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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing the present
invention in a state in which the diaphragm is removed, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of
the main part thereof, and FIG. 3 is a diaphragm support member FIG. 4 is a perspective view of
an end diaphragm of FIG. 1.1 ? иииииииииии magnetic pole, 1a, la ? иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Plate-shaped
magnet, 2aj2a ? ииииииииииииииииииииии Inner wall, 3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
Magnetic field, 4 и и и Magnetic circuit, 5, 5 и и и и и и U-shaped diaphragm support member, 5e, 5e 'и и
и и и Grooves, 6.6 ? иииииииии Elastic body, 7 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Screws? Frame burning
Detailed description of the invention: This dimension-1-i, electric sound, 17 variable
transformers, for example, (f) b3-6 "? (4) It is necessary to improve the support structure of the
folded shaking table 4i temporary (gabdominaku :: I) board in an air motion speaker with a near
black paper wheel. Conventionally, a vibrating diaphragm is provided as it is in a magnetic field
having a d-number grid-like sound-split opening as it is. It is filled with 41 putty-like materials
such as clay, but its identification is not good enough, so it will be squeezed, and + will be
unusual 1 at a specific wave number. 'The sound was produced, and the waveform distortion was
also .... In addition, 1.1 diaphragms in three places, 'J' to make it indented in '4', a guiding plate
with a folding plate, an i 'covered surface (ribbon-L body)? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? many women. This consideration 3 is intended to eliminate such a
period (4), and in the following, the embodiment will be described in detail in accordance with
the drawings. 11 ^ is an A-child A showing this groove, showing a state in which the frequency is
removed. In 1.1 ', two plate-shaped magnets 2 and 2' on the left and right in this figure are
provided by being held from (2) upper and lower surfaces. It is a T-type, and it is outside the
surface of these ti '@ ill1v-LX-t from the inside of this page. -One-hundred-one barrage 1a, 1a = of
the brave grid dog, and both domestic countries 1 of the pole poles 1, 1 face each other at a ratio
of 1 to 1 at a ratio of 1 to 1 Also, in the above two plate magnets 2 and 20, a pair of 'll 2a and 2a
are in a predetermined ratio-liquid long and between: a single air circuit which opposes with a
ridge and forms a slit-shaped magnetic core 3 4 is made. The @ box 1 and 1 'of the air circuit 4
thus produced is excited by the plate-like -8 stone 2 and 2' provided on the right side to form a
magnetic field of about 4000 gauss (Oh. Is 5.5 above the plate magnet? , 2 [four inner walls 2a.
For example, it is a U-shaped most Q plate support portion (A) in which the bottom of h is
brought into contact with the bottom of 2a via, for example, a '4 casting 6, 6 such as urethane
foam. These shelving plate support members 5, 5 (port 1, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 "as is apparent from 2
': 1 L-shaped member 5a. ????? It is made by combining them, and it's C 'rei, and it is:
before, the convex part 5c and concave provided on the winning surface of both, and J5d are
loosely fitted and pasted on the bottom surface 31. Elastic body 6, 6 ', its U-shape, ? 5e. The
groove 1 'of 5e' is made variable.
Further, it is preferable that the above-mentioned convex portion 5C and the four portions 5d be
removed from the remaining contact surface i and a rubber backing be inserted as a shock
absorbing material. In addition, although the illustration of this vibrating plate letter 1 member
as a laugh iA / 11 is fine, if it is made of an elastic plastic or the like as its material, 21 solid
pieces as described above are used. There is no need to combine L-shaped members. To reach
the position where these U-shaped diaphragm supporting portions 5 and 5 'are provided (... Four
screw holes 7 are provided in the fa 41 and 1'. The tips of the screws 8 screwed into the screw
holes 7 are fitted into the oval counterbore holes 9 provided on the both side surfaces (the L
lower surface in the drawing in the drawing) of the above-mentioned sliding plate supporting
members 5 and 5 '. The diaphragm support members 5 and 5 'of the U-shaped dog can not be
pulled out of the magnetic circuit 4, and the screws 8 are mounted in a state where the
diaphragm is fitted to the U-shaped fold se and se. By narrowing the width of its U-shapes 1it
15e, 5e 'so as to completely support the vibration (4) plate. FIG. 4 shows that f and + super
weight of 1 ? ? O supported by the above-mentioned U-shaped D D 5 moving plate supporting
member 5 5 5 ', for example, a bellows-like (accordion-like) K-folded folded yarn The plate 10a is
formed by incorporating a frame 10bK, and the frame 10b is fitted to and supported by the Ushaped diaphragm support members 5, 5 reed-shaped grooves 5e, 5e. . Then, a ribbon conductor
(not shown), for example, is provided on this compromise, the wedge 2 и J plate 10a, and the 1 @
electric waterfall from the signal human power, '@ i child 10 c, 10 c is to be king Thus, the
folding diaphragm 10a vibrates, for example, in an accordion-like manner due to the electrode
action, and sounds are output. In order to make this peristaltic plate lO fit in the diaphragm
support members 5 and 5 at its both ends and to push it into the slit bottom j + d field 3 of the
magnetic loop 4, the following is true. Let's go to one. Screaming ground 3 (((5)-including a gap
between the both sides of the scale plate IO of the lift table which has been inserted and v = 1, 1)
Gage (not shown) 'jr having a thickness substantially the same as the thickness f of the frame lOb
of the diaphragm 10' jr: Prepare the part fitted to the supporting members i5, 5 and loosen the
screw 8 to support the moving plate In a state where the members 5 and 5 have a wide U-shape
(one of 459 and 5e, and a large 1-, the rigid gauge is fitted to the diaphragm support members 5
and 5 at both ends thereof, Place 4 in the field 3 and alternately put the upper and lower screws
8 of the inner pole 1 and 4 into 4 and check the condition of the gauge 1 and then 1 with the
screw t lock paint either upward or downward Leave the screw-counter-1; slightly loose to the
extent that the gauge can be pulled out and pull out the gauge.
Next, the diaphragm lO is inserted in the same manner as the gauge. Then, if the loosened screw
is soldered, the diaphragm lO is set and supported at the central position of the magnetic field 3.
There is no problem in the function of the slight displacement of the fluctuating plate 10 in the
lateral direction. As described above, this device has M11 and M2 both with multiple acoustic
apertures penetrating from the cabinet to the outside face at 511-1111 ': facing oppositely, and
with a narrow spacing. A magnetic circuit in which both inner walls, which are opposite surfaces,
form a slit-like dovetail M by forming a specific relatively long 1 liangang, and the paper through
the two inner walls along the above-mentioned two inner walls The frame support member is
fitted with a U-shaped board base support member, and the frame support member is fitted with
a U-shaped board support member. And the U-shaped diaphragm support member is pushed by
the tip of a screw screwed from both outer surfaces of the magnetic circuit to narrow one part of
the U-shape, and the diaphragm plate Support plate for diaphragm in one-piece aeroacoustic
transducer made of four-piece one acoustic transducer so as to completely perform frame
alignment. , Both ends are yellowed white on the U-shaped diaphragm support member, and it is
inserted into the field of the safety circuit without being damaged by polarization, etc., and
clamped in the field of the vapor circuit, Is it an abnormal sound? No sounding occurs, and also
works such as a defective paperback of the 9h board. Since the operator is easy, and the
mounting position of the swing plate is easy and reliable, it has features such as the ability to
provide a high-quality 'N whistling J-change (a container can be provided). ???
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