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Name of the Invention 18 Name of the Invention Amplifying device illm The impedance of the
human body circuit applied from the output end to the input end of the fixture is divided by the
connection cord for driving the speaker. A feedback terminal is provided to the negative feedback
circuit so as to supply negative feedback pressure to the negative feedback circuit.
2, the scope of claims
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the use of a speaker to
an amplifier for driving a speaker from a speaker input terminal and relates to a speaker. In
general, when connecting a speaker drive amplifier and a speaker in a component type
reproduction device, the connection cord is long, and the characteristics of the connection cord
are also affected by the reproduction quality. ing. Conventionally, the terminal as the speaker
input terminal is subjected to voltage negative feedback from the output end to make the output
impedance extremely small. Usually, in the high-level 11 tone scaler, one line of this output
impedance has a value of, for example, 0.1 to 2 or less in the b) listening band. This is necessary
in order to drive the voice coil of the loudspeakers in proportion to the output signal of the
augmentation. The voice coil of the speaker is the source of low vj4 waves, intermodulation
distortion, and harmonic distortion components that occur in the speaker. This is because the
output impedance is absorbed by 1 and generated by the voice coil gold speaker and the light is
damped to the positive t. EndPage: 1 Furthermore, in a multi-way speaker system, in order to
minimize the mutual form # for the distortion of each channel 1 ..., as well as the distortion
caused by the insertion of a 1c between the human body and the voice coil and the branching
circuit. It is desirable that the drive source impedance at the common input terminal of the
speaker system be sufficiently small. However, in the conventional amplification device, the
impedance of the connection cord connecting the speaker and the speaker open sound
connection is UO calculated for the output of the amplifier and the output of the lamp, despite
the output / beat of the amplifier 4 being sufficiently small. The above tL ? ? ft was reduced.
FIG. 1 shows a connection state between a speaker and a bed for a speaker pulsator a, which is
common to the conventional amplification device, and the speaker. That is, the signal from the
signal source +1 + is a signal from the amplifier (2) and the negative feedback circuit (from 31 to
1 plus mark 1g dii J, the output of this feedback pigeon 1 unit +43 is the connection code (5) The
valve is connected to the speaker (6). Here, the output impedance ? IP of the negative feedback
amplifier (4) when the output impedance of the amplifier (21 amplifier / jft man, this amplifier /
filter 12) is not applied when the 'IXR feedback circuit (3) is applied is Therefore, the speaker
(from the input terminal of the negative feedback amplifier at4i @ to the input terminal of the
negative feedback amplifier at4 i @ m) is Mw is Zwya = SiF + "a (where Z is tIi, contact, and
innovy dance of a chord L51). By the way, the impedance Z of the output impedance code L5J of
the negative feedback J width shifter t4j.
Although it depends on the length, it is usually about 0.1 to 0.5 ? with a connection cord of
several meters. In addition, the normality connection code (6) 's Innovy dance. The output ?
impedance of the negative feedback amplifier (4) is close to 5 f L and when the negative feedback
amplifier (4) @ jt is seen from the input terminal of the speaker t61, the connection cord (5) The
custom-made impedance is an inductive impedance, 6 '# g, this increases according to the
frequency rise. The value of this is as shown in FIG. 2 'in FIG. 2' if the output in-versity \ 0 Eri of
the supplementary negative feedback 6147 is enlarged. The damping effect of the speaker will
be significantly affected by the characteristics of the friend connection cord. It is an object of the
present invention to provide an amplification device It capable of giving a practical feedback,
such as speaker input terminal force i, capable of ignoring the influence of the speaker
connection cord. An embodiment of the present invention will now be described in detail with
reference to FIG. In FIG. 88, ? ? source 11 (II is the input terminal <a> on the hot side of the
negative feedback amplifier u3 composed of ? и 44 uu and feedback Iol path и J 'lJ and the input
of the reference point ? j It is connected to the terminal)), and the input terminal (a) 1 ft is
connected to one side of the power unit fll + of the worker till, the input terminal)) 1 is connected
to the negative feedback circuit and one force. ? и ? и ^ ?from the connection code d 417? ?
? ? ? ? ? U terminal C)) (1)) VC! & Cried. This negative feedback l! A resistor (fLz) is
connected between the amplifier 1D and the output m of 2I approximately uz. The value is made
sufficiently larger than "t" impedance za'b 'and Zamb. Ie Z,) m, R2) la / (, p, za). ??????
