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1 、 Name of invention
Vibration system support
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vibration system
support for an acoustic transducer, and in particular, an object of the present invention is to
obtain a vibration system support for an acoustic transducer having excellent durability.
Heretofore, vibration support for an acoustic transducer, for example, an edge and a damper for
a speaker have been obtained by impregnating a woven fabric of cotton or silk with a
thermosetting resin such as a phenol resin, and heating and pressing. Conventionally used
thermosetting resins such as phenol resin and melamine resin are hard and poor in toughness, so
they are crushed by long-time vibration and it is difficult to maintain initial performance
(stiffness). N-1 抛 IW: φ is equal, that is, there is a drawback that the stiffness of the edge and
damper changes during use, resulting in a change of the lowest resonance frequency as a
speaker. The object of the present invention is to improve the toughness by blending polyvinyl
butyral resin with a conventionally used thermosetting resin in order to ameliorate the
disadvantages of the conventional vibration-based support in which the stiffness changes during
use. It is intended to provide a vibration-based support that is durable, prevents changes in
stiffness, and is durable. The main point of the present invention is to add toughness to a
thermosetting resin with poor toughness by blending polyvinyl butyral resin. That is, the base
fabric can be selected from natural fibers such as cotton, silk and hemp, or woven or non-woven
fabrics of synthetic fibers such as tetron, nylon, aromatic polyamide (nomexus) and the like. As
thermosetting resin, resin liquid which blended polyvinyl butyral resin with resin chosen by the
purpose of use from phenol resin, melamine resin, epoxy resin etc. is prepared, it impregnates in
the above-mentioned base cloth, it is dried and EndPage: 1 Thereafter, it is heated, pressurized
and shaped to obtain a vibration system support. To adjust the stiffness, control the amount of
resin attached to the base fabric. When the resin amount is increased and flexibility is required,
the purpose can be achieved by blending a plasticizer in the resin liquid. Here, the blending
amount of polyvinyl butyral is suitably 5 to 50 × with respect to the thermosetting resin, and
preferably 10 to 30%. Also, the blending ratio of plasticizer / r! 1 to 10x is appropriate and
desirably 3 to 6y. As the plasticizer, it is possible to use 7-tal acid ester type, phosphoric acid
ester type, fatty acid ester type and the like singly or in combination of 2 to 3 types. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described. (1) Using an aromatic polyamide (nottox)
woven fabric as a base cloth and using a 050% alcohol solution of a phenol resin as a
thermosetting resin, using a 10x solution of polyvinyl butyral resin (a solvent of dolol or
methanol 1 Resin solution containing 1 volume ratio tfi solution) to be 1 on (both as nonvolatiles) with respect to the phenol resin, · · · f resin adhesion amount (as non-volatiles) relative
to the weight of the base fabric After impregnating so as to become 30 s, and pre-curing at 80 °
C. for 2 hours, pressure forming is carried out for 30 seconds at 2 Kg / CrrP pressure with a
190′CK heated mold to make a speaker damper.
(2) A cotton woven fabric is used as the base fabric, and a 50 M alcohol solution of a phenol resin
is used as a thermosetting resin, and a 203 volume solution of polyvinyl butyral resin (Doruol,
methanol 1: 1 ratio is added to this (A solvent) added to the phenolic resin at 20X (both as nonvolatiles) and 2 g (weight ratio to resin content) of diisodecyl phthalate and triphenyl phosphate
as plasticizers The compounded resin solution is used as an impregnated resin solution and
impregnated so that the non-volatile content is 205 with respect to the weight of the base fabric,
precured at 80 ° C. for 2 hours at 80 ° C., and then heated at 190 ° C. And press molding for
30 seconds to make a speaker edge. 6- Comparison of change of minimum resonance frequency
at the time of endurance test about the speaker (both aperture 15 Gn) K using the vibration
system support of the embodiment of the invention of the invention 0 according to the first
embodiment and the conventional product Indicates The test conditions were as follows:
electrical impedance phantom of the speaker, using a tone source as an input signal; 1000)
human power of 18 and 5 V at the speaker terminal pressure for 3 hours operation and 2 hours
of rest 10 times. From the figure, it can be seen that the change in the lowest resonance
frequency is about 155 for the conventional speaker and about 5% for the speaker using the
vibration system support of the embodiment of the present invention, and the present invention
has less change in initial performance than the conventional product. It is understood that the
durability is excellent. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to
obtain an excellent effect that it is possible to provide a durable vibration system support with
less change in initial performance.
4 is a graph for comparing the performance of the conventional speaker and the speaker
according to one embodiment of the present invention. Patent Applicant Nippon Columbia Co.,
Ltd. Sudoku 1 $ VEndPage: 2
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