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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing an embodiment of the present
invention, wherein FIG. 1 a shows a cross sectional structure and FIG. 1 b is a plan view cut along
the line A-A in FIG. FIG. 2 is a view showing an embodiment of a method of manufacturing a
surface plate constituting the diaphragm of the present invention. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и adhesive.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure and
materials of the loudspeaker version 1711 version. In the speaker diaphragm of the speaker, if
deformation or divided vibration occurs during vibration, the frequency # characteristics,
distortion characteristics, phase characteristics, etc. are degraded, and faithful reproduction can
not be expected. Not required -92 '>' y1) 9). In order to prevent the deformation and divided
vibration of the diaphragm, and to obtain a speaker with a wide reproduction range and little
distortion, the diaphragm is made of a material with a large specific elastic modulus, and the
thickness of the cross section is It is necessary to increase the bending rigidity. Bending: If the
thickness of the diaphragm is simply increased in order to enhance the j quality, the quality of
the speaker increases and the efficiency of the speaker as a whole decreases. Therefore, due to
the structure of the speaker, vibration of honeycomb structure, sandwich structure, etc. The
board was previously contracted. On the other hand, aluminum, titanium, two, cru, etc. were
conventionally used as materials for forming these configurations, so the specific elastic modulus
of the material was low, and a high-performance diaphragm could not be obtained. The present
invention, as described above, solves the above-mentioned drawbacks. The object of the present
invention is to provide a high-performance honeycomb # 1 plate having a honeycomb structure.
As described above, even if a diaphragm having such a structure is made of aluminum, titanium,
nickel or the like conventionally used, the specific elastic modulus of the material is low, so the
high 4! i, I could not get anything good. Among the materials currently available, the one with
high specific modulus is carbon. Carbon has a large change in specific modulus depending on its
crystalline state, but Young's modulus depending on the manufacturing method! It has been
confirmed by the inventors that the characteristics of = 9,000 / 1 density ? = 1.52 / 8 and
specific elastic modulus X / = = 6 X 1 G ? ? can be obtained. This ratio is four times larger than
that of beryllium and boron, which are said to have a large specific modulus, and the specific
modulus is about 1.5 О 10 am, and the density ? is beryllium). If a diaphragm having such a
structure is made of a carbon film having an advantage that the thickness of the carbon film can
be increased by forming the diaphragm, it is possible to provide a speaker having excellent VC
excellent characteristics unlike before. Hereinafter, an embodiment of a speaker diaphragm
according to the present invention will be described in accordance with the drawings. Fig. 1 is an
enlarged view of a part of a diaphragm having a honeycomb structure according to an
embodiment of the present invention ( L) The figure shows a cross section of the diaphragm, and
the figure b shows a cross section cut at a single point ridge line A-m in the IL figure 15 qL and
the shape seen from the front. 1st 2I a's V In this, 1 is 4)!
Integral carbon of vM type bQ type и и Table 1 plate ? F и k from ?? F, 2 has a hexagonal
unevenness, and is formed into a honeycomb shape by 4 square wood such as aluminum
material In the middle plate 1g, the inside 1ii Buddha 2 is joined to 1 ? ? ? 1 of the two face
plates 1.1. It is preferable to carry out this joining means by one dimension, in terms of
manufacture, with '# adhesive 3. Also, although a method of manufacturing the face plate 1
which is made of a single piece of continuous carbon 6b is described in detail, it is preferable to
be graphitized. Thus hand 1. 2.) The made swing plate can obtain its tomb 1j property by the
high elasticity and high strength of the face plate 1 ░ 1 and the outer 1j property in the vertical
direction by the honeycomb plate 2 of & i: i It will be put to good use. Incidentally, the
intermediate plate 2 can also be constituted by an integral molding of carbon having continuity
similarly to the surface plate 1, but in this case, it is constituted by the intermediate plate 2 made
of the aluminum material shown in the above embodiment. It is better to form it as a one-piece
integral type of carbon, which is higher in it and machinability, and preferably both are
continuous. FIG. 2 is a view for explaining a method of manufacturing the surface plate 1 and is
formed into a predetermined diaphragm shape (cone-type diaphragm in the figure) with 4, 5 and
up type, lower type in the figure. He looks at the convex and concave surfaces. 6 is a plastic film
to be the face plate 1; 7 is a flange for fixing the periphery of the plastic film 6 to the lower mold
5; 8 is a screw for tightening the 7 runge T. Then, a thin plastic film 6 is tensioned to the lower
mold 5 to a degree of + c%, a flange ? is placed thereon, and a screw 8 is crimped to fix it. Next,
place the upper 5. 4 on the lower mold 5 and hold the plastic film 6 at 1-1 with the lower Mi 5.
