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Description 1, title of the invention
Vibrator for acoustic converter
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a vibrator for an acoustic
transducer such as a speaker, a diaphragm for a microphone, or a cantilever for a record player
or cartridge, wherein the substrate and # 'i 14 become the substrate to be the vibrator. The
invention relates to a high-performance vibrator for an acoustic transducer in which a material
having properties is permeated and diffused to increase the ratio of Young's modulus E% or
Young's modulus X of density to density ?. Conventionally, aluminum, titanium, etc., which are
easy to roll with a light lid, are often used as materials used for the vibrator as described above,
but in the case where the vibrator is a diaphragm, the material is used to vibrate A specific
vibration mode occurs in the entire plate, causing a large peak in the high frequency
characteristics, which significantly impairs the sound quality, and in the case of a cantilever for a
record player cartridge, the cantilever occupies most of the effective mass of the vibration
system. As a result, it has been very difficult to reduce the effective mass of the vibration system
required for higher performance of the cartridge to a smaller EndPage: 1. That is, when the
thickness and diameter of the pipe are reduced in order to reduce the weight of the cantilever,
the rigidity is reduced and the characteristics are deteriorated. The above characteristics can be
improved by using a material having a large ratio R / ? (hereinafter referred to as inelastic
modulus) between Young's modulus E and density ?. Materials with a large specific modulus of
elasticity such as boron, IJIJum, etc. are available, but boron is difficult to obtain and is
particularly difficult (especially high quality), and beryllium is expensive for pollution control
equipment in the manufacturing process. I need. In addition, large Ha villages of E / ? such as
boron and beryllium are generally difficult to process such as rolling and pressing, and they
maintain a large amount of cost to form in their own shape, and their shape is also greatly there. ,
Titanium and other materials that are easy to form and process into the same shape, and using
the formed product as a substrate, materials with high E / ? such as boron and IJIJ cumum are
physically vapor-deposited or chemical vapor phase It is conceivable to obtain a cantilever, etc.
which has been coated by a deposition method or the like. By the way, when a coating layer is
formed on a substrate by physical vapor deposition or chemical means, it is desirable to heat the
substrate to 150 ░ C. or higher in order to improve the characteristics of the deposited film. In
this case, the heat of the substrate and the coating layer Since the expansion coefficients are
largely different, mechanical distortion may occur after cooling, or the coating layer may be
cracked to be unusable. It has also been proposed to provide a coating substrate of beryllium or
boron or the like on a di-substrate by steaming or the like and to separate only this coating layer
from the substrate to form a diaphragm of only IJIJ um or nl + silicon. However, the coating layer
of iron IJI um or boron formed by means of steaming or the like has the disadvantage that it has
low mechanical strain and is fragile.
Moreover, coating layer 'r: means to form on a substrate by means such as steamed layer? It
requires evaporation pupils such as, electron beam heating, etc., and the equipment is
expensive, the manufacturing time is long, and the product cost is very high. Therefore, a
vibrator for a document conversion transducer has been proposed in which a diffusion region
having a larger diffusion property than that of the substrate is formed on a substrate to be a
vibrator for an acoustic transducer. The present invention is applied to a vibrator for an acoustic
transducer in which a diffusion region made of a diffusion material is formed on a substrate, and
the object is to be suitable as a substrate for the target Hamura and the wing of this building. 2.)
A vibrator for acoustic transducers which produces a tube composition of E / ? in the vibration
body in which the expansion area is formed by setting IJ um (1) and the ring () 31 respectively,
and VC for providing a vibrator is provided VC . Hereinafter, the it ? f: vibrator for exchange of
the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment in
which the present invention is applied to a dome-shaped vibrating plate of a speaker as a
vibrating body for an acoustic transducer in which a diffusion region is formed, and shows a
cross-sectional view of the dome-shaped vibrating plate as a vibrating body according to the
present invention. 1, a thickness of EndPage: 225 ?m, a substrate made of a single sheet of
yttrium (7) alone or a compound mainly composed of yttrium, and formed into a desired shape to
be a dome-shaped diaphragm of a speaker by means of pressing or the like In this IJ um
substrate 1, a diffusion region of boron (B) is formed over the entire surface from the surface.
And this diffusion zone exists as a compound of yttrium (1) and boron (B), and its main
component is composed of yttrium tetrafluoride (YB). Thus, while forming a diffusion region of
boron @) in the yttrium substrate 1 and forming its main component with tetrafluoride yttrium
(YB), the other i-8 (B) and yttrium (7) Compared with the case of compounds such as di-N-Nitrium (YB2), hexa-sodium-itrium (YB6), doubly-automated itrium (YB, etc.), 4.2 О 10?C
immediate / ?] and Young The ratio X is extremely high, and a high performance vibrator for a
sound converter can be provided. Next, an embodiment of a method of manufacturing a vibrator
for a sound portion converter according to the present invention will be described. FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm showing steps of manufacturing the domeshaped diaphragm of the speaker according to the present invention described above, wherein 1
is made of 25 ?m thick yttrium (1 ?) thin plate And a substrate formed into a desired shape to
be a domed diaphragm of a speaker by means of a press or the like, and a diffusion material such
as boron [F], which is a diffusion material, is deposited or coated on both sides thereof. Two
bottles, 2B are formed.
In forming the coating layer 2 of silicon @) on the substrate 1 by coating means 2B, boron (6) is
pulverized into powder, and this powdery boron @) is applied based on the principle of ? 11
coating method Alternatively, a suspension obtained by adding this powdery boron (B) to a
highly volatile organic solvent such as trichlene or thinner may be prepared easily by using a
brush coating or a spray. In either case, the coating layers 2 and 2B formed on the substrate 1 in
either case are in the form of powdery boron in the desired thickness. Here, the smaller the
diameter particle of the powdery diffusion material, the larger the contact area with the substrate
1 and the easier it is to diffuse easily, and it is desirable to have a diameter particle of 50 ?m or
less, preferably 10 ?m or less. . In addition, as the highly volatile organic bath solution of the
turbid solution, the solution is compared with the one with relatively low volatility such as water
(H, O), and even if the substrate 1 is soiled to a certain extent, it is cleaned and rapidly It has the
effect of vaporizing. Then, the base 1 on which the coating material 2B and 2B of boron (B) as the
diffusion material is formed is heated under the heat treatment condition of temperature 1100
░ C. for 30 minutes to form the coating 1f in the base 1 as a coating 2B. To introduce base
material into the base 1). Form a diffusion zone of the element Once the desired heat treatment is
applied, the substrate 1 is cooled to room temperature (3 mm), and a dome-shaped diaphragm of
a loudspeaker is obtained which has an extended 'ki' region in the substrate 1 after that. In the
above-described embodiment of the present invention, a dome-type speaker diaphragm has been
described as this type of vibrator, but other forms of EndPage: 3-one type loudspeaker
diaphragm, microphone diaphragm, The present invention can also be applied to an imaging
device for an acoustic transducer such as a cantilever of a pickup cartridge. Further, the diffusion
region is formed in the whole in the thickness direction of the substrate 1 or in the case of being
formed to a certain depth, and in the case of being formed in the entire drawing direction of the
substrate 1 There are cases where they are partially or partially formed, but they may be selected
according to the desired purpose of the provided acoustic transducer vibrator. Furthermore, the
means of applying boron (3), which is a diffusion material to form a diffusion zone, may be vapor
deposition, chemical vapor deposition, etc. in addition to the method shown in the above 62
embodiments. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm of a speaker
according to the invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-section of the dome-shaped diaphragm showing
a process of manufacturing the dome-shaped diaphragm of FIG. It is a figure.
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