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明 IIA book 1, title of the invention 2, range synthesis of fFM request at the time ・ #! Emulsified
/ impregnated with the coagulant before / after drying the 9 substrates by making the substrate
into paper and making 9 substrates into 1 & adult tree and impregnating with the emulsion 1
After being gelled, subjecting to dry chestnut (I-A method for producing a speaker diaphragm
characterized by the feature.
Method of manufacturing speaker diaphragm
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a high fidelity reproduction speaker according to the present
invention. Generally, the physical properties required of the speaker plate 4+ for speakers are: I
large gear ratio; (2) small fill; 8) internal 1 loss larger. (Physical physics J, I can raise a temple
that is chemically determined. In addition, the performance of the speaker can be listed as 4 @ $
'and the flatness of the sound pressure f-wave number characteristics and the 4 @ $' when the
performance of the speaker is completely detected. The reproduction limit of the sound pressure
frequency characteristic is determined by the low band resonance frequency and the high band
co-image frequency. The low resonance frequency can be reduced by reducing the stiffness of
the diaphragm support or by using a 9-heavy diaphragm, but to make the peristaltic plate
heavier is 5 Ft of the output sound pressure level? もたらすので。 The weight of the diaphragm
is limited, and it is necessary to increase the effective aperture of the speaker in order to increase
the reproduction level in the low range. The high frequency rR4 wave number is equal to the
stiffness of the base of the diaphragm, and is a value relative to the Young's modulus and the
square root of the thickness of the 憑 m1ll plate. It can be stretched. Furthermore, the internal
loss determines the magnitude of the co-operation of the diaphragm, and affects the peak and
valley of the sound pressure frequency a%, and it is preferable that the characteristic be as large
as possible. Conventional speaker diaphragms are made by mixing natural fibers of wood pulp
exclusively with bast or wood, or chemical 1 fibers, and refining them into a commercial product
and dispersing them into water to make paper 19 It is done. The fiber is broken in 19 to be
beaten. EndPage: 1 fibrillation is carried out, and it is formed on paper by entanglement between
f'L + ant'a or hydrogen bond etc., and post-treated in a resin cage. The conventional diaphragm
made in this manner is a king of the king's bowl as a component, and the characteristic between
071 is 2 (the number of racks is large, and it is difficult to adjust it to the value of 1). The
physical properties of this conventional diaphragm do not suffer internal loss when Young's
modulus is 1 to 16 and 1 o 16 dy%, the density is 0 to 5 and 7. A friend who can not find suitable
materials for S in spite of insufficient physical properties for this work. The current situation is
that it uses materials of good quality. As a method to eliminate the defects of such materials
based on natural fibers, short fibers and synthetic fibers of one synthetic fiber) 1) prilled one and
four gold crystals are used to make the base material maturing type It has been proposed that
trees be filled.
This method fibrils the short a fiber and the gold gluten of the undersole fiber, mixes the nine
fine fibers, disperses it in water, and then manufactures it in the usual way. Impregnated and
dried, -IJa hot metal is used. However, during this process, * '' l) 1 Emulunyo / l- 會 soaked f'L 9
During drying, due to the evaporation of water and capillary g, the resin transferred to the
surface layer of the substrate. In the middle @ layer of the substrate, a phenomenon that the
number of trees on the tree is reduced (hereinafter referred to as "doma 1 v-john" ) Happens. As
a result, the physical properties of the diaphragm obtained are affected by the drying degree and
the drying time, so it is easy to get 5 unreasonable, and in order to obtain uniform properties
accordingly, the exact dry leaf 1l Ii further, the drying time The # reason is required. In a plate (in
the layer synthetic trees → 1 amount is small, the mechanical of the diaphragm is small U
summer is small, Young's modulus of young people by Young's modulus by a pre-masonry stone
