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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an electronic buzzer showing an embodiment
of the present invention, in which A is a plan view thereof and B is a sectional view thereof. FIG. 2
shows the electronic buzzer which used the resonance board for the support stand, A is its top
view, B is its sectional view. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view showing a state in which the
diaphragm is supported with the back cover of the electronic watch as a support. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · support base, 8 · · · slit, 9 · · · support resonance plate,
the back cover of the wristwatch is 11 ...... support base.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This device is a pressure i! A forceps buzzer FCAtb that
emits a sound by causing a single action on a diaphragm using an element. Conventionally,
piezoelectric-child t! @ The ladder buzzer has a tz7 structure as follows: 1. For example, a flat
electrode substrate tube is fixed to one side of a flat pressure N element, and another side is
provided with a h opening and 1 lit from other side Form a peristaltic plate. The diaphragm is
held on the support table via its outer peripheral edge t spacer etc., and an alternating force mEEt
# j is added to two screws provided on the pressure ≦ element to cause distortion in the
piezoelectric element, Pregnancy, 1 plate t-overdrive to generate a front tube-However, in the
conventional i-puppu structure, it is sufficient that ice blisters are produced in the central part of
the -fai plate.振 ll1lt gain k requires a large driving position, for example, one child storm watch
etc. and ^ 6 small pivoting position is not enough to obtain mu, and bottom out-iA winter is bad
The ice width is small because the spring constant in the plate-like vibration j plate line vibration
t ζ has a large defect 1 and the + I M-type has a defect that the problem is negative ・ This
defect f knee (2) 0-2 L, but it is fixed to the electrode substrate and% At this moment, it will affect
the strength of the plate itself which causes the vibration of the piezoelectric element. Therefore,
the disadvantage of this invention is: 4% noise with excellent sound 4 conversion efficiency. In
order to provide the purpose, however, this consideration is that the center of the am plate
formed by solidifying the pressure 4A core 1 is supported at one point on the support base, and
the% of the jiil + plate is 1%. It is an electronic pin made by dividing a "C-K" J plate into a radial
slit provided in the center or up to the b-shoulder.絖 明 ・ 1st @ @ 工, symbol α) is a swing plate
1b plate, drawing and drawing plate (support) consists of piezoelectric element (2),-electrode
substrate (2) and electric wire), friend For example, a single-sided fc1iE pole of a piezoelectric
element (2) having through holes I9 in the disc-like middle dog portion is laminated on the plate).
@ Have a round plate shape with a large eyebrows & make it project in the direction opposite to
that of the center # c'A g (S @) g pressure-4 (su)-This O sudden week 15) (3)-設 け provided at
the same position as the through hole (2) of the piezoelectric element (d), spot dissolution to the
support coalescence to be described later! i! • The other side of the piezoelectric element port
is, for example, a thin film electrode deposited with silver) 6), a lead which is extended from the
illustrated i power source. (4) The diaphragm 0) connected to one end of the sword and
configured as above is provided with four slits (2) radially from the central middle portion of the
i moving plate O), and the slit t # ti = Extend to the periphery of the exciter plate α)-C Upper
moving plate 0) Divide into @ and so on.
'D 2, the diaphragm α) is divided into a plurality of layers of the same layer shape. There is a
projection (3a) l fixed to the support 1-shaped support (support) provided in the diaphragm a)-to
fix the anchor Jh 4% to the threat Jh 4 if it gives a high energy-solid 7 ilt Use spot welding to
place and mount parts of materials ・ Use spot welding n and heat require two electrodes, so use
piezoelectric element @ as a through hole “C” pole lead hole • In addition, it is also possible to
immerse the glaze agent J into the moving plate a). Figure 2 shows that the resonance plate [2
(2) or (b) is fixed to a support base made of a plate-(O)]. In the case of ウ-and other fixed
members (10) KE, which is held at its O end, when held by 振動, vibration, 4 [(1) 0 counter inertia
force is directly transmitted by resonance 4 [# 罠Therefore, the resonance plate 61 has a large
heat amplitude t-)], and the sound effect is increased. In addition, as shown in FIG. 2 as a curved
plate (1) O support structure, a solid (5 l) is fixed at the center of the plate (Morishi plate Q);
dLzs't'D "--(11) t Resonator-) KF 3-, ...-Fix it t yo i Note that in this case picture with Kg adhesive?
