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■ Title 1 Invention title
Speaker diaphragm
3. The present invention relates to a speaker, and more particularly to the improvement of the
diaphragm thereof 従 来 Conventionally, a metal diaphragm, a fiber diaphragm, a synthetic resin
diaphragm or the like is used as a diaphragm of the speaker. In this case, although the gold plate
diaphragm is rich in rigidity, there is a problem in the problem of the loss of acoustic loss
because there are difficulties in terms of weight reduction. In addition, the m-plate has problems
in terms of rigidity, which is right-handed in terms of weight reduction, and in terms of friendmaking which requires processes such as fiber sheet making. Furthermore, although the
synthetic resin diaphragm does not have much problems in terms of weight reduction and
manufacturability, there are problems in terms of rigidity. As described above, the conventional
speaker diaphragms are all long and short, and 9 or% 1 (E: audio voltage, P: f4 # output) having a
property commonly required for this type of diaphragm is large. And the fact that it is easy to
manufacture is not compatible. Therefore, the present invention has been made in view of the
above points, and the diaphragm of a metal plate having pores in the shape of a notching metal
has a structure in which a glass film is polymerized on one side. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a very good loudspeaker diaphragm which can satisfy all requirements for
being equipped with T. In the following, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. O FIG. 1 (a) t (b + represents a disk-shaped
metal plate 11 having pores in the form of pastal punching metal) The material of the metal plate
1) may be that used as a conventional metal diaphragm such as aluminum, titanium, -lilium,
gelon EndPage: 1, etc. In this case, in order to obtain the metal plate 11 having a character, a
metal plate made of a material may be used to pass letters or notching on a metal plate to make a
nocnching metal, but it is also possible by ordinary drilling or etching. Good. Then, as shown in
FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (b), the plastic film 12 made of thermoplastic resin is obtained from both sides
(or pieces thl thereof) as shown in FIGS. It polymerizes. Here, as the thermoplastic plastic film 12,
there are polyester, delicatesate and polyimide, but it is not particularly limited. In addition, after
plastic film 12 is polymerized to the next metal plate 11 having a porous structure, as shown in
FIGS. 3 (a) and 3 (b), for example, heat treatment is performed to form a dome or cone. By
shaping into a shape, the diaphragm according to the present invention is completed. Thus, the
diaphragm configured as described above is made of the metal plate 11 having a hole!
Since the plastic film 12 is polymerized and shaped into a predetermined shape, it is possible to
reduce the weight as well as to improve the acoustic loss as compared with the conventional
photographing operation using only a metal plate. Further, from the viewpoint of rigidity, it is
substantially equivalent to a conventional moving plate made of only a metal plate, and is
superior to the conventional synthetic resin diaphragm and fiber moving plate, and a next
diaphragm is obtained. Furthermore, unlike the conventional fiber diaphragm, there is an
advantage that the process can be simplified since the process such as fiber sheet making is not
required. The thickness of the imaging moving plate 11 having the above-described porosity may
be appropriately selected according to the use zone. Therefore, as described above, according to
the present invention, the glass plate is polymerized on both sides or one side of the metal plate
having a hole in the punching metal shape, thereby any of the requirements to be provided as an
imaging plate can be obtained. It is possible to provide a very good snow force diaphragm which
is also made satisfactory.
4 Brief Description of the Drawings Fang 11 (a) (1) Applicant Attorney Attorney Takeshi Suzue
594 years old 2 figures 3 figures (a) (a) (t)) (1)) EndPage:2
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