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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are cross-sectional views of the
speaker of the present invention, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are cross-sectional views of a part of other
embodiments, and FIG. Is a graph showing DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Speaker 2, 2 ... drive
part, 3 ... carp bobbin, 4.5 .. diaphragm, 6 I: Edge, 8: Frame. . z 4 1 67 1 昭 52-68 229 (2) 1) 1 璽
1 一 1 1 1 1 first flea-1 −-68-開 52-68 229 (3) 1 −6-6 11 冫 冫 救 = → →-69-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of electrodynamic loudspeakers, in particular the mobile board and edge portion thereof. First,
outline 1 of the prior art! It looks like this. If a typical electrodynamic speaker is incorporated
into the 11Kii of the sneakers in the middle of the cabinet, it is affected by the internal n + part
sound pressure during operation, the column work slope does not operate faithfully, and the
sound pressure is therefore reduced. Friend, i usually had the base edge of the pivot plate
supported by the edge. The edge H1l shows different restoring force to the displacement of the
moving plate at the time of shooting. Because of this, distortion occurred. The present invention,
as described above! The purpose is to eliminate the occurrence of distortion in the above
conventional example. And this smh, shooting-plate and 17912-layer structure, while absorbing
the change of the sound pressure of the back of the speaker with one movement slope, equalize
the supporting power of the edge by symmetrical two edges. Hereinafter, the present
embodiment will be specifically described on the basis of an example of transport in the figure
Wt--shown. 21. As illustrated in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 of the speaker Ill lamp of the present invention,
it is assumed that the two mobile plates (4) + 51 are fixed to the coil bobbin 131
electromagnetically coupled to the drive unit (21 It is fixed to the bottom edge of each mobile
board 141151 in the book, and the edge + 61171? It is attached to the frame + 81K of the
speaker in line symmetry. Here, "axisymmetric" is all about a line symmetry with respect to a line
X-r which is orthogonal to the downward displacement of the imaging moving plate 14 + 151
during imaging. The arrangement and shape of the edge 1 (iH7 + and the material of the
butterfly are optional as long as the line symmetry relationship is established. 2 m mobile board
14 + 15! For example, the surface of the coil bobbin i3 + as shown in FIG. 1, or that of -1 as
shown in FIG. Even if it is installed, it is good to keep the positive line between the fine movement
+ 31 @ 141 151 and the spacer (91 for holding it). If necessary, as shown in FIG. 3, the sound
absorbing material αG is loaded between 2 m of 1 motion [141 + 51, and 9 IK of the back side
mobile plate + 51 of 1 IK 4 figure. A 4km white 11 is fixed to the pregnancy board 14 on the
front side. These are all considerations for increasing the strength of the positive + m @ 011
moving plate 14). Now, when the above-mentioned speaker 111 is attached to the baffle plate of
the speaker cabinet and operates to induce a sound, the internal sound pressure is generated also
in the inside @@@@ of the medium cabinet. This internal sound pressure limits the intrinsic
shooting movement of the work floor (5) of the speaker inside part of the cabinet ii *.
But its internal sound pressure line. Another machine * i! [141 Kfi has almost no adverse effect
(1), that is, the internal fine motion plate 151 absorbs the sound pressure totally inside the
speaker cabinet. The LN is at least a positive plate with fine movement + 41? ), The speaker does
not receive the influence of sound pressure O on the inside of the speaker, so the distortion is
reduced by that amount and it is φ. However, the difference between -Ilt and m * version +
41151 can be absorbed by mutual attachment, absorption of sound absorbing material +1 (I
insertion) between them. Also, since the two edges 16 + + 71 are assembled in the @ symmetrical
space, if the mechanical characteristics at the time of deformation are (ii) between them, the
mobility of one edge + 61 171 h, @ II @ 4 + + 51 Even if one of the movement when supporting
the 蚤 -hill 141 + 51 with uniform supporting force. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the
occurrence of distortion of 橡-due to imbalance of supporting force of edge + 6 + + 71. By the
way, according to the applicant's experiment, the onset of + frequency distortion at + 511 ° is as
shown in FIG. According to the graph, it is understood that the distortion is largely reduced in the
frequency range of about 150 [Hs] and 2 [KHs] in the speaker il + of this invention. As described
above, according to the speaker of the present invention, the occurrence of distortion of the
diaphragm due to the internal sound pressure of the speaker cabinet is reduced, and the
occurrence of distortion due to the fluctuation of the supporting force at the time of deformation
of the edge. It can prevent. The present invention rX has a practical effect of largely contributing
to high fidelity reproduction.
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