphite according to
the present invention and the respective diaphragms made of conventional aluminum, titanium
and duralmin are shown in the table of the drawings. As apparent from the table of the eyebrows,
the diaphragm according to the present invention can be sufficiently lowered in resonance
sharpness Q compared to a so-called metal diaphragm while being metallic carbon-based, and
comparable to a so-called soft diaphragm ( 3) It is possible to obtain the following characteristics.
Further, the imaging plate according to the present invention has a strength of about 4 times
stronger and can increase internal loss −δ 12 to 3 times as compared with the conventional
diaphragm containing carbon fiber. Furthermore, in the diaphragm of the present invention,
when a plasticizing resin is mixed as a binder in addition to the expanded graphite, the
characteristics become more remarkable. In the present invention, the application to the high
rigidity and low density diaphragm is made of expanded graphite as a matrix, carbon i, sand 8iC,
alumina, zirconia, silk, wool, high strength fillers such as silk, wool, kottone, etc. Higher% by
mixing high strength resin as binder in isotropic cane, maintaining E @ and lowering ρ so as to
make conventional metal diaphragms 1), earning It is possible to obtain a low-density, highstiffness vibration plate that leads to the same as above with Stay7ness, Etj ≧ δ. As described
above t, the present invention enables a wide range of physical characteristics from a hard
diaphragm to a soft diaphragm by using an expanded lead t-, and in particular to obtain a
diaphragm having a large internal loss which is necessary to maintain the blow rate. Because it
can be used, its benefits for practical use are great. (4、
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a table comparing characteristics of a
diaphragm according to the present invention and a conventional diaphragm. Patent applicant
Sony Corporation EndPage: 26, Other than the above inventor address Saitama-based contract
market 94 鍍 tdw ,. −1’;)’J−EndPage: 3
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