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The diaphragm 1 of the electroacoustic transducer, the vibrating coil is disposed directly on a flat
diaphragm as a conductor, and the diaphragm vibrates within a substantially flat air gap in a
substantially plate-like magnetic system In a possible arrangement of electrodynamic
electroacoustic transducers, a conductor arranged on a flat diaphragm forms a long flat coil, the
start and end points of which are arranged on one narrow side, and the flat A diaphragm
characterized in that the coil is formed into a spiral shape or is made to cross each other to
extend substantially the entire vibrating portion of the flat diaphragm.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing the flat coil according to
the present invention in a stretched state without being attached to the diaphragm FIG. 2 is a
plan view of an embodiment provided on the flat coil 7 circular diaphragm according to the
present invention; 3 is a plan view of the magnetic system corresponding to Example A of FIG. 2
and FIG. 3 is a plan view of an embodiment provided in a different mode on the flat coil full
circular diaphragm of the present invention. Fig. S is a plan view of a magnetic system
corresponding to an actual example of Fig. 1; Fig. 6 is a plan view of an embodiment provided on
a flat coil full square plate of the present invention-the seventh fi is a flat of the present invention
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a magnetic system to which the diaphragm according to the
present invention is applied. /, Co ... terminal, 3. II ,! , T, 7.1 · conductive track,? , 10, //: bending
position, / 2, / 3 magnetic disk, / l, B-· split ring, 16 · · air chamber / / · · · · · diaphragm, II, / 9 · · ·
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