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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings illustrate an embodiment of the present
invention and are a partial cutaway perspective view of an air horn according to the present
invention. In the drawing, 1 indicates a conduit, 2 indicates a fitting portion for the ear, 3
indicates a spherical enlarged portion, 4 indicates a spherical inner chamber, and 5 indicates a
connecting plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the invention of
an air horn, and is intended to provide an air horn capable of providing soft listening of sound
quality. A means to allow only the listener to listen to the target voice 'without leaking the sound
of radio, stereo, television, etc. to the outside in the sound and being disturbed by the external
noise. In the place where there is a source such as a voice or the like, a source of voice etc. is
attached to the end of the front part connected with a plug to the Lfc horn jack with a fitting t16t
for the ear to form a target f voice etc. Can be listened to by a specific listener. However, 0) 5 二
2 3 θ yo for such an air horn. Depending on the sound quality content such as music and
speech, the sound quality may be sharp and mild listening, but generally it will be fitted to the
left and right ears to take @. In the plum air horn of the present invention, it is recognized that
the right and left separation can not be obtained due to the preferable relationship, etc. The
present draft is devised to solve all the disadvantages of the conventional one as described above,
and the concrete embodiment 'ft attached drawings will be described as described above. The
plug rod 10 for connecting to a horn jack provided at a source such as a stereo and the
connection body 6 for chesting the control knob 7 are branched so that two connecting portions
11 are aligned side by side. The air horns fl12t1.1, which are formed and coupled to each other
at about each connection = t11. 11, are tubes made of a material such as vinyl, aluminum, etc. It
is a well-known retrogression that the fitting part 2.2 with respect to the ear is formed at the end,
and in this both pipe lines 1.1, the middle part is connected in parallel, and it is possible 5 parts
of connecting plate formed in close position Although it is not shown in the figure that it is
branched at a position where the 袈 -2 and 2 are oppositely positioned, it is not shown in the
figure, but in the present invention V, the connecting plate 6 part in such a conduit 1.1. The
spherical inner chamber number is formed in rb 琢 shaped s3 ', and the thickness of this
spherical inner chamber 4 is generally 1.7 to 3 times as large as that of the inner pipe of pipe 1.
Is the inner diameter of 2 times. Wholesale When such a device according to the present
invention as described above, the crawling alley 1 is included * in the globular interior room 4 as
a member of the siege sound created, interfered with the transfer prayer or appropriately It will
be softened to light, and it will be able to form an easy-to-listen sound plague-like condition that
can be mitigated to the conventional IC rf sound quality sharpness tV effect such as vertical
connection This is a verification (3) that can be confirmed experimentally, and that the right and
left separation relationship is also made appropriate, and can be obtained by listening with a
preferred air horn (3). Also, by selecting the branched position direct dk of both conduits, the
appearance is good and there is no such thing as special history Wc 隘 吾 in handling, and it is
possible to effectively obtain sound software like @h pi etc. It is possible to obtain action effects.
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