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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
carbon-type microphone, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing one embodiment of the
microphone according to the invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing the
assembled state of the relevant parts. 31 ииииии 7 L'-m, 32 иии и и и и и и! , 37: Fixed electrode, 39:
Moveable electrode, 40: Carbon powder, 41: Diaphragm, 53: Collar и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Protection plate
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the structure of a carboncarved telephone with carbon powder interposed between the movable electrode and the fixed%
pole. The general structure of the civil-type transmitter is configured as shown in Section 1-0,
that is, 1 in the figure is a circle between the outer frame 3 and the inner frame 3 It is a frame on
which the spacer 4 is interposed between the two sides. The inner frame 3 is provided with a
carbon chamber rim 6 via a silk wand 7. Further, 11 T motion 'it ? 7 is supported by the abovementioned silk wagon 5 and fixing' 1 '9 having a fixed electrode terminal 8 is fixed to the carbon
chamber insulator 6. The group of the movable electrode 7 and the redundant electrode 9 facing
each other is filled with the carbon powder 10. Furthermore, a contact 412 is provided on the
outer periphery of the fixed 1.109 through the unit pressure washer 11 and is fixed with respect
to the inner frame 3... 2 while on the front side of the frame 1 The diaphragm 13 has a central
portion fixed to the movable electrode 7 and an outer peripheral edge supported by the outer
frame 2, and a first back air chamber I 4 is formed between the frame 1 and the frame A back
cover 15 is provided on the rear side of 1 with a metal plate bent to bond the center part to the
contact ring 12 and the outer peripheral edge to the outer 7 frame 2, and a second back with the
frame 1. Form an air chamber 16 и A, l. ?????????? The first and second back air
chambers 14 ░ 16 communicate with each other by acoustic slits 17 formed of notches
provided at equal intervals in the spacer 4. In addition, the movable electrode terminal 18 is
protrudingly provided in a part of said back force -15. Further, the front portion of the
diaphragm 13 is covered with a moisture-proof film 20 and a protective plate 2 via a pressing
ring 19 provided at the peripheral portion, and the peripheral portion of the protective plate 2 is
It is fitted to the outer peripheral wall, and the above-mentioned pack cover 15 is simultaneously
fixed by caulking. -1 In the thus configured feeder, although lead wires and the like are
respectively connected to the fixed electrode terminal 8 and the movable electrode terminal J8,
the electrical connection between the movable electrode terminal 18 and the movable electrode
1 is a puncture cover 15. It is necessary to interpose the protective plate 21 and the diaphragm
13. It is very difficult to electrically connect these parts at the same time as assembling them.
Therefore, there is a possibility that contact failure of the connection portion may be caused, and
a great deal of labor is spent on the assembling operation, and the cost ag is caused because the
number of parts is large. 4. e) This device was made based on the above situation, and the
purpose is to hold the diaphragm connected to the peripheral wall of L1 frame by holding ring
by the holding ring, the structure is easy to make electrical connection, and it is made sure
Further, the present invention is intended to provide a transmitter capable of simplifying the
assembling operation by reducing the number of parts, and the present invention will be
described based on an embodiment shown in the drawings.
In FIG. 2, reference numeral 31 denotes a frame made of an insulating material, and the
periphery I! 32 are integrally provided. A through hole 33 is bored at the center of the frame 31
and an arc-shaped through hole 34 is bored at equal intervals on the plate surface. A fixed
electrode 37 having a recess 36 is provided, and a wire washer 38 is polymerized 60 so as to
close the opening of the recess 36 at the upper edge of the insulator 35 and the silk washer 38.
The periphery of the frame is interposed between the frame 31 and the insulator 35. A
hemispherical A- ', 8-shaped movable electrode 39 is attached to the central portion of the sheath
washer 38, which is opposed to the fixed electrode 37, and is a concave portion between the two
electrodes 37 and 39. Carbon powder 40 is filled in 36 /. Furthermore, on the curved side of the
frame 3 is provided a diaphragm 41 whose central portion is fixed to the low moving electrode
39 and whose outer peripheral edge is joined to the peripheral wall 32. A back cover 44 having
an opening 43 at a central portion formed in a plate shape by a metal plate is provided on the
rear side of the frame and the frame. The puncture cover 44 has a collar 45 having substantially
the same diameter as the frame 3 and the ridge s 45 is joined to the peripheral edge of the frame
31 to form a second back air chamber 46 therebetween. In this case, the flange 45 of the back
cover 44 faces the through hole 34 of the frame 31, but the rear surface of the frame 31 is
provided with a notch 47 communicating with the through hole 34. An acoustic slit 48 is formed
between the two. Furthermore, is the insulating plate 49 in the opening 43 of the back cover 44?
A fixed electrode terminal 50 having a snoring action, which is partially bent in a U-shape, is
attached to the central portion, and a movable electrode terminal 51 is attached to the peripheral
portion. The fixed electrode terminal 50 is press-contacted to the fixed electrode 37 through the
cap 52, and is caulked and fixed to the opening 43 of the movable electrode terminal 51 packing
cover 44 with the insulating plate 49. On the other hand, as shown in FIGS. 8 and 4, the
peripheral portion of the vibration & 41 has a ring shape so as to engage with the step portion of
the frame 31, and the weir s53 which is joined to the peripheral portion of the ll1K diaphragm
410. 1N * -IJ7Ifs 4 "" * f8t ""-'cv-'c'ttvpiv; several part of sss is provided with a plurality of holding
pieces A moisture-proof film 56 opposed to the diaphragm 41 and a protection plate
57 are sequentially joined to the outside of the pressing ring 54, 11, n?
"Zo & s * s7 GD mmil S" "" 7 "-" JIWC "is fitted to fit. Thus, the holding edge 55 of the pressing
ring 54 is fixed by caulking and fixing the end edge portion of the circumference @@ 511 with
the pack cover 44 :, and the groove 45 of the six grooves by a spinning process. The reference
numeral 55 is bent inward, and the peripheral portions of the diaphragm 41 and the
moistureproof film 56 are clamped and fixed to the flange 45. In the transmitter configured in
this manner, the movable electrode terminal 51 is connected to the pack cover 44. When the
fixed electrode terminal 50 and the movable electrode terminal 51 are connected to each other.
Protective plate 57. The pressure ring 54 and the diaphragm 41 are separated to obtain a
conductive path to the movable electrode 39, and the fixed electrode terminal 50 has a
conductive path for conducting the fixing to the pole 37 by the caulking 52 valve. Become. In the
example of the above-mentioned '' 4 brother, the flange portion 53 is formed on the presser ring
54, and the flange portion 53 is cut and raised to provide 21-clamping holes 55, 55 according to
K. The number may be four at intervals. In this invention, as described above, the flange portion
of the pressing ring is joined to the edge portion of the diaphragm joined to the peripheral wall
of one frame, and a plurality of clamping pieces are provided on this flange portion Therefore,
since the clamping piece is bent to clamp and fix the peripheral portion of the diaphragm, the
electrical connection of the conductive path can be reliably made, and furthermore, the number
of parts is reduced to facilitate the assembly operation, making it difficult Automatic assembly,
which has been done, is also possible, and significant cost reduction can be achieved.
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