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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a plan partial view of a partially cut away
diaphragm. In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same parts, 1 is a double
core, 2 is a thin film, and 3 is a foamed polymer material.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a moving plate for
a speaker which prevents split shooting and has an assembly with a voice coil. Generally,
physical properties necessary as a moving plate of a speaker include (a) small surface density
and (b) large specific elastic modulus B and / or a. It is necessary to reduce the surface density to
6 (E elastic modulus, f density) in order to lighten one contribution of the moving plate and to
increase the sound pressure. Have you been (1) eight? 2.) Increasing the JJ, 2 □, 'specific
modulus is necessary to expand the area of the piston movement of the loudspeaker. The sound
pressure-frequency characteristics of the speaker are generally in the piston movement region
and the minutes 111. It can be roughly divided into lk moving regions. The piston movement
region is a relatively low frequency band in which the moving plate vibrates in unison and is flat
to the sound pressure-frequency characteristics, and the occurrence of distortion of the sound is
also small. The divided shooting area is a relatively high frequency area where each portion of
the diaphragm vibrates locally differently, and peaks and valleys are easily generated in the
sound pressure characteristic, and distortion of the sound is often caused. Therefore, in order to
improve the performance of the speaker 6, it is important to widen the piston movement area as
much as possible, but the upper limit frequency f is proportional to the square root of the specific
elastic modulus E / f. Therefore, selection of the material structure is carried out so that the value
of E4 of the moving plate becomes as large as possible. For example, mixing carbon fibers into a
diaphragm mainly made of paper pulp is the series. However, it is a well-known fact that E / has
a maximum value at about 10% of carbon fiber contamination, which is difficult to desire as
much as 11 in E / (2) increase by carbon fiber contamination. . This device uses a honeycomb
core of metal or polymer material as the core, and a thin film of metal or strong f-plastic (carbon
fiber, glass fiber, etc. mixed in plastics) as the skin to be attached to both sides of the core. The
invention relates to an imaging plate of a speaker which is made of a light weight E / large
material having a doditch structure and which is filled with a foamable polymer material by
filling, foaming and filling the hollow portion of the honeycomb core placed on the inner and
outer peripheral end faces of the diaphragm is there. Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing an embodiment of the present invention, in which (1) is an aluminum of 005 ■; cell size
8/8 "thickness 81 honeycomb core using foil; (2) U this honeycomb core fil Is a thin film of 0.1F
thick αF, FLP, (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) glued on both sides! FIG. 2 is a partially cut away
nine-plane partial view showing the configuration of the thin film (2) and the nick core (1). (3) is
injected into the hollow part of the honeycomb core (3) 5-a (1) where inner and outer peripheral
end faces VC are mixed while mixing with, for example, a premix solution in which a polyol, a
catalyst and a surfactant 9 foaming agent are mixed in advance It is a foamed polymer material
made of foam stone.
Thinning (2) may be a grave of C, F, R, P, as well as other reinforced plastics or metals. This
device is configured as described above, and its E // f is 8.51 in comparison with a diaphragm
made mainly of ordinary pulp and paper (0.5-1.5 thick). The piston movement area can be
expanded by 1.8 to 2.2 times. Also, since the rigid force for bending @ increases and decreases in
proportion to the eighth power of thickness h, it has a bending 1ill force that is eight times that
of the upper 4-paper valve diaphragm and has a honeycomb core that is strong in compression
and strong in expansion and contraction. 9 (High-plastic film skin is a combined structure. The
bending stiffness is larger and the division vibration is less likely to occur, and the distortion of
sound also occurs (( Furthermore, since it is difficult to clean the voice coil core while the inner
surface of the diaphragm is in the cavity of the honeycomb core, it is difficult to fill the adhesive
in advance (4) or paper, metal, etc. Although it is necessary to attach a thin film such as foil 0
synthetic resin to the end face to reinforce the end face, these operations require (a considerable
amount of time). However, filling with a foamed polymer material as in this invention provides a
very short working time and a good finish compared to the above-mentioned method, and
furthermore, this foamed polymer material has a very low specific gravity (A = O, Oa ~ 0.04) L
because the Young Army is big. With a slight increase in weight, the end faces of the inner and
outer peripheries are strengthened to facilitate bonding of the voice coil core. In the above
embodiment, a honeycomb core having a root nest shape has been described as an example of
the core material, but a truncated cone shape (easily shaped in the case of a cone shape is
considered,... As mentioned above, a 710 g structure (flex core) may be used as a core material,
and the mobile plate of this speaker has a large specific elasticity '4E / f, so a wide piston
movement area of acoustic performance is taken wide. Bending stiffness is less likely to cause
divided vibration in dogs, distortion of sound output (5)-□ is less than car weight, and inner and
outer peripheral end faces are strongly f-hidden, which has advantages such as easy bonding of
voice coil core It is a thing.
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