is also J There is a problem that permanent lossy deformation occurs when a large force is
applied to the diaphragm. The present invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned
present situation, and it is made in a process of making synthetic *** sheet and impregnating
synthetic resin Emar Noyo / on a substrate (conclusion aging process occurs in the process of
making rr- To prevent the グ レ ー グ レ ー グ レ ー 皐 皐 皐 皐 皐 物理 b b b b b b b b b b ラ ラ
ラ ラ ラ ツ キ ツ キ ツ キ ラ 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る カ 安定 安定 得 る 安
定 安定 安定 得 る 得 る 高 得 る 再It is supposed to be ld. It is known that it is necessary to make
the viscosity of the sales emulsion sufficiently high in order to prevent migray shore f generated
in the process of drying the synthetic fiber substrate by impregnating with 嘴 噌 成 マ ル emar zi
t 几. However, it is inconvenient to impregnate into the base of cotton fiber, since the viscosity of
C / g is high. In order to overcome this drawback, the emulsion e, zt-low at the time of
impregnation, the viscosity t-bulk of the emulsion after impregnation, or the gelation of the
emulsion 2-+ or 11hn break the emulsion state 11jn # ' fLv = This modified nii impregnation can
also be satisfied at the same time. The primary method of L5 may be considered to coagulate and
coagulate emeryo yono gold impregnated in a fibrous base. That is, the method of-is to add a
strong acid or a polyvalent metal 1 o yt 'm to the emulsion and immediately coagulate it in an
emulsion to solidify it at a temperature of 6 ° I! Since it is possible to mix IL acid and polyvalent
metal ion salt with the i-contact emulsion, it is necessary to previously coat a synthetic coagulant
with a coagulant of synthetic fiber and to impregnate it with an emulsion / ft after 9 h.
After impregnating the synthetic fiber casing with the emulsion, the method of using these
coagulants is considered to be “not useable. Another method is to add sodium fluoride
monobasic, potassium silicofluoride into emulsion / constant TJI] L constant time constant
increase of VC viscosity to form uniform gel 0 This is 11 auxiliary with hydrofluoric acid Low F
and gelatin. The gelation of the emulsion due to the formation of colloidal colloidal silica.
Furthermore, other methods play a role in the stabilization of Emulseong. It destroys factors such
as the H1 charge and the adsorption retention layer, and gels the Emargiono. + Dlr polyvalent
salt, a positive on surfactant (蔭 1 on surfactant). EndPage: 2M solvent Carbon dioxide,
ammonium salts, etc. O Furthermore, Saccharum's method is stable at low temperature when
added to the emulsion and stable at low temperatures, but when heated above a certain
temperature, the entire emulsion rapidly gels uniformly It is something to add a processing agent
to As this processing agent, there are ammonium salt, zinc ammonium complex salt 6, 6 high
polymer rosacea, and the like. The above method rn is also effective in the above-described
speaker diaphragm manufacturing process. Next, several embodiments according to the present
invention will be described. Right: 1-3/4 t of short fibers of polyamide association fiber and 71
grilled and mixed 7 and 7 of fine fibers with a mixer and dispersed in water to make paper by
ordinary speaker plate moving plate paper making Dried to a diameter of 25 (lff + I! 1 @ 0.5 @
standard displacement 7.5t diaphragm base 'Ii! dive. A liquid having the following composition is
included in this substrate by dipping. Water-soluble melamine 1111b parts by weight Organic
amine catalyst 0.6 parts by weight Ammon chloride # 1 solution (10% by weight solution) 1o
parts by weight parts by weight 100 parts by weight of water After about 3 minutes of heating, it
was observed that the entire emulsion gelled uniformly. Subsequently, pressure is applied under
the conditions of dry A & * 100'C, 5Kp / cIII 20 at the same temperature for 50 minutes, and
fItiIt-row i is finally subjected to the conditions of 130'010 minutes to obtain a speaker
diaphragm. In addition, it is possible to obtain one having similar physical properties even by
washing with water and extracting ammonium chloride with gelled t-hot water. Thus, the
characteristics of the vibration fine vibration plate of 't' L were as follows: dense f = low 45 p / α