If it is 鱒 i, then the through hole @ is necessary 1 · 1 ′ ′ FIG. 3 shows the swinging state of the
swing plate (1) ′ ′ 2 on the back plate (12) of the watch. H 伺 is mainly used as a magnet
watch 報 プ プ − 腕 時 計 腕 時 計 腕 時 計, watch 腕 時 計 裏 1 ii (1 Th as a support base 振 振 0
0) と し て 支持 支持 よ うIn this invention, the electronic buzzer pressure-compensated it
element @ O '4 pole substrate (last) and 4-pole (last) both electrodes of alternating "" t "" 2 "" ° 2
° "11" " "-", "-", To "1". Stimulating rocking slope α) je vibrate · ζ O vibration 二 2 + 51t ·, 鉦,
par) 11 1 plate 0) company, a slit provided radially from the central part of the diaphragm Q)
The fan-shape is equally divided by) to keep the large hot moving area and i decrease the natural
frequency while increasing t ,, *, * ・ According to this invention, the success 0! Because it is
equally divided by 5th place and the t diaphragm is supported at one point on the support base,
the vibrating ice 1 is large), and it is essential that the energy of a small store can provide a hot
summer sound effect) In particular, as in the case of an electronic time hand, the power supply is
small-aV% increase-the effect of the tail O is large-Also, supporting one point on the support
means that the external force on the support stand % Of the diaphragm will not be damaged (and
furthermore, during assembly O of the diaphragm, it will be easy to attach-j-a simple example of
the garden-Fig. 1 of this discussion The monument is an electronic buzzer showing the
embodiment], the monument is its flat Iii figure, 0 is its thin -1 figure 6 ○ 第 3 shows the
supporting plate-nine electronic pencils-至) The flat surface i% @ is 6 in the d-plane view. · Fig. 3
is a broken w 1 drop showing the state in which the i-face plate is supported with the crystal lid
of the four-fir hour needle as a support.
(6) Co, 鷹 a)-Shake 1 plate, (2)-Pressure, element, (2)-Support, (2)-Slit, (2)-Damaged plate (11) The back cover "M4" "1" "-0-1-3 agent patent attorney Shunsuke Nakao r 'which is a support
stand. 6- "(7) 1s (A) (B) □ [30 Figure 2 (A) (B) 1.1F-59879 311] 61i 79 Okawa ji り applicant ° I
1 Clock Co., Ltd.] agent Human patent attorney □ 1 Shunsuke Oo. -Ko-Tortome Other than the
above inventor address Gifu Prefecture Sudoku Senga V: Ip Vr 21 g 2 Ricoh 6 Inc. Even name KK
KK 閤 閤 1, ((7/4 龜 0 龜 補正 補正 昭和 9) May 2nd Patent Office General Secretary Yusuke
Kumagaya 11 Display of the Case Showa 81 Metropolitan Utility Model Registration Application
No. 142973 Name of Invention Invention Electronic Buzzer 1 Withdrawal from the Case with
Case 係 Utility Model Registration Applicant Office Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Higashi-ku Izumi
2-chome No. 28 -24 Name Re · -4 譬 Stock metal company representative 11 laugh 讐 蒙 t4,
agent 〒 104 address Chuo-ku, Tokyo 膳 8 Ti 110 review 8 No. 8 Ginza 8-10 building 4 @ Phone
(O3) 674-71881 (generation)--Name (y4st) patented attorney Nakao Koikai 5, the date of the
correction instruction subject of the correction self-correction East,-5y) "Detailed description of
the invention" '--1, -L, -U-w1 @@ j- ()) registration. 5-3-one, knock 1; Details of Correction (1)
“10” in the second line of the description # 11B page is corrected to “11”. (2) In the same
move 4th shot, correct “(11) K ...” as “<9”. (3) Correct the r (11) J in the seventh and eighth
lines of the word to r (10) J. that's all
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