In this case, the plastic film 6 is not sufficiently deformed by only one risk of the upper mold 4,
and the force is applied to the lower mold 5 to apply pressure to the lower mold 5. This condition
is placed in the furnace and heated in air or in ff1 (f) atmosphere. 7111 heat conditions Fi
Although it changes with ? 1 of the plastic film to be used, even if (1, combination of
acrylonitrile resin is 220 to 230 ░ C 3 to 30 o'clock-), polyimide system resin is 400 to 500 ░ C
In 3-301 Mamoru: и ++, it is good to heat the sword. Since this plastic p film 6 is subjected to a
tensile force by this blade p heat, the shape of the diaphragm is shaped into a skeleton, and a
carbonized skeleton is completed. : Il! Even if you take it out, it retains its original shape without
deformation. Also, under tensile force, the Young's modulus is greatly improved when the
molecular alignment is aligned and carbonized or graphitized.
J-formed plastic, Kufilm 6 is removed from the mold 4 ░ 5 # mG-+! 'Make 7Jll ripen and
carbonize up to 1200 ░ C with an atmospheric furnace width. In this state, the Young's modulus
of the carbonized film is 10000 K, around F / i, and this spread is acceptable, but it is even more
sexual! In order to heat, graphitize by heating 7Jll at 200 [1-2800 ?. The W complexed stable at
2800 ░ C., the Young's modulus rises at QQOOO / 1. In this way, a face plate 1 made of a singlepiece product of carbon is obtained, but the method of producing the face plate 1 has been
described above and is also referred to as chemical vapor deposition (pvn method), hydrocarbon
Alternatively, carbon obtained by thermal decomposition of a gas may be Jk ?. The above
described the manufacturing method of the face plate 1, however, it can be obtained by adding +
and k also to the intermediate plate 2 made of a carbon integral body having continuity [). That
is, hexagonal concavities and convexities may be formed on the surfaces of the concave cell and
the convex part of the upper die 4 and the F die 5 according to the above-described method of
the six-fold board 1. As described above, in the speaker Kawaden f1 plate having a honeycomb
structure composed of the surface plate 1 and the intermediate plate 2, the surface plate 1 is
formed of a single piece of carbon moistened with a series of positive and negative edges. The
present invention with the @ value can be easily manufactured, can prevent partial vibration, and
can widen the frequency band again. Naturally, according to the present invention, the shape of
the intermediate & 2 in the shape, The embodiment VC is not limited and should be applied to all
conventionally known shapes. In addition to carbonized or 1ig-leaded plastic films of reverse
cocoon that has been carried out according to Table 11-like 1 and implemented into 1 и 1,
inorganic plastics and organic materials are added to this plastic film, and their powders.
Alternatively, the one containing the foamed powder may be carbonized or graphitized. 4 and 1
of the non-stop description of the surface 671 Figure 1 is a real friend 1 of the present invention
is a small piece 1 a, showing a cross section [6 Figure is a diagram of the button 2 is a plan view
of the cross section 1 cut down, and FIG. 2 is a view not showing an embodiment of a method of
mounting a face plate for carrying a swing plate according to the present invention. 1 ... surface
plate 2 ... intermediate plate 3 ... adhesive 0 f '. ? Fig. 1 (b) 1 (a) 2 '32 to 8 = = 2 "i = 2 to 2 = J" =-8
13 second cause иии, ?, 8 8 и и и и и ?) 72 и N N 3 и и ?? ? 7 и и 7. 1, f fJ ? ? # agent # To Hideo
Kanno y 6, the other inventor or utility model applicant (1) Invention 2 B. I IFR Tokyo O. 61
Omori 'i 4 T [115 Scented Omorikou / Ionai Pioneer Co., Ltd. Name in the Omori factory Kei 15 O
No. 4 Ocori Ota-ku, Tokyo Oomori ward Oomori Kooku Pioneer Co., Ltd. Omori factory Koze Kitsu
Noiichi Name: YOKOZUKIN Shin-Ota-ku, Ota-ku, Tokyo 4-chome 15th 53fL1 ? ? B-Pioneer Inc.
Name in Omori Factory Toshikazu Yoshino Address Name (2) Utility model registration applicant
address (location) name (name) representative I l place (location) name (name) representative ?
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