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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing the use of a loudspeaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an optical system diagram
according to the embodiment of the present invention. 3... Heuss coil, 3.
[Detailed description of the invention] In the case of not being considered not only the speaker
(C, in particular the output of an amplifier etc. receives the output from an amplifier etc. and
vibrates the vibrating cone, it not only plays the four functions of the speaker of appropriate
material that emits sound For example, by projecting a dynamic image in response to voice, the
voice is intended to satisfy the unique β party in harmony with the sense of sound and the visual
accuracy dJJgi. The construction of the present invention will be described by the illustrated
sequence of the drawings, in which the permanent or electromagnetic ring or the like 1-1-4 '-/ di
O magnet (the pole (2 attached with 11 is attached from the back side) Open a through hole (4)
that penetrates to the front of the vibrating cone (3). And as is known, the vibrating cone (3)
comprises a = JIA-like cone portion t3y and an operating axial center portion (3r at its center,
and a voice coil (ay ′ ′ is provided on the turn portion (31 ′ In the present invention, an
object (6) having a desired figure, pattern or the like represented on a plastic film is inserted in
the field F formed by the pole (2), but in the present invention, at the axial center position of the
operating axis gtar of C. It is what you put on. And, in order to use this, an optical element (6)
such as a convex lens or LIJ1 surface j member is placed in front of the subject (6) so that the
above-mentioned through hole (4), desirably its axial center or optical axis coincides. The one
shown is shown on the lifting table with the same gf 15) as one member of the speaker, and in
the previous stage of the hole (2), the outer periphery of the vibrating cone (3) is attached to the
speaker body (7)倣 倣 ((取 付 取 付 取 付 の 取 付 (8) F − F F (5) 装着〕 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論 勿
論 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論 勿 論As shown, the optical element (5) may be provided
separately from the speaker. 2-Furthermore, a projector A is disposed behind the through hole
(4) so that light from the projector A passes through the through hole (4), and a screen B is
placed in front of the optical element (5) If m-1 is arranged, the light from the light projector A
which has passed through the subject (6) is focused and projected onto the screen B through the
same element (as a result, the screen (B) of the subject (6)). An image is obtained. Then, since the
voice output from an amplifier or the like (not shown) is attached to the speaker, the #C
excitation cone (3) vibrates to emit sound by one note, but this four cones (3) The mounted
subject (6) also follows the vibration of the vibrating cone (3), and the image projected on the
screen B is thus synchronized with the sound emitted by the vibrating cone (3) to the sound
pressure waveform. It will be an exercise of 1 + 5 degrees.
Here, the optical element (5) shown in FIG. 2 uses a concave mirror (5r instead of the convex / z
in FIG. 1 and receives the light reflected thereby, and can project the screen BVCltll on the plane
jJ! (57 '(can be changed to a prism. And the like. 3-As described above, the ball (2) has a through
hole (4) penetrating from the back to the vibrating cone L31911 as described above, and the
vibrating cone (3) is made to correspond to the through hole (4) Since this is a speaker to which
(6) is attached, an optical element (5) such as a convex lens is disposed in front of the subject (6),
and an image is displayed on the screen B etc. if light from the projector A etc. is suspected. It is
possible to connect, and this change is close to the fluctuation of the subject (6) that vibrates in
response to the output from the amplifier etc., and as a result, the listener is a moving abstract of
the sound f etc. You can enjoy the coordination of the senses and the impressions you hold
through your vision. Furthermore, in the present invention, a vibrating cone (a force (6) is
provided to the force, and unlike a lens or the like, it is sufficient to attach a lightweight one, so a
shadow J is given to the vibration of the same 7 (3). Even if there is no paperback to reduce all,
or even if the optical element f (5) is not placed in place, by placing the light # in place, M # of
the picture such as shadow picture on the desired screen Even if it produces "Ttft = 4-'j: 'is O
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