Custom loudspeakers with a standard speaker system impedance of around several ohms and a
connection cord I-EndPage: 2 dances. If it is around dozens of 0. The resistances (kL1) and (2)
are sufficiently in the order of several tens of ohms to add the above condition fi "/ J. In the
negative feedback circuit tta compared with the configuration of FIG. 1, the impedance Z? of the
negative feedback circuit 1178 is sufficiently small, and the resistance (11) (i (, z) is inserted). It
will be. This field piece resistance (R1) and (Le z) (d negative 4.! ? Circuit u2 ? ? Small enough
inby 1: Dance, and the negative feedback circuit is essentially a voltage detection circuit for that
purpose, and look at the load side from the prostitute @Ua, and the t impedance Zalb / is
determined sufficiently high, the signal Almost no current flows.
For this reason, the negative feedback constant ? hardly changes as compared with the case
where the resistance () 1) and (2) are zero. And the reference potential point of the resistance
(R2). However, compared with the bonding impedance between the external devices connected
via the power supply transformer and the like, there is no major inconvenience because it is
continued. If you do not connect the reading code lIb1 from the human-power four-child 00 of
the speaker + I51 in this process, short-circuit the resistors (? 1) (R2) . ?????? Appear on
a small light return (island 1 ? ?) as compared with the resistance (? 1) (R2), and a negative
feedback is made from the input terminal 00 of the single wing ?? ?? 51 applied to the
feedback circuit u2. Further, resistance (approximately t) (Rz) is a sufficiently large impedance to
supply one power to the speaker uJ with a sufficiently large impedance, and a current 1 hardly
flows in the connection cord 16 for negative feedback. Therefore, no turtle If drop due to the
connection cord 1 occurs. This resistance (Ro) (? 2) is a negative feedback circuit tta. и 'Amplifier
1111% connection-cord l141 and it performs decoupling with the output circuit from the
speaker 51 to part i and also holds the same as it of the old amplifier when the connection cord
l1til is not connected, and the gain different To prevent the rise. As described above, the
connection cord (the impedance Z0 of 141 is added to the output 1-mbie dance before negative
feedback from the human-power-one-piece 00 of power t151 to the processing clearly apparent
from the t-work). Therefore, the specific impedance of the negative feedback 41 from the input
terminal 00 of the speaker 51 is as follows: The impedance of the connection cord u41 is
reduced to 1 + A?. Next, referring to FIG. 4 and FIG. The same parts as in FIG. 8 will be assigned
the same reference numerals and the explanation thereof will be omitted. A h и et al negative
feedback to engineering Unishi t stuff 1i (input terminal 00 of 15I). In this case, it can be
distributed from the input terminal (QO) of the speaker N to the widow return of 1 ug and the
shell return from the mass tel. Although the impedance reduction rate of the connection cord
1141 for connecting the speaker a51 yt is reduced, the special case of the connection cord ? is
processed into a special transmission phase etc, and all speakers are connected (1j If negative
feedback is completely applied from the input terminal Og) of f, f-like confusion and all-ornothing performance is achieved. Figure 5? i applies to so-called BTL (Balanced Transless)
connected boosters and switches, and is an fc string EndPage: 3.
That is, in the case of the BTL amplification device configured as the hot side of the negative
feedback port 1 18 (? 1) (? 2) of the two amplifiers (Ax) (A 2) operating in opposite polarities
to each other, the output is six times. Since there is no reference potential point on the output
side, there is no need to carry out the reference potential one point between human power and
output as shown in FIG. 8, which is extremely advantageous.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a conventional r Ц I
device, and FIG. 2 is a diagram showing the output / heatance of the amplifier with respect to the
frequency of the conventional amplifying device and the speaker terminal force i of the speaker
connection cord. The custom figure FIG. 8 showing the impedance is an increase of the present
invention! One embodiment of the side-dressing / cliff The circuit diagram of the wiring
diagram% FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 are circuit diagrams showing another embodiment of the real
fucking. 111-. и Amplifier (R1) (R2) иии Resistance u3 и и и Negative feedback circuit agent Patent
Attorney Akira Tomioka (1 other) EndPage: ?
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