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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a part of a
conventional ribbed speaker cone, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a partial cross section of a
cocoon, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a piece used for the cocoon. 4 is a sectional view
taken along line B-B in FIG. 3, FIG. 5 is a sectional view taken along line AA in FIG. 3, and FIG. 6 is
a sectional view of a speaker cone papermaking tank used for explaining the present invention. 7
is a partial cross-sectional perspective view of a speaker cone obtained by the grid according to
the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a cross-sectional view showing the separates of FIG. 5 of FIG.
5 used for explaining the present invention. FIG. 10 is a cross-sectional view of a piece showing
another example of the present invention. 1, speaker cone 2 rib 3 rib mesh 4 through hole 6 tank
9 valve 10 water drainage hole 11 mixed with fiber water 13 conventional piece 14 spacing 18
of the present invention piece 15 through hole 17 II'i space part.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is Lip 9171: Speaker Lip y4em11i! Affixing
punched metal to 9.41 in a 漉 S for working circle 1) Attaching and sticking a vertical line 漉 漉
空 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け l l 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 け 設 けSince
the installation of <91 (2) shown from 111 m to the outer wall of the speaker cone (1) from now
on, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of vibration and the like IIKL, and the speaker cone is
5 to 4 m. How to make a disgusting speaker cone A method of making a speaker cone with no lip
at paper IIA and making a speaker cone with a mirror II (2) A method of pasting 11 parts is
known. However, the density t of the thinned part is less than & cir & <2i) 4 & is pressed by & lt;
& gt; ”J! There is no l-characterism, so there are few phrases as a lip (2), and it is more
complicated to apply a cement paste and the dentition is wrinkled. In order to do this, we have
proposed a method for obtaining a towed turtle speaker in a paper box self process. This method
will be described next. A large number of small holes t + punching metal such as 2A is formed in
a cone shape. When 4 (38) is formed in 漉 jll (3), it is formed in a wrought cone shape in A and is
directed to F '147 j of a charged punching metal. And subdivision form the same four ribs of ribs.
44 (14) Place and put pieces (15) t "side by side. One piece a of this piece is shown in o 6 o
These six pieces of the piece are 11 'C of the cone-shaped leash and one 9 hole of the hole (15)
1-S &' & & # 4 years old 4-, made with gold, 4 flour mandarin orange, or urea system 11114 is
the 21st 4111il I # arrow line view in Fig. 5 d 2- 4 + llk, but these--(1S)--3) 2 (15 &) d
Loudspeaker height of the speaker cone does not have a penetration hole at 4 minutes and the
piece (16) is the central axis of the speaker (1 Fig. 2 # In) OO forms a gradient (16). The tank (6)
7) has a drainage port (10) at the end of the tank (6), and is a 'drainage port. The valve is
provided with a valve (9), fibers such as pulp f) mixed, t water (11) b) drain port (10) = 9 drained
V! , & & Rein (6), this speaker cone-like fiber is accumulated. The speaker cone is shown in an
off-section view of a section 4A of the speaker cone, which is dried and separated from the mesh
to obtain a rigged speaker cone Q, which can be illustrated in FIG. 41 g 1 in the above method. If
the through holes (4) of the weir 11 (S), which can form bakhtinda metal in a cone shape, and the
through holes (15) of the above-mentioned (1S), the apparatus shown in FIG. The moisture of one
fiber mixed water (11) passes through its through hole and the cocoon fiber is accumulated on it
[1 (11) K prefecture is accumulated, but the gap between the through hole of panten l metal andbina occurs In the case of m-up arrival fifth-same position lII both towns 1 and 8 shown in Fig. 8
when the hole (15 ') in the chest and the am road hole (4') are misaligned-the water flow Because
it will be worse that Kamiyama (1!
