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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
ultrasonic transducer, FIG. 2 and FIG. 1 show an embodiment of an ultrasonic transducer
according to the present invention, and FIG. , FIG. 3 a, b. C and d show the main parts
respectively, FIG. 4 a and b show resonance characteristics and sensitivity characteristics of the
conventional example, and FIGS. 5 a and b show resonance characteristics and sensitivity
characteristics of this embodiment. . 10 и и и Composite oscillator, 11 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и support и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Elastic
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In consideration of the present invention, an
ultrasonic transducer for transmitting or receiving an ultrasonic signal suitable for use in a
remote control device of a television receiver or receiver, an alarm device, etc. The present
invention relates to a modified E // s'-4 / good, and more particularly to a transducer for
receiving a relatively high center frequency and obtaining a large transmission / reception W &
degree over a wide frequency band. As this kind of @ ? wave transmitter / receiver, aluminum
cannon-shaped additional resonator (hereinafter referred to as ?canon resonator?) or resin
longitudinal cross-section made of aluminum, or chromatic addition consonator Sixty two are
known to set the lower edge trapezoid resonator) 2 ░ and the first C of the book using the
aluminum C aluminum resonator has a first temperature (Jan P '). Since the distance between the
frequency point to be generated and the frequency point at which the second sensitivity (subisland degree) is generated is very small, but there is hardly any sensitivity that can be used
centrally for the central frequency range in the middle frequency range. It is extremely difficult
to obtain high sensitivity over a wide frequency band. On the other hand, a transmitter / receiver
provided with a later-made deaf-trapezoid resonator (the real construction as shown in ri 161) is
performed. In FIG. 1, 1 is a four-piece oscillator, near the center of one side of the ceramic
bimorph oscillator 2. One trapezoidal resonator 3 is attached. On the substrate 4 (2), a support
member 5 integrally formed with the substrate 4 is interposed between the substrate 4 and the
bimorph oscillator 2 so as to be fixed. 6 is a shield plate and 7 is an outer case. In view of the
impedance characteristics shown in FIG. 4 (&), such a transducer has a first resonance in a low
frequency range that should be generated by the first sensitivity and a high frequency range in
which the second sensitivity should be generated.? e the second resonance. However, as
apparent from FIG. 4 fbl, the level of the first + gpi to be generated corresponding to the first
resonance is very low, such a low level of p8F! In J, it is difficult to transmit and receive
ultrasonic waves in this band. Therefore, this type of transmitter / receiver can only obtain
narrow band characteristics only in the high frequency region where the second sensitivity
occurs. Assuming that the N level that can be used on fire is about 73 dB (indicated by A), the
number of transmissions and receptions can be made only in a narrow frequency range indicated
by B. It is presumed that the reason why the level of the first sensitivity is lowered in this way is
as follows. That is, according to the experimental result in which powder is placed on the
additional resonator 3 to be the ultrasonic wave transmitting / receiving surface and the first
resonance and the second resonance are respectively excited, (5) The second collusion is
considered to cause bending vibration because the powder is concentrated on the node line, and
the composite vibrator 1 is fixed to the substrate 4. Therefore, the vibration due to the blowing
mode is suppressed, and it can be estimated that the first feeling is at a low level.
1. The present invention focuses on the fact that the first sensitivity is caused by the vibration in
the blow mode, and provides a means for smoothly performing the vibration in the blow up
mode, and An object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic transducer having a wide
band characteristic, which has a very simple configuration. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. In the first and
second sentences, the additional resonator 12 made of resin is fixed by an adhesive at the center
of one surface of the rectangular plate-shaped piezoelectric ceramic bimorph oscillator 11 with a
composite oscillator in a bag. In the bimorph fi face 11, two piezoelectric ceramic plates are
bonded together, and leads Ila and llb are soldered in the vicinity of node lines on both outer
electrodes. The additional resonator (4) 12 has a trapezoidal main body with a trapezoidal cross
section and a circular trapezoidal cross section with a cylindrical main body a, a cylindrical
protrusion @ 12b integrally formed with the main body, and a 1?1? Ii'rZ reed, its trapezoidal
main body (2) on the short side of 1211 comes in contact with the bimorph fold and one child 11
and thrusts i1t! A certain surface of + 2b works as a single ultrasonic wave transmission l
(reception wave) with the projections 1- и b. One needle ? The support 14 is an integral onesided opener case. The support 14 is formed in a case 13 so as to extend in the axial direction
from the center of the bottom, and is configured by ▒ cylindrical. The cylindrical portion of the
support 14 is also provided with a protrusion 15 having a diameter smaller than the outer
diameter of the support 14 at the end of the case opening side of the support 14 '. On the inner
peripheral side of the peripheral wall 16 of the case 13, the thickness or the thickness thereof is
gradually inserted from the bottom toward the opening, and a plurality of steps t, $ are divided
on the inner peripheral surface of the case. That is, the inner diameter of the case 13 is
configured to be 84 at the open end and 17 times at the bottom. The case peripheral wall 111 is
also in the vicinity of the opening end r (only a step is provided at the outer peripheral portion.
