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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 illustrates the principle of sound generation of a
folded diaphragm. FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the electric sound converter according to the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view 'T: another embodiment of the pole pieces
constituting the grid-like magnetic poles. 5.5 '...... pole, 5'a, 5a' ...... acoustic opening, 5b, 5b '......
pole piece, 6.6' ...... Outer yoke 6a # 6a
'иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Permanent magnet, 9 иии ..........
ииииииии Screw holes, 15 ░ 15 ? иииииииииии Folded diaphragm support member, 15a, 15a ?
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Folded diaphragm, 16a , 16a '... ... ... frame.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In this invention, a ribbon conductor is inserted
into an electric sound pressure converter such as an accordion-folded folded S-motion board, and
this folded-motion board is inserted into a magnetic field. , The direction of the signal current
alternately to each of the ribbon conductors (1) rj -7 series j! The present invention relates to an
improvement of a so-called air motion speaker, in which the folded diaphragm vibrates in an
accordion-like manner and generates sound from both sides of the folded & Nr plate by flowing
to ?t, and magnetism forming the above-mentioned magnetic field A part of the circuit is used to
form a sound absorbing chamber in which the one side 11] of the folding diaphragm is sealed,
thereby eliminating the need to add a special sound absorbing container, making the whole
compact and Also, acoustically, it aims to eliminate the ill effects of sound diffraction tax sources.
FIG. 1 is a view for explaining the principle of sound generation of the folded diaphragm, 1 is a
folded diaphragm, and 2 is each surface between the peak and the valley of the folded full-time
plate, It is a ribbon conductor with = i in the direction along its peaks and valleys. Such a folded
vibration / male root l is inserted into a magnetic field H formed of magnetic poles N and S
having sound openings, and flows in the respective alternate directions in this tobon conductor 2
as shown in the figure. As shown in the figure, when the flow is made to flow, each ribbon
conductor 2 generates an exciting force in the direction indicated by the arrow, and the folded
vibration steel sheet is also displaced 2+ in that direction. As a result, all the air layers 3 facing
the N pole side contract to generate sound pressure + Po, and all air layers 4 expand to S pole и
existing and generate negative pressure-Po. However, the sound of the N, S poles is emitted to
the outside through the holes y'i'P. Usually, in this type of electric sound box changer, the front
and back surfaces are constructed in a completely symmetrical manner, and the sound emitted
from both sides is used. This consideration is configured such that, in this type of electric sound
box converter, the rear surface is sealed with a sound absorption chamber formed by using a part
of the magnetic circuit to block the rear sound and use only the front sound. The present
invention will be described in detail with reference to the embodiment shown in FIG. 2 and the
following. Fig. 42 shows an oblique 4 [il showing the inside by removing one lid of one of the
whistling sound-f variable TT device according to this invention, and 5.5 is a number of sounds
penetrating from the inner surface to the outer surface It is a grid-like magnetic pole which has
aperture-saving openings 5a, 5a '(5a' is not shown), and the respective side inner surfaces are
opposed to each other with a predetermined relatively narrow gap. (3) These magnets 1 are
arranged opposite to each other as follows. That is, in the front magnet 45, thin pole pieces 5b
are fitted on the front facing surfaces of the left and right outer yokes 6.6 curved backward,
146a, 6a are stepped at a predetermined interval, and these 46a, The thin magnetic core piece
5b is inserted into 6a and fixed in place by heat.
