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Specification 7-Speaker / Stem 6 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention has
the i5 ISCO by enclosing I / C in the space around the voice coil, which has a larger thermal
conductivity than air and air, and a chemically stable left gas. In the case of a speaker / stem
intended to prevent burnout due to the heat of the 7 o'clock temperature and voice coil. In the
past, a speaker / stem's tolerant person was allowed to go to a half to create a temperature coil
for the P4 school and the voice coil, so that a heat pipe was made to a part of the magnetic I
circuit structure.? Making a hole in a magnetic circuit or making a magnetic circuit -C has a
structure that improves the circulation of C air, etc., but it also makes it possible to correct the
winding order by heat generated by the voice coil. It was not possible. This invention! dI = A
dimmer made in view of the East: VV, the groove of the invention of the tree-will be described in
detail along the entire drawing. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a cone type speaker used
in the present invention. In FIG. 1D, the damper 1 is made of, for example, a -W pattern such as
rubber or glass, and is grooved so as not to be 1 l fi. The space from the portion 9 of the frame 2
to which the damper 1 is in close contact to the bottom yoke 3 of the magnetic circuit (the end
portion) has a sealed structure. The dust cap 4 is made of a light metal such as aluminum, and
the dust cap is in close contact with the voice coil bobbin 5. In the figure, in the bottom yaw 3,
gas is externally supplied in the enclosed space at a portion from the portion 9 of the frame 2 to
which the damper 1 is in contact to the portion from the magnetic circuit D bottom yaw 3. A gas
injection bag @ 6 and a gas discharge device 7 are provided so as to be sealed 1, and the
EndPage 1 gas is drawn and sealed in the sealed space from the soot gas injection device and the
gas discharge device. It is configured to be able to Furthermore, instead of the gas injection
device 6 and the gas discharge device 7, it is also a township student to have a configuration in
which the gas is enclosed in the sealed space from the outside of the cabinet with a gas not
shown. According to the present invention, the heat generated in the voice coil can be efficiently
generated by sealing the chemically stable gas having a thermal conductivity larger than that of
air and chemically stable in the enclosed space configured as L. It is transmitted to the outside of
the magnetic circuit, and the voice coil 7 voice coil bobbin I, completely prevents burnout, and
increases q power of the speaker system by 6 q. FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing a domeshaped speaker 'ff used in the present invention.
In the figure, a dome 8 and a damper 1. In a space surrounded by magnetic circuits, the thermal
conductivity is larger than that of air, and there are seven elements of chemical relief / gas. 6
does not use the speaker having the enclosed space shown in FIG. 1 night sol. 2 and heats more
than air in the space surrounded by the cabinet, the baffle plate and the IHJI plate. It is a cross
section 1? showing a spillal / stem having a structure that encloses a voice coil riverside with a
high conductivity and chemically stable gas enclosed. 1) In the drawing, the inner surface of the
cabinet is coated with a plastic resin or IL'i rubber /-such as a resin having a tightness of 1 + 10
straight and 1 /-=. Resin covering material or rubber sheet ifl (-1, for cabinet assembly, heat
sealing at the joint 11 with the gutter, or jointing with airtightness, etc.) It is in close contact. FIG.
4 is an enlarged view of the speaker mounting portion A of the speaker / stem shown in FIG. In
the figure, the diaphragm 12 is grooved with an airtight material n such as plastic or metal, or an
airtight resin is sandwiched to provide an airtight structure. Have. The edge 13 is a plastic sheet,
or 11 is like a thermoformed foam plastic sheet 730! 1) It is made of non-temperable material.
The outer edge of the core edge is in close contact with the outer edge of the frame 2. The outer
edge of the edge bite frame is coated with grease etc. on the tight face of the baffle to improve air
tightness. It is. The center cap 4 is aluminum etc. q! It is l1jIE and is in close contact with the
diaphragm. In the air flow #r, an electric hole 16 is bored, and the nucleus I free pore connects
the space around the voice coil and the space in the cabinet. Further, a cabinet VcId, a gas
injection device 6 and a gas discharge device 7 are provided, and the gas can be enclosed in the
cabinet from the see-through gas injection device and the gas discharge device. The heavyweight
used in the above embodiments according to the present invention! Sex, helium gas is good. Is
the thermal conductivity 1 of helium? IK7) Since it is about 7 times, the speed at which the heat
conducted by the voice coil is transmitted to the four parts can be obtained, and the voice coil
can be prevented from rising by @. In addition, helium is chemical: C stable and does not react
with other substances a, so that the voice coil can be completely prevented from burning out.
As described above, in the speaker system according to the present invention (d, the space
surrounding the voice coil has a higher thermal conductivity than air, and r chemically stable gas
such as helium is enclosed. The heat generated by the coil and the magnetic circuit can be
efficiently transmitted to the outside of the magnetic circuit to prevent the temperature rise of
the magnetic circuit, and the heat generation of the voice coil can be prevented altogether. . Thus,
the allowed input of the speaker / stem can be increased.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view 1 showing an actual row
according to the present invention. FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view of a portion A surrounded
by a ridge line in the speaker system shown in FIG. 3. 1 и Damper, 2 frame, 3 и bottom yoke, 4 иии
Center cap, 5 voice Coil bobbin, 6-gas injection device, 7-ga EndPage: 2 exhaust-row, 8-,-dome, 9da / no (-1 and diaphragm, 13-edge, 14- cabinet or kevanoful plate, + S-coll or COMNOTE 16 I IV
pores, gas such as 17 helium, 18 sound absorbing material, 19 voice coil Fig. 11! 2 Figure
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