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-, -F-G-Patent Application No. 2, No. 1 of the invention, inventor's address, Osaka Prefecture,
Kadoma city, Oji Kamon 1006 Address Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.! Gaishishi h @ mIku (1 other person) 3, Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kamon
1004 Address 4, Agent address 〒 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward Awaza Nantori 1chome 71-chome [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 52693010 (1977) 6.9 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. t rho-/ \ tl-y, yl [phase] Application date
ffc), (197, s')) / 2. j Request for examination unclaimed (total 3 pages) 7V 2J Maywa completed
"% 1 of name mode control device 2 · '#ffffF 1 求 request 1 box, part of the signal of the k6 size
channel' ft 1 iilIf this word to take out and mode switching switch, 1 l Hts + 5 l l Hts + 5 l ls of
mode l for the mode identification l @ all l l l for mode identification 1 l Hts + 5 Latter is within
one leg time 91 cars In order to capture as you add, set the stereo mode when the upper hand
part is within one foot time, and to make the monaural mode when it is more than a certain time,
switch the upper mode switch as well. Mode control f # characterized by
Mode control device
3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention relates to mode control second
setting of non-emergence type stereo amplifier, and its purpose is σ, by using one side of human
power as the signal 1 j 婢 signal of mode switching, stereo main amplifier The mode switch is a
stereo mode state 1 \ 1 channel, 1 channel 'banner 〃 人 manual power n η 1 even if the left
and right power of the stereo main amplifier can be obtained even if the point tic 4 H − Ru. In
the conventional stereo amplifier, in the fall spring of the stereo mode, if V1 is added to the sum
channel hole, if the force is added to the sum channel hole, then the exit blade is also only on the
left side, and 7) h still tin, hence mono-7 / L If you do not switch to / mode, 晋 tTA-: u + jVC 、 中,
in 5tL, 'iyh et al can not smoke 7) 1'. Even if it is only 1 channel to make it impossible to use 1
input channel I1> CZF right i, amplifier 71 λ of IJllllll output or gain C) In the following, the tree
461 one-off V (the drawing rC mochitsuki celebration) is done. Among them, another section is a
conventional stereo amplifier according to the present invention, and another section C of the
present invention. , And Fll (1 ') FJ input terminal, +2. <2 ') u mode F cutting completion / C 、, L
431 is stereo amplifier h141 (4') is an output terminal, (51 a human power terminal (Ill was σ (1
') 18 勺 left 1 rule amplifier and 6 鋤Distribute to amps IgJ +! 8% + 61 (6 '), the input signal
number of the valley input terminal (1 + (1') rectify, Auteio's EndPage: 1 11 +71 (s') and +111
(11 to 11 transistors, +8) (white 0I11 d and +121 ul to a word, +9-to the 9th, to the ninth, to the
IIIQ go to the amplification go, the 04 go to the race run, the cap relay relay Yes, VCa is a power
source. い1. If it is assumed that the input 16 'is added only to the human-car child (1) and the
input terminal (1' lvc moves and there is no 1g issue), the human-power beat (11 input signals
are increased to the level of the circuit (61 at Ifri # level -1, transistor 1) and the base of 1 is
stopped at the base of lijfM, 'ti, child t1J7J] (7) Step 1111 is turned on, and the transistor fill's
collector output σ m + mm nat 'j JII is driven to the level of the foot, and -2 left-hand drive force
114 m. -Power, the output VL of the left flowering story 114 appears because of the running
power of the 2 隼 4If; the output levels of 11 and 11 Go, relay in the 7 'turtle level * * 4111!
1 m + 161 is activated, and switches (2) and (1 are connected to contact C and C 'side VL).
