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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of a
stereo circuit of the present invention. 1 ap 1 b иии и и и Input terminal, 2 и и и Mixing circuit 1.3 a, 3
b и и и и First changeover switch, 4 ag 4 b и и и и и и Tone circuit, 5 a p 5 b и и и ... Variable resistor, 6ap
6b ииииии Amplifier, 7at 7b ииииииии Speaker, 8ap 8b иии Resistor, 9ae '9b ииииииии Capacitor, 10a, 10b иии ....
Second changeover switch.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo circuit
provided with a mixing circuit for mixing two-channel signals, and a stereo circuit suitable for
eliminating the insufficient t-S at low frequencies in low frequency. It relates to a circuit. O и
(Height-13 ? ? stereo by using a mixing circuit using a filter that uses the conventional highfrequency range of stereo feeling as the pass band, to increase the stereo feeling even when the
distance between the left and right speakers is narrow The circuit has the disadvantage that it
produces a lack of low frequency sound at low volume. The present invention has been made in
view of the above, and its object is to provide a stereo circuit which can increase the total volume
of low frequency at low volume. The feature of the present invention is that a series circuit kffi of
a resistor and a capacitor is connected between an arbitrary position of the variable resistor for
adjusting the volume and the ground, and a resistor and a capacitor in series, respectively. If it is
not convenient, a means for shorting is provided, and when the mixing circuit is not used, the
capacitors do not work at all, but when using the mixing circuit, the capacitor is not transmitted
through the capacitors. The signal of his number is bypassed, and the volume of the low
frequency is increased. The present invention will now be described in detail by way of example
illustrated in the drawings. The figure is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the stereo
circuit of the present invention. In the figure, 1 @ n left channel signal input ladder, 1b is a right
channel signal human power skin, 2 is a left and right two channel signal total mixing A mixing
circuit which outputs all two mixed signals, a first changeover switch 3a, 5b # 'X input signal
itself or 10,000s selected from among mixed signals, 4?, 4b are tone circuits. 5? and 5A are
variable resistors for adjusting the volume t, 6? and 6b are amplifiers% 7an left speakers, and
7A are speakers, which are connected as shown. By the way, in the present invention, the
variable resistor sa, a series circuit of the n resistor 8? and the capacitor 9? between the
middle point (may be any position other than the middle point) and the ground, the resistor 8b
and the capacitor 10th changeover switch which connects a series circuit with 9b and further
shorts the capacitors 9?, 9b when the mixing circuit 2 is not used, ie, when the first changeover
switch 5a, 3 + 6 is turned on ?HAIQ & c The second changeover switch 10 (E, 10.6 is provided)
to delay 5 G, 54 by 1 иии 851 ииии. According to the embodiment of the present invention, t'L is used
as a normal stereo circuit, that is, the first changeover switch 3?, 5b is inserted into the ?
contact ga and the input terminal If the left and right channel signals input to 1a and 1b are
input to the speakers 7a and 74 without going back to the mixing circuit 2, the second
changeover switches 10? and 10b are also closed by the ? contact 1111K, so capacitors 9?
and 94F1 Even if the adjustment position of the short circuited n% town change resistor 5?, 5b
changes, the frequency characteristic does not change.
However, when mixing left and right channel signals using the mixing circuit 2 in order to
increase the sense of stereo, the first changeover switches Aa and 5b are turned on at the bcontact side, but in this case that f'L Since the second changeover switch 10?, 10ji is also turned
to the b contact side in conjunction with the operation, when the adjustment position of the
variable resistor 5?, 5b is set to the small volume 9111 VC, the n-t'rt resistor 8?, Since the high
frequency signal is bypassed through the direct 1j circuit t consisting of the capacitor 9?, the
resistor Bb, and the capacitor 9b, the volume of the low frequency is increased and the noise is
good. Stereo feeling t- can be obtained. As described above, according to the present invention,
since the volume of low frequency is increased at the time of low volume, a good stereo feeling
without unnaturalness can be obtained, and the remarkable effects of A and 6 can be obtained.
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