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Specification 10 Title of Invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a multipoint drive type
speaker in which a plurality of W magnetic circuits are driven to drive a plurality of points of a
diaphragm. The figure shows a conventional multi-point drive type half-plate type speaker, in
which a frame (the number of magnetic circuits (41 Is being compiled. Then, these magnetic
circuits (41 drive a plurality of voice coil bobbins (voice coil +61 of 51 attached to the back of
the diaphragm 111). By the way, this kind of flat 1 /! In the i type speaker, since the voice coil
hobin (51 strength and the like, the voice coil bobbin (51 length can not be fixed (can not be 1
normally dampers t'y + and 8ll plates Il + The distance 11 (/ l) between is very short-also OK. For
this reason, the rotational braking force of the vibration stock fi + by these dampers cyivt is very
weak (, the rotational vibration (Iff-ring phenomenon as shown by 11 in the direction of arrow a
or b) when the speaker is driven. There was a defect that was easy to cause. It should be noted
that the cause of generation of the rotational vibration of the diaphragm (11 is a plurality of
magnetic (R) paths (variations in the driving force of 41, dampers (7) and stiffness (stiffness,
rigidity Etc.), variation in compliance (followability, etc.), influence on radiation impedance such
as t waves reflected from the floor or wall, etc., vibration caused by variations in thickness of the
adhesive layer at the edge of 21 : 1 Motion board (Al due to variation of weight balance of 11 etc.
Incidentally, the above-mentioned (b) rolling vibration occurs with a higher frequency (more so).
According to the present invention, the above-mentioned defects can be suppressed (the
invention is made, and the rotational vibration of the swing WI plate can be reliably prevented,
and L is relatively high frequency without increasing the mass of the diaphragm at that time. It is
intended to provide a device that can sufficiently cope with the intense rotational vibration of the
In the following, dormitory arrangement 1 in which the present invention is applied to a fourpoint universal flat-plate speaker will be described on a rotating basis. In FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, first,
the vibration system is, for example, a flat sand form m1 [11] of a normal shape having a
honeycomb 411 structure, and an edge (12+, Shake hII (four voice coil bobbins Q31 glued to the
back of ill and their respective voice coil bobbins 7G3I 9'Ll! It is composed of four voice coils llK
wound (a damper 09 coupled to the outer periphery of each voice coil bobbin 031 of li, t).
Note that ?the divided vibration can be eliminated by driving the position of the node of the
specified divided vibration of the diaphragm. The four voice coil bobbins +131 are bonded to the
positions of the four nodes of the vibration @ (Ill split vibration, from the point of the multi-point
drive system that is said to be "." For example, a 10,000 drive system includes a plate Q and a
yoke 0. Permanent magnet (solar) and center ball c! B is composed of four magnetic circuits of
f'L. The four magnetic circuits are screwed respectively to the back surface 111 of the back
surface s (24M) portion of the frame (2) having the right shape V, for example, in each of the
play Q barrels. In the vibration system, first, the four voice coils ?4 are separately inserted in the
clearance (c) of the ring between the play of the magnetic circuits (c) (181) and the center ball
Q?. ing. And each of the dampers [the outer periphery of each of the dampers is attached to a
plurality of dumbar rings (c), and each dumbar ring @ is 8 minutes before the back face ill (24a)
of the frame (2) Screw it to @ it + @. Further, the outer surface 8 of the edge is held by a plurality
of clamps 7 screwed on the front side of the outer wall (24b) of the frame (7), and the outer
periphery of the 7th frame (24b) K is fixed. The diaphragm a is vibrated by simultaneously
driving the four magnetic circuits. By the way, at the back of diaphragm ttU, its fII is the center
position (P +) 1! ??? (A connecting body 4 is bonded to a right angle rod. Then, the connected
body (c) is a hollow cylindrical bobbin c1 configured as follows: @ f'L Thio I1 +, and its length is
the voice coil bobbin +131! It has become a long enough K. And the free end portion 129g) of
this connected body is a support means CIIIK! It is supported. In addition, a damper Q is used as
the support ten NCs (11). And the damper 03 adheres to the phase of the bobbin at its inner
periphery '! -F) "-pI8 m7" "-" outside "-" is bonded. , 'F' its Dumbar ring C11 is screwed onto the
ring support c 141 screwed to the front [k [209 of the difference circuit or to the frame 1
section]. Therefore, the distance (/,) between the above-mentioned connected object ? I I I I ?
? I ? I I I I I I I I ?? ?? I I I I I ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? The length n is
set sufficiently longer than the distance (/ I) between the dampers a9 to be supported and the
diaphragm (ill).
