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Description 1, title of the invention
Method of manufacturing diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm used in an acoustic device W such as a speaker, a microphone, etc.
In particular, a diffusion material having a high specific elastic modulus is diffused on the surface
to improve the rigidity and suitable. The present invention relates to a manufacturing method of
a diaphragm on which a concavo-convex turn is formed. In general, it is well known that, as the
curvature of the diaphragm is increased in rigidity, the nine distortion characteristics without
distortion caused when the diaphragm is vibrated are improved. In order to increase the flexural
rigidity of the diaphragm, the thickness of the diaphragm may be increased. However, if the
diaphragm is thickened, the mass is increased and the sensitivity is reduced. As another method
for enhancing the bending rigidity of the diaphragm, there is a method of forming a corrugation
or a method of providing unevenness on the surface of the diaphragm. When the corrugation is
inserted, the flexural rigidity in the circumferential direction of the diaphragm is increased, and it
is possible to prevent the vibration causing the circumferential deformation such as a bell
vibration. Further, if the surface is made uneven, the bending rigidity in the circumferential
direction and the longitudinal direction can be enhanced, and the strain characteristics can be
significantly improved. As another method for enhancing the flexural rigidity of the diaphragm, a
method is known in which the diaphragm is made of a material having a large specific elastic
modulus (E / p: E = Young's modulus, ρ = diaphragm density). Examples of materials having
large specific elastic modulus include beryllium and boron, but both of the materials have
processability EndPage: 1 In the present invention, the specific elastic modulus is large and it is
corrugated. That is, a diffusion material capable of enhancing the specific elastic modulus of the
diaphragm substrate by being diffused to the substrate having a relatively high specific modulus,
such as boron, is diffused to the diaphragm substrate to increase the specific elastic modulus. In
the process, a diffusion preventing film for reducing the diffusion amount of the diffusion
material is formed in a predetermined pattern on one side of the surface of the diaphragm
substrate, and the amount of diffusion on both surfaces of the diaphragm substrate is made
different. The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a diaphragm in which The
present invention will now be described in detail according to the drawings. First, as shown in
FIG. 1, one side of the surface of the diaphragm substrate 1 (in the figure, the inner side of the
diaphragm substrate 1) formed by pressing a titanium thin plate into a desired diaphragm shape
by pressing or other method The diffusion preventing film 2 is provided on the predetermined
pattern of the corrugation shape by means such as printing, coating and the like. Next, as shown
in FIG. 2, this diaphragm substrate is mixed with a mixed powder of boron powder 4 as a
diffusion material and an alkali metal such as potassium 5 in a container 3 made of a heat
resistant material such as alumina, carbon etc. 1 is embedded, the lid 6 is put, and it puts into a
heating furnace (not shown), and heats in the temperature range of 900 degreeC-13000C.
At this time, the inside of the heating furnace is 10-! It is desirable to set the degree of vacuum to
about Torr. The heating time is suitably about 1 minute to 30 minutes. When the heating
temperature is high, the heating time is short, and when the heating humidity is low, the time is
long. The boron of the diffusion material is diffused from the surface of the vibrating plate
substrate 1 by heating, and a compound layer such as TtB1 + TUB is formed on the surface of the
vibrating plate substrate 1 made of titanium. The specific elastic modulus of the diaphragm
substrate is significantly improved because it is about five times larger than the Young's modulus
of 11,000 kg / inm "of titanium. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the diaphragm near the
portion where the diffusion prevention film 2 is provided in the corrugation pattern. Since the
diffusion preventing film 2 of a predetermined pattern is provided on each of the pieces t'l
indicated by the arrow 7 in FIG. 3, the diffusion of boron is prevented by the film of the lacquer,
enamel, ink, etc. The diffusion amount of boron is smaller than that of the egg, and since the
diaphragm substrate 1 expands due to the diffusion of boron, the arrow 8 side extends more than
the arrow 7 side and is curved, as shown in FIG. Is made. By changing the pattern of the diffusion
preventing film 2, it is possible to similarly form an appropriate uneven pattern such as a
hexagon or a circle. As the diffusion material, silicon may be used in addition to boron, but the
performance is a little worse than when boron is used. In the above description, the method of
embedding the vibrational frlll plate substrate in the mixture of boron powder and alkali metal
and diffusing it was described, but in the mixed powder of boron powder, alkali metal carbonate
and carbon black The same effect can be obtained by embedding in water and processing 0. A
diffusion material such as boron powder may be applied to the surface of the diaphragm
substrate, and the diffusion material may be diffused by heating in an alkali metal gas. In this
case, there is a defect that the diaphragm substrate is easily deformed, and a countermeasure
against the deformation is required. The present invention is characterized in that the diaphragm
substrate is provided with a film for preventing the diffusion of the diffusion material, and the
amount of diffusion on the front and back of the diaphragm substrate is winged to provide
asperity. -Diffuse on the surface 'g! , '5! Method of coating on the entire surface, coating the
diffusion material on the other surface in the desired pattern of corrugation or asperity pattern,
and treating in alkali metal gas is also conceivable. When the powder is applied to a diaphragm
substrate, it is mixed with an organic binder, such as a lacquer or enamel, and in the experiments
of the inventors et al., The binder is decomposed by heating for diffusion treatment and the
diaphragm substrate surface is discolored. The amount of diffusion decreases with the housing,
and only a diaphragm which can not withstand use is obtained.
For this purpose, it is necessary to mix and apply it with a volatile solvent such as acetone. In this
case, the solvent is completely volatilized after application, and only the diffusion layer EndPage:
2 'remains, so touch It is difficult for the diffusion material to peel off and create a sweet, precise
pattern. Of course, it is not possible to apply a diffusion material in a predetermined pattern in
the state of a thin plate before being formed into a diaphragm substrate, and then to form a
diaphragm substrate by pressing later. Because of these drawbacks, it is not practical to apply the
diffusion material in a predetermined pattern to form asperities. Since the method of the present
invention provides a diffusion preventing film of a predetermined pattern with lacquer, enamel,
ink, etc., the adhesion between the diaphragm substrate and the film is good and it does not peel
even when processing such as pressing is performed. It is possible to print a diffusion preventing
film in a predetermined pattern when a plate substrate or a thin plate, and then form it into a
diaphragm substrate by a press. In addition, even if a lacquer, enamel, etc. are used, no
discoloration of the substrate occurs unlike in the case where it is mixed with a diffusing
substance and applied. As described above, according to the method of the present invention, it is
possible to easily manufacture a diaphragm having a precise pattern of irregularities and to
improve the specific elastic modulus of the diaphragm material, and to obtain a diaphragm
having a large bending rigidity. It is possible.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the diaphragm substrate
before diffusion processing in the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing the
diffusion processing state in the present invention, and FIG. It is an expanded sectional view of
the uneven part of a diaphragm. 1 ... diaphragm base 203. Diffusion prevention film 4 · · ·
Diffusion substance Patent applicant Pioneer Corporation EndPage: 3
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