1 Young's modulus =, 2.44 XILP · dy @ g / d internal loss + −0, 18.
In this example, the physical characteristics of the diaphragm in the case of using no chloride 7
as a coagulant are as follows: density wing 0.4 s h 1 Young's modulus -1, 79 x 10 'dyne / cJ,
internal loss = 118 It is preferable for the diaphragm for a speaker that the Young's modulus
becomes large and the internal loss does not change so that the emulsion-is made into a -J
emulsion. Figure 2 shows the values of Young's modulus and internal loss of the diaphragm
when changing the synthetic resin content in the diaphragm in this example, and also shows the
straightness according to the conventional method. In the figure-) μ The characteristics of the
imaging plate according to the present invention # ('indicates the characteristics of the
conventional diaphragm. EXAMPLE 2 10 t of zinc chloride is dissolved in water to make a 20 wt
.-% aqueous solution, to which 1N ammonia water is added gradually, and at first a white
precipitate of zinc hydroxide is formed. The precipitate starts to dissolve upon further addition.
Completely dissolve the precipitate and stop adding anomonia water at the skin. Zinc ammonium
complex salt #! Liquid tf μ. Next, the diaphragm substrate obtained in the same manner as in
Example 1 is impregnated with a liquid having the following composition by dipping. Water
soluble Melami z, ll Shin 6 量 囁 y y y ・ ・ 6 番 No. 6 fi zinc ammonium complex solution 10
parts by weight water 100 parts by weight water containing the above emulsion nft diaphragm
substrate heated to 7011 j C approximately 5) It is recognized that the whole emulsion is
uniformly gelled and wrinkled in the soup. Hereinafter, the same operation as in the first
embodiment example 1: <: The swing plate for the speaker is obtained. The object 4
characteristic of this moving plate is a density of -0.48 p /, W "'r: / f ratio of -2, and 101 * dyne /
ex" + internal loss of 0.17. Implementation example 51! Spray the liquid consisting of 100 parts
by weight of calcium chloride / rum and the product of methanol 5 uO product 19 onto J and a
plate for an auxiliary plate obtained in the same manner as in Example 1! 1! After drying,
freeze and freeze. In this book, 100 parts by weight of acrylic ester co-Jt confectionery emulsion
(also used in Example 1 as well as in EndPage: 3), water-soluble melamine chicken 6 weight aS. 0
to 6 parts by weight of the organic amine catalyst When impregnated with the solution after
dipping, it is recognized that the emulsion gelled after about 5 minutes. In the following
operation, the shooting plate for the slider is obtained by the same operation as in the first
embodiment. The physical properties of this peristaltic plate are: 9 negative degree = 0.451 / dl
Wing rate -2, 1 1 "10" dysa / oz "Internal loss-0, 18 In this embodiment, sewing 1iI! The tn finger
is shown on the acrylic acid ester copolymer i ', but it is confirmed that even if fill 41 (e rubber
latex vinegar and vinyl etc.) leeks, the effect of Shishi is submersed i.
If the present invention is made according to the process described above, it will be listed in laF
and the bait 1 effect 11! : I can sing. Lme board density, (You can make the Young's modulus to a
value of about 1.3 to 1 · 鏝 with little change in internal loss. The upper limit t of the
reproduction frequency band of the speaker can be increased. ”2. *1(7)! Mfm @ I: The
same U-vy'f * has a smaller amount of resin 4bVc6 ** and a smaller amount of resin h7t, so that
the weight reduction of the diaphragm can be measured, and it is possible to obtain a speaker KT
lit 'L 9 speaker. ! Since there is no reduction in the amount of dep even in the middle layer of the
L diaphragm, it is possible to obtain a speaker which is large in mechanical strength of the
diaphragm and can withstand adulthood. 4) The mechanical strength of the diaphragm is
increased, and the distortion can be reduced because the movement in one division is
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIGS. 1 and 2 are diagrams showing the characteristics of
the diaphragm. Patent Deputy Japan Co-Ampire Co., Ltd. Agent valve 1 Shi Yamaguchi
[email protected] e-Replacement set * Ratio (Weighton Figure 1 Figure 2 EndPage: 4
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