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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the bass speaker
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a side sectional view, FIG. 2 is an impedance
characteristic diagram of electric buying, and FIG. 3 is a frequency characteristic diagram of
output sound pressure. Fig. 4 is a bottom view showing another embodiment of the valve device.
6a: through hole, 10: valve device, 16: cone, 17: center cap, 18: damper chamber.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION (1171,...) 9 Town 1 This invention relates to a bass
speaker whose sound quality can be freely adjusted. In recent years-In this type of speaker, it is
required to supply sound and electric power of various genres with the same speaker with the
same speaker due to diversification of listener's taste-and in home speakers as well In order to be
set in the room of the condition of 1, it was required that it could be adjusted to the optimal
sound quality according to the condition. The present invention is a book developed in view of
such a point, and a damper chamber for damping the vibration of the cone by air closed to the
inside is provided on the back side of the center cap, and the damper chamber communicates
with the outside. If the through hole is adjustable to any # 1 return by using the valve unit 4, a
speaker for bass that can control the vibration of the cone by the air in the damper chamber and
adjust the sound quality from k as in k. To provide The present invention will be specifically
described based on an example IIA shown in the drawings. In Fig. 1, the electrodynamic speaker
(1) has an annular plate (4I attached to the top of the frame (21; this plate (4; lower surface> 1 =
i) annular ferrite controlled magnet (3) Is fixed. Then, center poles (61 are positioned in upper
and lower pairs * in the center hole of the plate (4), and a Km air gap (7) is formed between the
center pole (6) and the plate (4). This center pole (61 has an annular plate portion (51 formed
outward at its lower end, and the plate 5 (7 with the upper wedge plate 14+ and 7 g (3)) holding
the net (3) In this case, a 40 m diameter through hole (6 °) is formed at the center of the center
pole (6) from the upper surface to the lower surface, and the through hole (6- in the bottom of
the center pole (6) The adjustable valve snow (IIJ is attached to an arbitrary diameter φ). The
bobbin is provided with the magnetic gap (7) k in a state where the α11 杜 center pole (6) is
inserted, and is supported by the damper 0. The bobbin 1111 is wound with a voice coil 041 for
flowing one voice electric wire at the position of the magnetic gap (7). Furthermore, at the end of
the bobbin all and the frame (one end portion of the 21 is supported as a vibrating plate 1- (16
161 vibratably. . +411 (1s is a damper chamber located on the back side of the center cap at +.
The damper chamber G16 is closed by the center cap I, the inner side surface of the bobbin am
and the upper surface of the center pole (6), and is further in communication with the through
hole (6, K) of the center pole (6). Next, the operation will be described. First, when voice current
flows in the voice coil (1 141, the voice coil I obtains a driving force corresponding to the
magnetic field present in the one magnetic gap (71) and vibrates the cone tm. Here, the vibration
of the cone Q & is damped by the air blocked in the damper chamber at the center cap 龜 曾
position. Then, by adjusting the diameter φ of the valve device α · to change the air (5) 1 in the
damper chamber as the degree of blockage of the air, the vibration of the cone aG to be braked
by the air busy is controlled. It is possible to give a glance at the sound quality to be emitted. Fig.
2 shows the electric line and dance characteristics of the dental plaque speaker (1), and Fig. 6
shows the output sound pressure frequency characteristics. In the figure, (2) is the characteristic
when the diameter of the valve device c1 @ is φ = 0, @ is the characteristic with @ = φ = 6.8, and
0 is the characteristic with φ-40. -I'm jealous. As shown in these characteristics 1111 #, the tone
quality of the low tone range can be adjusted by adjusting the aperture φ of the valve device
αO, and 1 the tone quality can be changed to a hard tone or a soft tone according to
preferences. can do. In addition, as shown in FIG. 4, the valve device ae is formed of an
accumulator (104) K attached with a screw (Noa) to the bottom surface of the sensor pole 16+
with a square (4 × 4 × 5 to 5 ×). By rotating around the screw (10,) of the log) of the through
hole (6,) It is also possible to adjust the IF 1 degree. According to the present invention, there is
provided a damper chamber located on the back side of the center cap located approximately at
the center of the cone that vibrates due to the application of the audio current and damping the
vibration of the cone with air closed inside. By adjusting the through hole that communicates
with the outside with the valve device to any opening degree. The degree of blockage of air in the
damper room can be varied to control the vibration of the lawn, and the bass range can be
adjusted to the desired sound quality, so that the sound quality can be freely set according to the
listener's preference or according to the indoor conditions. It is possible to provide a bass
speaker that can be made (7)-corner yaw.
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