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Description 1, title of the invention
, Electrodynamic speaker
3. Detailed description of the invention 7 The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
speaker by full drive using a polymer film imaging plate. In general, cone-shaped * IH 'type
loudspeakers have a cone-sheath divided into two parts at high frequencies in the birth band
because cone paper, which is the moving plate, is divided by only the central part. It is difficult
and often difficult to make a faithful reproduction of a sweat. On the other hand, in the full-drive
speaker, the entire surface of the diaphragm is uniformly driven, and the strength of the material
of the diaphragm is not affected. You can get a good reproduction. -A quiet city type speaker has
been around since ancient times, and it has been recog- nized that it has good circling singlewave characteristics, but the directivity, the maximum sound pressure level 白 white has not
been obtained sufficiently enough to be extra special, Extremely talented ') E% In the sense of
impedance matching with the amplifier, it is treated as electrokinetic type Tohiba r evening (and
<<<There is a defect that it does not spread so much, there is a habit. The present invention is
intended to provide a dynamic 1n-type speaker that can be driven to an entire surface without
the drawbacks of the point i. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below
with reference to FIG. The first rod; τ, a single rod type speaker according to the present
invention, and a plurality of rod magnets 2, 2... It is attached with a gap. Fig. 2 is a top view of the
same speaker, in which a plurality of magnets 2.2-· · t, j attached to the yokes 1 and 1 'are
alternately magnetized with their magnetic poles reversed in polarity, Of magnets 2.2 'of the two
yokes 2, 2' of the yoke 1.1 ', the frame 3.3' symmetrically to the L facing each other with l, F +polarity-sTh. Be placed through. The upper jaws "two yaw plates 4" are arranged with their edges
fixed to the frame. 1-A woman is above hF box-like magnet, 2 'is N pole like (ヅ 1. The magnetic
circuit is configured by magnetizing 憧 to S 憧. The direction of the magnetic field of the
magnetic circuit is the direction of the arrow. The W coil i 4 on which the voice coil 5 is formed is
a film of a polymer film such as polyester or polyimide having a gold foil of copper or lithium
nitrate attached thereto, and this gold electrode i is used for etching. As shown in Fig. 3C, form a
negative voice coil on both sides of the diaphragm. Fig. 7C o, do you really know? The front of
the board shows the voice coil of I, and the broken line shows the voice coil on the back side of
the board. The voice coil of ≠ -6q and the back side 1 is connected by the conductor 半 田 of the
solder at · in the figure. From this diaphragm 6 'E frequency, piston movement is performed at
high frequency 1.
For this reason, this frequency characteristic 〃 is flat from low to high, and can faithfully
reproduce sound. The metal foil affixed to the upper M1 'diaphragm is such that the efficiency of
the speaker is reduced and the appropriate impedance (eg poor σ8 !! Design to 'L' Upper
Feriting Co., Ltd. (The voice coil a river M □, diaphragm g) Kij ", 4- to 12. Assuming that the
radioactive ray 琴 ′ is 8A, the conversion M1 = M2. Designing the length, width and length of
the voice coil from the quality of the voice coil Ql-IM, = AI, -4-2MA, etc. It is ET ability to do. Hook
of the example of the example, for aluminum foil V>, M! At +2 Ma = 13 #, when one Eve of the
voice coil was 80 μ thick, 1.6 mm wide and 1.6 mm wide and 38 m long, the impedance was en
and the output sound pressure level was 9.0.1 d87 wrn. Further, the diaphragm of the present
invention is further provided with a braking means, so that good sound quality of damping can
be obtained. The voice coil pattern of FIG. 3 is connected to the back side of the diaphragm at the
point 'B', starting from the voice coil pattern of FIG. 3 and starting from the voice coil pattern of
FIG. If a voiced coil V is a short circuited portion shown by a hatched line to constitute a closed
circuit, for example, when a current flows in the direction of arrow (a), the diaphragm moves
upward and Is a reverse flow ←) direction of flow 75 IN, the diaphragm r (downward force ·
apply the brake on the lifting plate. Therefore, if 144 circuits are made as described above, the
excessive vibration of the diaphragm is not added to the '7r11 circuit'. It is possible to make a
good sound [A of damping] so that the current is W and the 3rd system h "1 or 7J, which is in the
direction to stop I, is vl. A dampening agent is impregnated with paper, non-woven fabric, or
foamable resin noodles as other braking means, and it is stuck on one side or both sides of a film
base uI plate having a voice coil or it is collected between two diaphragms. It is possible to obtain
mechanical damping means by using a product j-diaphragm. FIG. 4 is a characteristic curve
diagram of the speaker according to one embodiment of the present invention, in which
frequency is plotted on the horizontal axis, and sound pressure impedance scale is plotted on
storage. This characteristic curve diagram is one in which rod magnets are arranged in parallel in
7 rows as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2-one pair each at the top and bottom, and the speaker is
usually a 30 cm aperture EndPage: 2 speaker It is equivalent. The diaphragm is a 25 μm thick
polyimide film, made of cheese coil (a copper 9 ′ ′ ′ 25 μm thick, 20 mrnr!
;, About 30In. The figure shows this Sveeve C frequency 1 impedance, 2) high ill ζ he distortion
and? ,:! The high ll takes a mere 1 、 0 and can flatten to the speaker (. Y O l 'z-10 K) f and can
re-t to the surface area, and L <is clear as a woofer speaker. In addition, the impedance is
constant at 8α (pure resistance) throughout the entire frequency range, and the second
harmonic distortion is small, and it can be seen that the third cylinder wave is very small. In this
う u ground speaker, 1 is a sufficiently wide band and can reproduce peacefully and distortion is
also a small V) thing. FIG. 5 is a plan view showing another embodiment of the magnet used in
the speaker of the present invention 1; and FIG. 6 is a plan view of the Heus coil disposed
between the magnets of FIG. : 1. . ∼、である。 In FIG. 5, each magnet α, b, c is a polygon; it is
configured in a shape, and magnets a,! A: Arsenic C No. C is of the same polarity, and magnetism
is polished to the opposite polarity. The voice coil in FIG. . The film is V-released on a 25 μmthick polyimide film 5 mm wide and about 22 m long. The speakers of the other embodiments
above are also F4! i! It is possible to get almost the same characteristics as 2I and H. Since the
present invention is configured as described above, it is possible to obtain an electrodynamic
speaker by full-field drive which has high directivity V, high sound level, and good damping
sound quality due to the control P effect.
4. Brief description of the drawings Gloss 1 is a top plan view of the electrokinetic speaker of the
present invention. 1 is a 91 view of the speaker, and 3 is used for the speaker. Of the voice coil,
and FIG. 4 shows the characteristic song #i! FIG. 5 is a plan view of a magnet of another
embodiment used for the speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 6 is a plane M of a voice coil
used together with the magnet of FIG. In the figure, 1.1 ': Yoke, 2.2': Rod shaped stone, 5, 3 ':
Frame, 4: Diaphragm, 5: Voice fill, "gh, C: Polygonal magnetic agent Attorney Attorney Fukushi"
Chapter EndPage: 3 blame 6 figure J figure EndPage: 4
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