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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan sectional view showing the structure of
a loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing sound pressure
characteristics. 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This device is a speaker (= related, more (-in
detail). It relates to a bipolymer speaker. The speakers that make up the audio system, in
particular, there are some para & +3 tutaphones that have a directional aha (the ratio of the
sound pressure on the central axis to the sound pressure at an arbitrary position) rlJkml There is
also a configuration in which the directivity coefficient exceeds I??IJ at a position deviated
from the central axis by ? rad from the central axis. However, these are complicated and
quadruple because of the construction of the loudspeaker itself. In addition, in the conventional
cone-top tweeter, the sound pressure drops significantly at a position off the central axis. It is
good and the sunning point is quite an ideal one with only a very limited part. Therefore, when
such a speaker is installed in the listening room (: when it is installed, the apex of an equilateral
triangle whose sides are the left and right sides of the speaker that can be stored in the speaker (:
even if the ear is located is enough to enjoy stereo. Seven places, the left and right speaker box и и
и p6 part (-facing the problem will be solved, but the relationship with the furniture of the pond
and the space space of the room, the speaker box is placed inside (; facing) It is often difficult to
do. Therefore, in this device, the left and right speakers are parallel to each other so that the
maximum sound pressure is obtained at a position deviated from the central axis of the speakers
by ? rad, and the listener takes one side between the left and right speakers The vertex of the
equilateral triangle (--it is ideally arranged to define f, and in particular, the bipolymer title
speaker (2). Details of this invention will be described in the attached drawings. First, in the first
1A, a symbol l denotes a pressing plate having a plurality of small holes (having a large number
of holes and is shaped along a circumference centered on a virtual center point). The 37-layer is
layered, and this outside of the tuss-layer is l! The lift board 3 of the I11 nihiborioma element is
stretched. And these pressing plate l, the piece / cout + layer 2 and the dividing plate 3 are
divided symmetrically on the left and right by the interval Iil ?, and the seven left and right
photographing plates JLIJRt 7) Electrodes t fixed If the opposite 't1E is clumped and the shooting
& JL is extended, the second @, & @ # L3R is configured to contract. (The sound pressure
distribution of the speaker in which the speaker is structured is as shown in FIG. The maximum
weight is obtained at the shifted position (in the case of lS + CH *).
This sound pressure curve shows the case where the radius of curvature l = lO cm-.alpha.
Therefore, since the maximum sound emission of the speaker is dedicated to the middle + r axis
and the inner and outer parts, for example, two right-handed long right arrangements and nisby
force t are placed on the isosceles triangle 1A b) / yono7 Sound pressure t5IIJ East ? ? ? (3)
and sleep. Moreover, even if the dioptric right speaker is replaced, the maximum amount of
pressure filling at a position deviated from the central axis ? at the same point, the directivity
coefficient is larger than l, so the speaker arrangement There is no need to consider the
positional relationship between left and right. As is apparent from the above description,
according to the speaker 4 of this invention, the m object board made of bipolymer element f is
divided into left and right parts, and f from left and right! Since the plate is made to work in the
reverse phase (two functions are performed, it is rumored that f8E larger than the central axis at
a point deviated from the central line has an excellent effect as a stereo speaker. BRIEF
DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a flat vk diagram showing the structure FtL of a
loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing a sound pressure
characteristic tube. l и и и In, tlE-2 и и и и 7] layer, 3 и и и ?. Visit ... another I! . Utility model weak
Pioneer Co., Ltd. Deputy first person prisoner 99 place Nobuyuki Kohashi Dono Dori Murai 1 (4)
Fig. 1, 5-27, ') Measure' 1ja /: 01M Fig. 2 "--i Heart 7'-7. "-\\\ 7, slope,-? J,>, 4k8118.7 //, nen ---- 1-no, S / 7 group", -20 dB1, 11, \ "/" / ', "," "7z7., ...,"---'%' \ '1.. ,, /, ": T7. '::,-1 и и и и и и и и 1 и 1, itl, I,
1, 1 ? j ? ?, 1., ..., 1., 1 и и и 1., 1 '/, / /', ..., '1 good. 6042 1 buried patent attorney Hitoshi
Kohashi '' 'J (one person other than 6-record Tokyo S area 1 district-letter book-9 @ 18 number O
Oh Taisho-object building 4 4 Tesan) MURAI Michi 4 telephone Tokyo (J Sanko) san Hz (thir) (k.
'-' I 6 c 2 '
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