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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a conventional sound image
enlarging sound reproducing device, FIG. 2 is a frequency characteristic diagram of synthesized
sound of main signal and sub signal of the same device, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a schematic view of a
sound image enlarging sound reproducing apparatus in one embodiment, and FIG. 4 is a
frequency characteristic diagram of a reverb speaker of the same apparatus. 10
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Magnet, 13, 23, 33 и и и и и и
Center ball, 14, 24, 34 и и и и и и и Voice coil, i5, 25. . 35 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Bobbin, 16 ░ 26. 36
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Damper, 29, 39 иии ...? ???????
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention uses a double speaker and
can give an atmosphere in which a sound image expands in three dimensions when a listener
listens to a monaural audio signal sound emitted from the speaker. A sound image expansion
sound reproducing apparatus is provided. First, FIG. 1 shows a conventional apparatus for the
purpose of obtaining the above-mentioned sound image enlargement effect. In FIG. 1, the main
monaural signal is supplied from 1 which is the source, 1 is manually operated by the adder 4.5
VrC, and the fan 2 is also the signal delaying circuit 2 (the second In 1), the signal is input to the
analog signal delay element j3BD). The delay circuit 2 delays the signal by mS-late 10 ms, and as
a delay sub signal, one is input to the adder 4 via the phase inverter 3, and the other is input to
the adder 5 and mixed with the main monaural signal. These mixed signals are amplified to such
an extent that they can drive the speakers 8 and 9 by the power amplifier 6.7, are simultaneously
emitted from the speaker 8.9, and become a sound to be heard by the listener. Next, the reason
why the sound emitted from these two speakers 8 and 9 exerts an effect of expanding the sound
image on the listener! (We will talk about An element V that can hear the sound but can
determine the direction of the sound source, and (1) differences in the intensity of the sound
reaching both ears, and (2) the phase and the like of the sound reaching both ears are also
explained There is. Therefore, when the intensity of the sound reaching both ears and the phase
are equal, it is felt that the d source is true 3 E surface 1 'c, and when the intensity of the sound
to both ears is different, the direction and intensity of the sound are strong. At different times 1.
The sound image is localized in the direction of the ear in phase. If this development is used,
phase: tilj + J'll, or sound pressure 37 (by performing control, it is possible to carry out 1-illi
wholesale of sound localization. In the prior art shown in FIG. 1, the main monaural signal and
the delayed sub-signal obtained through the delay circuit are divided into two halves, mixed in
reverse phase, and sounded from two speakers. ing. In this case, the two speakers 8.9 are marked
'J n and the signal 4i shown in FIG. In FIG. 2, the symbols ? and ? indicate the f characteristics
when the main monaural signal and two delayed sub-signals of opposite phases are respectively
mixed, and the mixed signal having this custom-made signal is the speaker 8, 9 ? и ?Be done. As
can be understood from FIG. 2, the peak tips of both names are contradictory, and the main
monophonic signal to be the source! The sound from the twelve speakers will be changed by one
phase for the agency. As a result, the direction of sound 1 water changes when 1 j, and the
listener recognizes the size of the sound image. By the way, one movement of the delay circuit 2
in FIG. 1 is ascribed to the increase in the sense of sound image distance due to the delay signal
Ullic, and the principle described in the prior art, that is, the comforter who recognizes the
distance of the listener Are based on 6 indirect sounds "N # 1-O ratio 7 apa" 1) 6 n 4 1;
Therefore, there are two factors that entrust the effect of the sound image enlargement
apparatus, one of which is the phase effect, the sound pressure effect ((the enlargement effect by
(the other one is the central increase effect by the addition of indirect sound is there. From the
above reasoning, the legal expansion effect by the monaural signal is that the direct sound and
the two indirect sounds whose m5-d ten ms late relative to the direct sound should be emitted in
opposite phases of each other. Recognize. In view of the above points, the present invention has
an electric circuit (any of delay circuit 2, phase inverter 3, adders 4, 6 and power amplifiers 6, 7)
in an example i'c. (1) It is possible to determine the expansion effect of the sound J by adding a
mechanism to the speaker without using it. An embodiment of the present invention will be
discussed below with reference to FIG. Back to FIG. 3, reference numeral 10 is a speaker, and the
speaker 1o includes a magnetic circuit consisting of a yoke 11, a magnet 12 and a center ball 13,
a bobbin 16 on which a voice coil 14 is wound, and a hobin 16 One consists of a supporting
damper 16 and a cone 17 connected to the bobbin 16; 2o, 5o (i ..- ..
ut..about..about..about ............ of this reverb speaker Bobbin bobbin 25.35, damper
26.36 supporting the hovin 25.35, cone 27.37, damper 28 ░ 38 supporting the cone 27.37,
bobbin 26.35 and cone 27.37 It is composed of a computer 29/39. The operation of the IJ herb
speaker 20.30 is as follows. Voice coil 24, 341'll: When a signal is applied, this signal is vibrated
and then a hoh: /25.35 vibrates. This vibration is transmitted to the spring 29.39, reaches the
cone 27.37, and vibrates the cone 27.37. That is, the movement of the bobbin 25 ░ 36 is
delayed by 7 seconds, transmitted to Ko / 27.37, and the cone 2 is completed, and 37 is delayed,
the sweat is emitted from tl. The signal applied to the input terminal 4o is branched via the
resistor 41, one of which is connected to the ten terminals of the reverb speaker 20, and the
other one of which is the + terminal of the speaker 10. Applied to the The free stream added to
the reverb speaker 2o is added to one terminal of the other reverb speaker 30 from the one
terminal through the voice coil 24 and is added to the voice coil 34 of this reverb speaker 30,
and both the reverb speakers 20 ░ 30 It operates in the opposite phase.
42. : I above the speaker 0. Attach the reverb speaker 20.30 to the al-Hanoll board. In the above
embodiment, the direct sound is emitted from the speaker o, the indirect sound delayed directly
from g is emitted from the reverb speaker 20.30, and the indirect sound does not have the
opposite phase of the backward sound, and the sound image is enlarged. It is The fourth a shows
the reverberation of the above-mentioned reverb speaker 20.30, +8 f, and b shows the frequency
nature of the proper speaker. In addition, the third. + JVc ? и Resistance 641 is a speaker. Adjust
the ratio of direct sound to indirect sound 'D' by adjusting the ratio of the current flowing to the
reverb speaker 20.30 to the A by setting the resistor 41 to A. The perceived depth of the sound
image can be adjusted. As described above, according to the present invention, since the delay
element of Bt3J4 is not used, an inexpensive sound image enlargement and reproduction
apparatus can be considered.
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