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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view of a so-called free edge type
speaker cone, and FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view of a speaker edge. In the figure, 1 is a speaker
edge, 2 is a diaphragm (speaker cone), 3 is a frame, 4 is a voice coil portion, 5 is a peripheral
portion of the speaker edge, 6 is a one-curved portion, and 7 is a connecting portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker edge used for a free edge type speaker unit. The recent speaker unit has an edge ill
(a moving plate (cone (cone ) (Formed separately from 21 and attached to the vibrating plate
(210 attached peripheral edge). The type supported by the frame (3), so-called free edge type is
raw 1% L * This speaker edge (1) is a 4% 1J vibration board (21 is suitable for the voice coil
section (41 according to the tension vc Do the transmission. It is for supporting so that uneasy
transmission (resonance etc.) is generated, and in general, the cross section is (1), e-p-min p / '7r
shape in front of && and half circle, and the elasticity of this one curved portion 1 edge (11 is
elastically deformed up and down so that the diaphragm (2) is linearly deformed in the vertical
direction so that the deformation of the diaphragm (2) 0 or the elevation of the edge (1)) The
Young's Modulus is a car-like factor that determines the number of world regeneration limits of
the Subicanikinite, and it is impossible to use the apparent Young's Modulus or the small edge
noise 9 in order to widen the limit. . A round wood, an edge for a speaker, a cotton cloth with a
phenol side, a reverse of the phenol side, a heat and pressure jyx shape, a coating with a lily
coating, a photoelectric polyurethane holding press, and a carbon black Matsumoto light
Tentened rubber pieces are mainly used. Here is a tree dedication as the Rinse family? Because
the used edge has directionality (no growth at all in de □, 10, 10) in the growth, an insect that
purportedly causes temporary wrinkles to occur on the bamboo when it is 嶽% l temporary
Cause. In addition, although the resonance of the edge is suppressed 6I) The system is
compatible with the storage tank, but there is a disadvantage such as the cost increase due to the
aging of the base material (2) and the material cost and instability of the tearing property. . Also,
the rubber material mentioned above? When it is used, the directionality to the elongation l
<Likely follows the large amplitude, but there is almost no generation of distortion, but the lightten structure of the carbon black powder has a small damping capacity and a post-treatment for
resonance The vibration control paint y7111) is essential. This is the above-mentioned drawback
of the cotton cloth joint and 10 ". Furthermore, since the Young's modulus becomes higher due
to the sagging effect of carbon black powder, the lower limit regeneration frequency moves and
there is one drawback. And the rise of foaming polyurethane has long-term deterioration
characteristic (the life) VC heading, there is also a defect of the material deterioration by Nagisa.
This device completely improves the above-mentioned drawbacks, and it follows all the peristaltic
my nIJ trailing edge good edge movement, distortion sound is generated, resonance is
suppressed, and the aim of the bass is able to spread the Yayoi Suika number fireflies in history
The purpose is to provide a fresh speaker edge.
The mixture of (3) the flake-like powder filler and the rubber-like elastomer (a) having the
vibration control characteristic sound improved is heat and pressure molded into a
predetermined shape. Below, this device? -Although specific IC conditions will be described in the
husband's history, these examples are only for the purpose of illustration and are not added to
these lIc. 1 For example, as a rubber-like elastomer, it is a butyl rubber (Machi Chichi, the heat
saving etc. surface J saving → a halo saponified butyl rubber with excellent character is bright)
scum as Kk body filler is a graphite powder? 7 Obtain a composition that will be the bottom of
the edge as shown in Figure 1 l. Cloth 1 Halo saponified butyl rubber 100 Capital Krafuite
powder wood 15 to 60 Carphone powdery wood 60 to 15 Additive 5i AIi breath wound,
processing support angle · This structure t in 5 years, as shown by the second factor (4 0)
Forming a product with a pressure, heat and pressure at zero pressure using a mold r on a crosssectional block or semicircular semi-circular type edge consisting of a peripheral portion (5), one
curved portion (6) and a connecting portion (7) 0 The composition shown in 1. The apparent
Young's modulus (unflexible), internal loss arrow (vibration control ability) of the edge used in
this coffin and timber container by wide choice of graphite and carbon powder bed by selecting
the ten-nity and its ratio tlIM of the carbon powder bed It can be adjusted to In addition, the
product floats because of the heating power u1 molding that uses a mold and it is a graded item,
l! ? ! By changing the dimension 9 of the mold die, a product of any thickness and shape can be
obtained. And air tightness r (浚 11. It becomes a product with light intensity and elongation that
is also supported by large swing O This way, by selecting the filler ratio in the toughening
composition, the thickness of the product over the t week Damping characteristics matched to
the speaker unit, 信 (5) softness, straight # M motion follow-up, in order to set the Young's
modulus of the self-indulgence 1 child's communication to the internal loss which was mutually
correlated, to the wide S 4 I can play a balanced edge such as sex. Here, butyl rubber is used as
the rubber-like elastomer, or it has air-quenching ability, flexibility and a certain degree of antiicing ability, and heat and pressure molding with a metal mold is a rubber of t. In addition to this
graphite powder, mica powder, flaky powder talc, asbestos powder, etc. can be used as the filler
which may be in the form of a ring-shaped enstomer. Further, the cross-sectional shape of the
edge may be a night type, a flat type or the like in addition to the semicircular shape here. As
mentioned above, the speaker edge of this invention is a rubbery elastomer, scaly powder
powder (mer mixed composition P?
By using lJ in a mold or by heat and pressure forming, it has excellent damping characteristics,
non-softness, and airtightness 1 strength, so it closely follows the leading edge of the moving
plate. There are no wrinkles at the time of large deformation and the occurrence of resonance or
the like in the specific island θ sentence numbers. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the room
room of the control theft department and not improve the sound quality, not the sound quality
improvement effect (6), but also the red street effect by the process short section and material
cost reduction can be obtained It is. Internal filler blood loss and strength, internal loss 1
strength by selecting the thickness of the product, ratio randomly, the appearance Tong 54. One
example is the product thickness fc * <1. -C The amount of filler light is divided into two parts
and the ratio is removed to increase the strength of the assembled bit, so that the strength is
enough to withstand large swings, and the end of small apparent Young's modulus. Low-pass
playback You can hit a well-balanced Elashilla in line with the speaker unit, such as going further
down the European perimeter 叡. 51iJl is a similar figure of the so-called free-edge type speaker
cone, the second section is the auxiliary section of the speaker edge ○ In the figure, the
mountain is the speaker edge, (2j is the movement @ (Speaker cone), +31 is a frame, (4) is a voice
coil portion, (5j is a peripheral portion 5I6 of a speaker edge) is a one-opening portion, + 7 + i-1
lagging product t (7)-〆 峯 j 1 'X (' 7--= = f rate 2 i-Heko f 2 '7 · et al.) Agent Shino Shin-6] 1 fLid
LJ outside and for \ and r? イ ア draft 1a (1 person or agent 代理人 占 address Sagamihara City
Miyashita 1-chome No. 57 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Sagami Manufacturing Co. Name full
name Ishii active law agent postal number 100 ■ principal place east +, C capital Seven
substitute wards Marunouchi -1 'l + 2 3 Shi)-Ryoshi Kiki Co., Ltd. 3-2-Name + 7375 + patent
attorney Iwamasu, T,:. 2,-c '2 series
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