As described above (when the speaker is configured, if the speaker is configured, the rotation rk
in the arrow a direction or the b direction in FIG. 3 of the diaphragm ttU: the vibration force j, the
horizontal displacement vibration in the arrow C direction of the connector (support) Converted,
this misstep is effectively controlled by the support means C (center holding force of the damper
East that forms the weir! Because of this, it is possible to reliably prevent the rotational vibration
of the ? m plate ??. In addition, as the distance (l-is longer (as it becomes longer, the inside
holding force becomes stronger (9, the rotational vibration 9 can be effectively braked K). By the
way, in order not to increase the mass of the vibration * t41, the above-mentioned connected
body @ is constituted by the bobbin ? of the hollow cylindrical rod as described above, and is
formed of ordinary weak material gii such as paper, mica or aluminum. It is n. Therefore, this
bobbin (d) bends, and 111111 is low for twist n and the like. Then, with this Im-formed bobbin
(4), the vibration plate (the frequency of the spikes becomes higher than that of the diaphragm),
and if the above-mentioned rolling motion becomes intense, whitening, twisting and the like
occur in the bobbin itself. As a result of this, the bobbin (or) takes the diaphragm (the motion of
EndPage: 2 exactly following the movement of the diaphragm 111) (the braking effect of the
above-mentioned rotational photographing movement becomes insufficient). So the present
invention is vibration dependent UUfO) bobi which leads to mass. The bobbin () is effectively
reinforced by the reinforcing means without increasing the mass of the coil (), and the rigidity
against bending, twisting, etc. of the bobbin ? is enhanced. Then, as described above, the #H and
the #M are increased to such an extent that the cylinder wave number of III is increased, and
even if the above-mentioned rotational imaging motion becomes intense, the bobbin ? eye body
bends, twists, etc. occur. You can prevent it. As a result, it is possible to always follow and vibrate
the bobbin cnv ? ? D * aII accurately. And the vibration of the bobbin ? is as described above
(by braking, the relatively high # 1 lf II of the swing II yl plate! Fierce rotation in numbers!
???? I was able to cope with I well, and I was able to prevent this from e dormitory.
Hereinafter, some specific examples of the reinforcing method to be added to the reinforcing
means of the povin ridge applicable to the present invention will be described. First, FIGS. 4A to
4D show that a reinforcing rib cfil made of a sheet material such as an inner V-paper, mica, or
aluminum of Povin's ridge is processed to form a radial shape and reinforcement over the entire
length. In this case, the rigidity of the bobbin (2) becomes higher as the number of radiation of
the reinforcing rib (2) increases (but if the number of radiation becomes excessively large, the
mass of the bobbin (2) increases, which is not preferable. Further, the outside of the bobbin ()
may be reinforced with a reinforcing rib (). Next, in Fig. 5, concave surface processing (or convex
surface processing) K!
A plurality of reinforcing ribs Gn are integrally formed. Next, FIG. 6 shows an example in which a
plurality of, for example, three small-diameter hollow cylindrical bobbins @ are integrally
connected to each other by bonding or the like to form a bobbin equivalent to the abovementioned bobbins 2. If you have 2 phase bobbins at the bobbin (2) As described above in
connection with the embodiment fll of the present invention, a bobbin having various crosssectional shapes can be applied to the connection body consisting of a hollow body referred to in
the present invention without being fixed to the cylindrical peg bobbin bundle C1 [1lK shown in
the drawing. Also, the m-means can be changed to various effective methods without being
limited to those shown in the drawings. The present invention is multipoint lIl! In the case of a ltime system speaker, the diaphragm 1 is supported at a position far enough away from the
diaphragm 1! In order to effectively apply the rotational braking force of 811 + 1 positions, it is
possible to reliably prevent the rotational imaging movement of the diaphragm. Moreover,
according to the present invention, since the connecting body connected to the vibration wJJ is
constituted by a hollow body and the connecting body is reinforced by the reinforcing means KL,
the mass of the diaphragm is increased. Instead, the first point that can sufficiently cope with the
intense rotational imaging with relatively high MlfIIl number, and that the acoustic
characteristics of the speaker are the same over the entire range from low frequency to high
n1f6fIR111, is th.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a prior art 18Tii 1 diagram. 2 to 6 show an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a plan view of the speaker and FIG. Fig. 21
Wm-III line sectional view, Fig. 4A to Fig. 4D are perspective views for explaining the reinforcing
means of the bobbin constituting the coupling body, and Figs. 5 and 6 explain the reinforcing
means of the same wholesale. It is IS in a perspective view. In the reference numerals used in the
drawings, +111 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Danno ([email protected] ........... magnetic [! 21
path (c) .......... connecting body sand .......... hollow cylinder V bobbin c111 .......... support means
(Itaru) ( 9)............... Agent Souvenir Souvenirs Yasuo Iihan Suichi Hiroshi Hiromura EndPage: 3J6
Figure 5 Figure 2 Figure 6 EndPage: 5 Warning: Page Discontinuity (Spontaneous) Procedure
Amendment 1. Display of the case Patent application No. 5604-2 application, name of invention
speaker 2, name of invention speaker
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