Also, on the end face of the inner yoke 7.7 ', a plurality of wedges (not shown) for inserting thin
magnetic and water pieces 5b' are stepped at predetermined intervals and spaced apart from
each other, The kvc thin pole piece 5b 'is fixed and welded and identified in the same manner as
described above, and lattice-like magnets 5 and 5' are opposed to each other at a predetermined
relatively narrow interval. 8.8't4 These permanent magnets are provided so as to be held
between the outer yoke 6, the inner yoke 7, the outer yoke d, and the inner yoke 7 ', whereby
approximately 4000 cows can be formed on the inner surface of the magnetic pole 5.5'. Form a
magnetic field of (4) A sound absorption material 10 such as glass wool is filled in four parts 9
surrounded by the rear magnetic pole 5 'and the inner yoke 7.7, and a bottom made of a
nonmagnetic material after the inner yoke 7.7. A closed sound absorbing chamber 13 is formed
by closing the cover 11 with a side cover 12 or 12 '(-12' is not shown) made of nonmagnetic
material. This side cover 12, 12 'covers all the 1111 j faces of the magnetic pole 5, 5', the outer
yoke 6.6 ', the inner yoke 7.7, and the permanent vocal stones 8, 8 in this embodiment. Screws
(not shown) passed through the side lids 12 and 12 are tightened in the screw holes 14 cut in
these side faces for sealing identification. The bottom bean 11 is also sealed in the same manner
as the i lid; A folding imaging plate supporting member 15.15 having a concave groove 5a, 15a is
provided in the widened part of the pair of interturn islands at the both ends of the "Fit 5, s'", and
the concave 15a, 15avc folds The frames 16a, 16a assembled with the folding-plate moving plate
16 are fitted, and the folding mA plate 16 is formed with a predetermined gap in the boundary
formed between the box 5, 5; Be prisoner. As described above, the device of the invention is a
device called 'iA (5)'. It will be completed. Next, the operation will be described. When a signal
current is allowed to flow through the ribbon conductor as shown in FIG. 1 of the folding
diaphragm 16, as described in the operation of FIG. More front sound ten P. Is emitted to the
outside, while the back sound -P from the rear pole 5 '. Is then absorbed by the sound absorbing
material 10 and finally, only the front sound + Po is obtained. The above-mentioned sound
absorbing room 13 has an appropriate volume to react with the operation of the folding
diaphragm 16 without it, but when the reproduction frequency band is limited to the high
frequency range of IKHz to 20 KHz, The volume may be about 300 C, C. In addition, when the
thickness of the cloud pieces 5b and 5b 'that form the 11 "recording poles 5 and 5 is I-), the
opposing surfaces may be flat like the second ridge, but As shown in 43rd section, it is preferable
to form rectangular small ms 5 c, 5 c at the tip end in thick one.
The reason is that the magnetic flux is concentrated on the projecting small teeth 50.50, and the
ribbon conductor of the folded diaphragm (6) 16 corresponds to the portion where the L-bundle
is in the center. is there. In this way, it is possible to reduce the adverse effect of the additional
noise and impedance of the magnetic pole gap added to be close to the folded diaphragm, with
almost no increase in the air gap j resistance. Flat and good reproduction response can be
obtained. Further, in this embodiment, the outer yoke 6.6 'and the inner yoke 7.7 are connected
to the magnetic pole 5' 5 'at the rear right angle, but it is not necessary to necessarily limit to the
right angle. The shape formed by the yoke, the inner yoke, and the bottom may be constant so as
to be an appropriate shape such as a trapezoid. As described above, this invention has a large
number of sound # bends penetrating from the inner surface to the outer surface, and those side
inner surfaces face each other with a predetermined relatively narrow gap, and these magnetic
poles And the inner yoke and the outer yoke which are provided toward the rear and are
connected to the both ends of the both-poles and arranged in the magnetic field formed by the
pair of side surfaces of the pair of rods a (7) Seal the recess surrounded by the inner yoke, the
outer yoke, and the permanent magnet provided to hold VCC, the inner yoke, and the first yoke
supported by the inner yoke with a nonmagnetic conductive material. Since the electroacoustic
transducer is composed of a 4-closed sound absorption chamber formed in this manner, in
particular, a recess surrounded by a part of the magnetic circuit, that is, the inner yoke and the
magnetic rain connected to the inner yoke. Is sealed with a non-elastic lid to form a closed sound
absorption room, so there is no need to add a sound absorption container. Thus, with the entire
pre-aspirated # converter small, even a sound building, it is possible to eliminate the adverse
effect of diffraction of the sound. In addition, since the electro-acoustic transducer of the present
invention can be reconstructed as described above, as a high-fidelity tweeter sharing the highfrequency range, for example, = i on a so-called book 7 elk type speaker box and listen
Depending on the position, the sound may be turned, or the front and back positions may be
multi-- adjusted to adjust the phase relationship with woo-, and so on.
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