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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the speaker of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the main portion of the speaker of the present invention,
and FIG. 3 is a block diagram of the main portion of the speaker of the present invention when an
adhesive is used. . 'Figure 4 is a characteristic comparison diagram of diaphragms in a large-scale
sio. 1 is a corrugation, 2 is a diaphragm, 3 is a frame, 4 is a voice coil, and 5 is a ring-shaped
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker for
enhancing the low frequency in the frequency-sound pressure characteristic and for improving
the sound quality by making a curve close to the upper limit frequency limit. A clear lacquer etc.
is applied to the vicinity of the mountain part of the paper fiber frustoconical pregnant moving
plate to suppress the steep change of the valleys near the high frequency range frequency. When
used, the co-imaging sharpness naturally decreases, but the Young's modulus decreases, and
there is a deficiency that increases the reduction of the high-pitched area, increases the
attenuation, and decreases the speaker output. Although the effect of the paint is effective for the
weak imaging plate of the press, there is a disadvantage that the effect of $ <$,> is small for the
poor imaging plate of the press. The present invention was devised to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, and an embodiment of 7% is described in the drawings-"If it is, as shown
in FIG. Provide an oval high cut corrugation l and stick the peripheral part of the main work
board 2 to the outer peripheral line of the frame 3 and fit the voice coil 4 in the center hole and
hang it down, bonding the voice coil 4! The high-cut corrugation 1 part is a speaker in which a
ring consisting of a ring-shaped 1'ill cedar object 5 with a circle-shaped outer periphery and a
circular inner periphery 1'ill cedar 5 is L-stored. The ring is formed of a hard and soft material
such as metal, rubber or paper 1). Since the present invention is configured as described above,
the length from the Heus coil 4v joining portion to the 0 zone 7- 371 part changes continuously
[7, and it is reinforced by a ring, so it has a quotient range of One treble band limit self wave
number is eased without lowering the output by one degree, and the curve of the frequencysound three positive characteristics near the quotient sound area becomes clear, and a soft
output can be obtained. Moreover, the weight of the ring 1) strengthens the low-mid tone range.
The figure is a characteristic chart in the case of a large-sized speaker (uno character correctionfara speaker), and the speaker of the present invention of the solid line has a gentle curve 0 in
the sound emitting area compared to the conventional speaker shown in dotted line. On top of
the slightly raised W tokorufu gauze / yon (1) part was filled with a solidifying adhesive of Epoki
/ adhesive 4. In other words, the ring isomorph 5 Almost the same frequency-sound pressure
characteristics can be obtained even with the attached speaker. In the present invention, as
described above, the upper portion of the moving plate 2 is provided with the elliptical high-top
korgge 7-yon 1 and the high-cut range is limited by attaching the ring-shaped solid 5 to the highcut corrugator 3 1 The sound pressure level of the frequency is slightly lowered, but the curve
near the upper limit frequency is smoothed, and the general (two hard sound C, two IJ easy highlight no-chocon trackers make soft sound and the bass region It is a very effective device that can
intensify the effects of the insult.
4 、 筒 (2) 筒 的 説 明明
本本 明 ス ピ ー カ ー 器 的 帆 2
本本 明 ス ピ ー カ ー
器 的 要 要 部分 図
接着 用 接着 合 的 を 11
字 1 Figure 1 is a diagram of the
speaker of the present invention FIG. Fig. 4 shows the characteristics of the diaphragm in a largesized speaker. Fig. 23 亭 Fig. 23 亭 Fig. 4 亭 insert 1 corrugation 2 4 M plate 8 frame 4 voice coil
5 ring solid Registered applicant Onkyo 会 社 company paste ll3! 9rZiフ! \ ■ Koro 'utility
model registration applicant Onchiyo-Inc. 66497' '!'! A-jF, ll-1 ′ ′ & t Itia B large 305! 1+: ■
"Government 外 外 外 11 2ofatoozoo zoo teamezama @ an + am + a-→ Hl ~ spoiled patent
attorneys Saita club co.,-43, /.
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