The case peripheral wall 16 is implanted with a +9, 20-outer delivery bin. ????? A case
peripheral wall ? KFi notch IT, 18 is provided (5) facing the tip of the case 13 which protrudes
into the inner case 13. Reference numeral 21 denotes a split ring elastic body made of, for
example, silicone rubber, which is fitted in the protrusion 6. The thickness of the elastic body 21
is made larger than the height of the protruding portion intestine, and when it is inserted into the
protruding portion I5, a space is formed between the + Q1 and the protruding portion 150L
surface. The scrap 14 may be provided around the protrusion 15 on the end face of the support
14 and the elastic body 21 may be inserted into the circumferential groove formed between the
recess LT and the protrusion 1i15.
The elastic body 21 is preferably filled with a silicon adhesive between the support 14 and INbonded. The composite vibrator 10 is fixed on the elastic body 21 by a silicone adhesive in a
state where the transmission / reception wavefront is directed to the case opening t (the
direction is facing the case opening t). The attachment of the vibrator element is performed by
positioning the half al connection portion of the lead 11b on the lower surface side of the
bimorph vibrator 11 in the divided portion 21a of the elastic body 21. Preferably, a silicone
adhesive is sufficiently filled in the portion 1111'gL portion 21a to seal the gap between the
bimorph vibrator 11 and the support 14 '. It is preferable that the lead IIIL be soldered to the pin
19 and the lead 11b be soldered to the pin 1 and that a silicon adhesive be attached to each
solder connection. (6) 22 is a shield plate which is in contact with the bottom of the case 13 and
is soldered to one of the pins (9) and is isolated from the other pin 19 by electric current.
Reference numeral 23 denotes a mesh-like @ member, which covers the case opening end, and
its peripheral edge is covered up to the outer one-piece / one-step difference of the case
peripheral wall 16. The metal cover 24 is fixed to the case 13 from the booth opening by a
suitable means, and the window member 25 is fixed by the cover 24 and the case 13-. According
to the present embodiment, the composite vibrator is supported via the elastic body 21 (иии so that
the vibration in the blow-off mode is generated efficiently и as shown in FIG. 5b1) A high
sensitivity first level that can be used in the low frequency range and a second sensitivity with an
originally high level can be combined with a second sensitivity to obtain a transducer with a high
sensitivity over a wide range. The frequency bandwidth in which the sensitivity can be obtained
is remarkably wide as compared with the conventional example as shown by C in FIG. Further,
since the elastic body 21 only needs to be inserted into the intestine, it can be reliably positioned,
and as a result, it is possible to easily attach the composite oscillator. Moreover, since the solder
portion of the ring-shaped elastic body 210 is attached to the divided portion of the ring-shaped
elastic body 210, it is possible to actually obtain predetermined directivity by lik without the
composite vibrator clamp being inclined by the solder portion. Dance. Further, since the
additional resonator 12 is provided with the protrusion 112b, the Q of the first resonance
increases and the Q of the second resonance decreases (the fifth j 4 (the resonance characteristic
in the case where there is no broken The protrusion in al, The solid line shows the resonance
characteristics in the case where the projection 12b is provided), corresponding to the low Q
second co-presence, sense 9 ? ? much larger 7 / ? ? ? ? ? ? th ?resonance? ?16
sense? experimentally It is not affected by the fluctuation of Q.
This h can be estimated as the vibration mode of the first resonance is the blow-up mode.
Furthermore, if & cir & can be produced by changing the shape of ifc, the circumferential groove
between the support 14 and the case 1 wall 16 and the inner peripheral surface of the case
peripheral wall 16 as well, their shape dW It is good to round it and set to the optimal shape. The
present invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment, and it is possible to use a
ring-shaped elastic body, an additional resonator without a salient phase, an insulation case with
other shapes, or the like. (The 81 present invention, as described above, is a ring-shaped or split
ring-shaped elastic body in which a composite imaging mover to which a piezoelectric pimorph
oscillator and a resin additional resonator are fixed is inserted into a protrusion of a support.
Since it is attached to the support, the vibration in the blow-up mode works smoothly, the
sensitivity corresponding to the vibration becomes large, and the surplus corresponding to the
vibration in the bending mode is combined. Sensitivity is high over a wide frequency band, and as
a result, according to the present invention, a wide band transceiver can be obtained, and the
sensitivity can be increased over a wide band, and the Zc stage has a ring ^ '"" L <"" 1 ?> fij ;!
Since it is IIt'n # kJ + 4 ', h7 = reIrjf "', it has an effect that #k [, can be done very easily.
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