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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm, FIG. 2 is
a cross-sectional view of an edge portion of the diaphragm, and FIG. 3 is a partially enlarged view
of the diaphragm. A is a part with a large amount of fiber, B is a part with a small amount of
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sheet made of
paper for use in a loudspeaker diaphragm. From 1 / C, the diaphragm is made of a frustum-coneshaped paper net or a sheet made of paper is punched into a fan and pasted together to form a
frusto-conical shape create. Alternatively, they may be directly molded into a burdock round jade
cedar and punched out. However, in the former, the process is troublesome and the cost is high,
and in the latter the peripheral part of the diaphragm and supporting plate and the peripheral
part of the notification are the same, so the peripheral part becomes harder than the former, and
the lowest resonance frequency & fO Is high. If the amount of oil is reduced to reduce the
amount of oil, the stiffness of the abdominal portion of the diaphragm decreases, and the high
range becomes insufficient, which causes an abnormal sound. There are a variety of 111
problems to produce 1, 頽 -I Lida 2 excellent 礒 ・ 助 4 or 5 using the sheet-like paper thus
made. Hon-Kuri is designed to solve the above-mentioned quadruple, and if this is described with
reference to the embodiment shown in FIG. The formed sheet-like paper is divided into small
parts of a hexagonal shape, and alternated into a part with a large amount of fiber A and a part
with a small amount of fiber (this is divided into parts. The catalyst as shown in FIG. 3 is
dewatered and compressed and dried in a heating mold after dehydration. The sheet thus
completed is punched into a fan shape and formed into a frusto-conical shape to produce the
tapping diaphragm of FIG. The lower part of the diaphragm is heated to the lower part of the
fiber B, and the higher part of the fiber A is the second part of the column to reinforce the frustoconical structure. In the periphery of the diaphragm, especially at the edge, the fiber A and the
fiber B are connected to each other as shown in Fig. 2, but B ,; Stiffness of the edge is reduced by
sono, and the third lowest resonance frequency fO can be lowered. The present proposal, which
is a moving plate for loudspeakers, is constructed as described above. Therefore, compared with
conventional paper making with uniform fiber content, the loudspeakers using the invented
diaphragm have a leap of magnitude compared with the loudspeaker G made by using the
diaphragm made of I. The lowest resonance frequency fO is improved, and furthermore, the belly
portion of the diaphragm has a large amount of fiber portion A and the stiffness is large, so that
the rigidity as a structure can be obtained. The present proposal is as described above (this is a
series of sheets for a vibrating base plate made of steel, but it is divided into a hexagonal cedarlike Q small part and has a large amount of fiber A and a small amount of fiber Because it is
divided into eight parts, when it is used as a diaphragm, the purpose of each part of the
diaphragm is to be used for 6 years to demonstrate the effectiveness of the division, for I period
loudspeakers It is a diaphragm.
In FIG. 3, although it is divided into hexagonal small parts, circular or polygonal small parts may
be divided into three parts. The diaphragm of the fourth proposal can be used not only for a
loudspeaker but also for an electroacoustic transducer such as a microphone. 4, the brief
description of the drawing 141j Figure 1 shakes; ljl! Han's! Shield view Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional
view of the edge portion of the diaphragm Fig. 3 is a partial enlarged view of the diaphragm A is
a fiber -1: a portion with a lot of waste B ' Condyle Onkyo Co., Ltd. 6 11 force □ A ′ ′ Pano, · in
wards] Σ? ヱ E 倉 31 31 fl ^ ^ / \ 考 案 46 Inventors other than the above (1) inventor address
Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa City Nisshincho 2nd No. 1 Onokiyo Co., Ltd. □, Lii Helo name) Lee
Inj. Fl, 11 tablets -4 l 4 / (/ 41 police
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