Therefore, since the input terminal V is distributed and supplied to the output terminal + 4 ++ 41
(supporting force) or Jcn and ptb, the left and right lances of the stereo amplifier 1B + and the f
source become medium heat. This rJ human power actor 1 person 111 VL% power is a human
power line, input terminal (1) is no B No. B (such as-stereo 呵) U, national increase 1 chorus ++
11 + i work · calle lV or 0 possiness and Since the first place becomes dull, the form of the input
terminal Fil <L's + f-as it is-stereo ann 7't3 o vc7Jλ. If the left and right parts are always good
source "% l'e", I will find that the signal level of one side channel is close to 0 in the process of my
father. 1) In the process of receiving 4 stereos, the input terminal (1) has an eccentricity with an
equal bell, and the input and terminal (the 48th level of 11 has become 0 level Because there is 1
human power terminal + 114c value, it is added to H1 constant repee fv by the signal light times
1i 6 + 61, transistor (7) + 11) and increase 1 static signal US, 1 position detector + 14; . 111!
If the input terminal (11 is in charge-free state 7 、 回 1 相 相 V V 父 父 父, 、 父 っ て (の 一 ベ
ー ス ベ ー ス 111 111 111 111 111 tr tr tr 111 111 111 111 ト ラ ン ジ ス タ ト ラ ン ジ ス
タThe transistor is turned off, or the transistor + y (collector ta of the transistor) tIri allegory (8
o'clock Tori Pei P 'and the capacitor (9 o'clock valley * 1t +! The symbol "eO 'xi" (sl-p also rises as
it is, so it turns on transistor + + 1 and has a powder on it. やがて、コンデンサ111fがトラン
ジスタ11? When photoelectric conversion is performed with a cutoff temperature of q1, the
transistor 1117 is cut off, and the time in the case in which a narrow band (No. 8 hat-like shape
is transmitted to one cylinder) is timed according to a time number of C / and p /. H91 / (-4,-can
be selected in the m-V valve to be loaded. Since the transistor 171 'is turned on when the bias is
applied again, the position of the drain sensor (-of the transistor +7 (the result of the reduction of
the transistor -7 is rapidly reduced to 1 and responds to human power' ¥ 5) . In the case of stereo
paternity, even if the human power No. 48 of the 1 ° 11 channel is temporarily lost, it will be
held in the condition that there is a W-force r input signal of 8113 Ill in one field. -Switch switch
(2+ tf iii stereo mode income will remain).
More than 11U <, with a conventional stereo amplifier 龜 mode switch 會 stereo 7 状 状 片 114
11411 ヤ ン ヤ ン ヤ ン ア 便 便 便 、 、 、 片 側 片 側 片 側 リ ー リ ー 塾 塾 塾 ら TL TL TL
Ding, # 1 in order to bring similar central VC · cut to t 1 7 Nora モ ー ド mode 4 beat is uneasy 1
/ J 挙 挙 7-F forward draw p second rtt 句 句 11 r J 1 man power 1 g Even if the grandchild has a
light on the sacrifice J channel, he / she can be repelled by a left and right (閥 ネ / A / 7), so it is
necessary to perform 郁 7 ド 切 operation in accordance with the contents of 諒 諒7) It's over,
I'm out on the shoulder. It is a circuit diagram which lowers the first employment of a small
employee and the I of a small affair to (6) simple congratulatory 1 expansion of 4.81 faces. +11
fl'i-· · · Input indicator-f 2 + [d · · · Mode 9 gain switch, (3) · · · Stereo amplifier, + 41 + 4 (· · · output
45, · · · · · · 6? · · 61 '+ 6 (... input every number f 琳 流 し つ テ イ j j' 9 j DC 、,% of mouth
opening to change to 1000 + 7 'll? (1 old + ff ... transistor, is s ++ g (m 01.1 po nzt muga ...
resistance agh 19 I 9 i ... funtensa, l1 alll go ... amplification-1 α 4 ... potential 簑 out Kg, 11 to ・
・ Rishi-Island 鱒 詣 EndPage: 2 Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006
Address name 笹 部 EndPage: 3
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