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Description of Invention
Method of manufacturing speaker diaphragm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a loudspeaker diaphragm. In general, the diaphragms for speakers described
above have (1) good efficiency and good transient response characteristics, (2) small thin plate
mass and large Young's modulus, (3) firmness in handling, Etc. are required. In order to meet the
above requirements, the speaker diaphragm has been conventionally produced by various
manufacturing methods, but as its material, it is required to be a dog having a value of E (Young's
modulus) / A (density) Bet lJ thulium Be), 4-tan (, TL), aluminum (AJ). Holon (B) is used. Among
the materials for the above speaker diaphragms, beryllium is most suitable as a material that
satisfies the Young's modulus and other various conditions, but beryllium is difficult to be rolled
and is generally required as a thin plate by vapor deposition. I'm getting stuff. However, in this
case, (1) the porous film and the value of 4 become low, (2) there is a tendency for directionality
failure due to crystal growth to occur, and (3) problems with durability and corrosion. There is an
EndPage: 1 that causes troubles, etc. In order to improve the brittleness of helilium by the abovementioned vapor deposition method, (1) a beryllium (Be) -aluminum (A- ') alloy deposited instead
of beryllium, (2) titanium (TA), aluminum (A1) And so on are pressed in the form of a thin
diaphragm of 10 μm, and Helilium (Be) etc. is deposited on it, etc. 9 has been proposed, but in
the case of the above (1), it is difficult I can not get the repeatability. (2) is disadvantageous in
that it is susceptible to thermal deformation during beryllium deposition and that the
characteristics of beryllium are impaired due to the use of titanium and aluminum as a base. The
present invention has been made in view of the above-described point, and is a diaphragm for a
speaker having mechanical strength and excellent acoustic characteristics by using a thin plate
having a laminated structure and performing heat treatment suitable for the thin plate. The
purpose is to provide a manufacturing method of Hereinafter, to explain one embodiment of the
present invention, when used as a diaphragm that is easy to form and does not impair the
characteristics of beryllium, it is about 40 μm with a tweeter from the viewpoint of its
mechanical strength. And a thickness of around 60 μm is required. In the present invention,
aluminum is first deposited to a thickness of 05 .mu.m on a desired diaphragm original, and then
IJjJ is deposited to a thickness of 9 .mu.m. In the same manner, vapor deposition is repeated four
times in the order of aluminum (05 μm) and beryllium (9 μm) described above, and aluminum
is vapor-deposited in a thickness of 05 μm in the final layer.
The diaphragm of the multilayer structure prepared as described above has a thickness of 385
μm, of which the thickness of helium is 36 μm, the thickness of aluminum is 25 μm, and the
weight percentage is about 10 in consideration of the specific gravity. %included. Further, the
diaphragm of the laminated structure of aluminum and beryllium prepared in the above steps is
fired at 500 to 700′C for about 25 to 35 minutes in an inert gas (for example, Arcon (Ar) gas),
Alloying occurs at the aluminum-beryllium interface to obtain a diaphragm having mechanical
strength. According to the present invention described above, it is possible to control each
component independently by interposing an aluminum-ram in the helirium film, and a diaphragm
with good reproducibility can be formed. Still, since the crystal growth of beryllium is suppressed
and the surface is covered with aluminum and aluminum when the fragility due to directionality
disappears, a diaphragm with good corrosion resistance is obtained. In the above description of
the embodiment, the laminated thin plate of nine layers of aluminum and beryllium is described,
but the number of laminations described above is not limited to the above-described
embodiment, and when it is carried out, As much as possible, the effect of alloying is as thick as
possible with the multi-layer configuration. In addition, although the above-mentioned practical
example and the example have a laminated structure of beryllium (Be) -aluminum (AJ), the
beryllium (Be) -titanium (T.), beryllium (Be) -holon (B) The same effects as those of the abovedescribed embodiment can be obtained with the laminated structure of the above. As described
above, according to the present invention, two materials are laminated by vapor deposition to
form a thin plate having a multilayer structure, and the thin plate is fired in an inert atmosphere
to alloy the interface of the 21ifj material. As a result, it is possible to provide a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm having excellent mechanical strength and acoustic
characteristics. Patent Applicant Akai Electric Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Kawagoe-Pa EndPage:
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