') In such a case where accumulation of lllll is not sufficient, ffl! With a drill etc. from the through
hole (15') of rice (16). 1 (3) through hole tt6 reshape-) hand? The necessary t9 results are to
obtain the am and Ql pieces which do not cause the defects as described above. The place where
the weight is to be held is formed in the shape of a new year's circle, and nine punching metal
walls are placed 14- which becomes a speaker lip, and 1 is added 4- and a coin punching metal
has an empty space of 11 and 11 parts K Details will be described by the figure. 9 years old is
the above-mentioned Fig. 5 year old 8 and the figure 8: The position of the position of the
master-1 and its piece (18) presents a book-0 in which the figure shows 1 f% of the through hole
(15) 11 [Define a space (17) with dust and the like. Then, when it can be fixed to the punching
metal (6) as described above, the through hole (15) of lI is for the space (17) K, and the sky 4
(17) is large. It is 04 that corresponds to one or more of the through holes (4) of the punching
metal. Figure 10 shows another example of the present invention. Space (17) is wide-area in area
91 #, and the above punching metal (3) and Im (19) to be fixed and fixed. It is formed in the
periphery S and its inner side is formed in a concave shape so that it is empty M (17) t4. When
this is done, all the through holes (15) of the cocoon correspond to the many through holes of
these nine priests (17 r punch / l metal (6). f11 shows 1 of the platform of the present invention,
in this case, the punching metal (6) and the four sides (19) of the self (15) are fixed and the circle
lIK at the part is 8 It forms the part (17 '). Punching metal can be made by JIIPc with a simple
press. When the sword is punched (16) to the punching metal, its periphery (19) K-the through
hole (15) of the pair is empty. (4 '17') the hole of the punching metal (4) K- Jl 0 As described
above, with the structure of the present invention, the pitch of the speaker 91 is set on the punch
/ l metal formed in the form of a circle 6 There is no need to align properly with the through
holes of Noda metal and through holes of the chest, and even if there is no rework such as J4 for
punching noda metal transfer HjVc from the through holes of tm foot alI4, all The piece's
through hole is 41 in Pantanda Metal's Harukan! ! 11 to obtain the number of manufacturing
steps of the tight loop KIiaiL. Figure 4 ‒ A planer view of WA WAI Figure 1 is a perspective view
showing a part of a conventional rib-sized speaker cone Figure 7 o 4 of the piece is ≦ 5 B cross
section arrow of Figure 5 d ≦, Figure 5 A is a 6 o'clock ー ム ー ム 矢 ー ム 6 figure is the parent
wing of the present invention (providing the ninth speaker cone The # view of the filter paper
tank, t7-1 is a perspective view of the speaker cone 1511 according to the present invention, and
8-1 of the speaker cone is a rounded end 5A of the non-inventive arrangement.・ す 5 爾 1.
Figure 9 is an even of the present invention; ijotj, the tenth evil shows another example of the
present invention # view (1) of the piece is the speaker cone (2) 91 (3) a class (4) transparent In
the hole (6), the tank (9) has a valve (10) d drainage hole (11)-6-7 l water (13) d vertical piece
14) dJ 14 (1 i 1) is the invention Piece (15) is through hole 17)! 2g female, Riru · Patent
applicant Nippon COMUMBIA stock gold company agent Senri Yamaguchi-beauty 47 first "稙?
1んO71く;シームコ−1719″・ダゴ °ン°・°3 °°″°・・39! -One, ') Fig.
47 book 1? 19 /' + 3 "'W + jQ-it is j !,', Fig. 151? -Q- 'one-two-one. 11 /-one-? , 3 419 '. 4.) This 'f
B' Is "0"-(4) り で 47 1 七 7 → → \ / 719 1 13151 、, 7 −19 “, 3 罐 Y & other inventor's
address Kanagawa-ken”; m 葡 ’'cimW's No. 1 Hundred 1 Columbia Co., Ltd. ji & Em Name
Kenkichi Matsubara ~ f Terra) 22 /
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