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The book of the throat ■ name of the invention j3 Buppo Town, +4 male iiM Ms. J arrow IuI is a
small letter four J1's city 'from one α' El sword one. Conventional v) L seven electric poetry
device? Fig. 4 to 4 show I. However, in 1 to 21st, 1 is a metal disc, and 2 is a temporary
piezoelectric ceramic, which is attached to a metal disc l. On the other hand, in FIG. 31M1 to FIG.
4, 3 is a conical trumpet-shaped withdrawal rod and a 4 汀 -pressure bimorph oscillator, which
has a central vC of oscillator: 3. This work is one traditional soil! The sound producing apparatus
group has a drawback that the size becomes large because the metal plate or the trumpet-shaped
body is disc-like or circular. This invention has been made to eliminate the disadvantages of the
conventional piezoelectric sounding device. The present invention has been made in view of the
following points. The present invention is intended to provide a whole compact piezoelectric
sound producing apparatus by attaching the radial vibrators to the bimorph vibrators by fully
mounting them in the longitudinal direction. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the entire drawings. In FIGS. 5 to 6, 5 is a piezoelectric
bimorph oscillator, and 6 is an elliptical radial oscillator. The vibrator 5 is connected to the
center VC of the vibrating body 6 in such a manner that the two hand directions of the hands are
matched with each other. Sound lLa of the same frequency range as this embodiment using the
same vibrator 5-in the conventional example generated by using it in the conventional circular
radial vibration, in the direction crossing the longitudinal direction of the vibrator 5 Outer
dimensions are large. Instead of the vibrating body 6, a rectangular radial vibrating body 7 may
be used in the process shown in FIG. In addition to this, a radial vibrator having a shape that does
not extend in the direction intersecting with the longitudinal direction of the vibrator 50 may be
used for convenience. For example, one having a structure as shown in FIGS. 8 and 9 can be
considered. In the figure, 8 and 9 are both radial vibrators. For example, EndPage: 1 shown in
FIG. 1O is housed in a case 10 similar to the l-oscillator in such an oscillator and a vibrator. Case
10σ] Mesh-shaped opening 11 is formed at the top. The lower part of the case lOc /) is provided
with a lead-out terminal 12.13 connected to a vibrator VC. As is apparent from this embodiment,
the piezoelectric sound-producing apparatus @ of the present invention has radial and side forces
and radial carrying with different values in two directions! There is an advantage that the size is
smaller than that of a conventional sword, et al., Which is a combination of an I71 body, an on-pione reflex oscillator, and a combination of inward and outward turns. Brief description of 41
sentences 1 [If] FIG. 1 is a plan l'III section of the conventional example, FIG. 2 shows the same
side lda, FIG. 3 a plan view of one conventional example, and FIG. FIG. 8 is a perspective view of
the embodiment of FIG. 8, FIG. 9 is a perspective view of the fourth embodiment, and FIG. 10 is a
perspective view showing the outline of the embodiment in FIG.
Reference numeral 5 is a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, and 6.7.8 and 9 are radial vibration wJ
bodies, and 0 Vf Juide, Inc. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., JP-A-52-85494 (2) FIG. 114 輿 FIG. 5
FIG. 6 FIG. 7 bite 1213 FIG. 8 FIG. 91 End Page: 2
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