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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing the main part of a
conventional capacitor cartridge, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main part showing an
embodiment of a capacitor cartridge according to the present invention. 21 ...... cantilever 22 ......
stylus, 23 ...... insulator triangular prism, 241.242 ...... movable electrode, 25 ...... fixed Pole, 261,
262 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ One lead.
The present invention relates to a capacitor cartridge, and more particularly to an improvement
of its pickup section. As is well known, a capacitor cartridge provided as a step for reproducing a
disc record is described as a movable pole interlocked with a cantilever as its pickup portion and
a fixed pole opposed to the movable pole. 9+ ′: u + 菅 −t0, circle. Equipped with t, the record
needle traces sound groove 15 + t. The vibration is used to simplify the capacitance between the
two electrodes K * 111 to obtain a reproduction output. FIG. 1 is a book showing a single type
stainless steel screen conventionally known as such a capacitor cartridge. That is, a pair of bladelike movable parts 121 and 122 are provided on the base end of the cantilever 110 with a flat
surface in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction of the cantilever and the common m't
'is supported in a fitting manner. Movable part J! J、J! A pair of fixed poles III and 211 are
provided in pairs on the front side of J. In this case, in order to pivotally support the cantilever
11, a damper shown in the drawing is interposed behind the proximal end. However, due to the
shape of the pair of blade-like movable 1 k 111 ° 122, the facing area between the two
electrodes is generally limited. As a result, the conventional capacitor cartridge can not obtain a
large negative output, and at the same time, it is possible to increase the needle pressure
stability. Since the direction of vibration and the density-adjusting square of the capacitance
coincide with each other, it has the disadvantage that the characteristics of the 7) cage radian
between the two channels are poor. Furthermore, since the movable pole is in the form of a blade
and it has a serious surface defect that it is difficult to manufacture and easily deformed, there is
a problem in this invention where the above point Kli was observed Therefore, a very good
capacitor comprising a single type stereo pickup section which is improved so as to simplify and
reliably remove, among the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art, particularly the defects
of manufacturing difficulty and ease of deformation of the movable electrode. The purpose is to
provide a cartridge. That is, the capacitor cartridge according to the present invention has a
movable pole formed by a pair of conductors deposited on the outer peripheral surface of the
base end of the cantilever except for the bottom surface of the insulator triangular prism fitted
concentrically with the cantilever. By providing a single type stereo pickup unit configured to
derive outputs separately for each pair of conductive conductor poles or two components, it is
possible to widen the facing area between both electrodes and to provide a large output. The
needle pressure stability can be increased, and in addition, the direction of the sound groove and
the change in capacitance can be matched to improve the separation characteristic between both
channels, making it easy to manufacture the movable electrode. So that no deformation occurs;
and it has special order in that it can be done.
An embodiment of the invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. That
is, as shown in FIG. 2, the cantilever 21 made of a thin metal made of light metal or the like and
made into a narrow taber tube has a record needle 22 attached to its small diameter tip and an
insulator concentrically at its large diameter base end. The triangular prism z3 is firmly
supported. In this case, the insulator triangular prism 23 is a cross-sectional isosceles rightangled triangle, is a book supported so that the right-angled portion is located right above the
cantilever 23 and the movable pole is on the other outer peripheral surface except the bottom. A
pair of electric conductors having a size of '242 and 241 ° C. The base end of the cantilever 23
is swingably supported on a predetermined & of the cartridge case via a runge i, not shown, and
a damper. Be done. In addition, a pair of 4 attached to the outer peripheral surface except the
bottom surface of the insulating triangular pole 23 has two thousand faces commonly
interrogated with the movable poles J4J and 24: J consisting of a body. A single solid-footed pole
25 of an enlightenment is paired with an electret. Here, the single fixed pole 25 is grounded, and
each movable pole 24I. The lead wires 261.262 derived from 242 are respectively connected to
a conversion circuit (not shown) formed of, for example, a 01 follower type source follower.
Thus, the vibration of the record needle 22 transmitted to the cantilever 21 in the abovedescribed manner takes a pair of movable poles 241. : Each with respect to 142. By distributing
to each R channel, a change in capacitance according to the amount of vibration of the
corresponding channel is obtained between the common single fixed pole 25: 1,. This change
ratio of capacitance for each channel, force is at lead @ 261. ! 62 illustrated via the supplied ftp
′ ′ trace, where the desired electricity (! You can get life-time output that has been changed by
electricity. And, according to the above-mentioned force condenser cartridge, the cantilever C # *,
&, the outer surface of the IP core other than the bottom of the IP double-sided prism which is
fitted to the K lock cantilever concentrically On the other hand: A single type stereo pickup pickup where the movable conductor is dreamed of D conductor, and W and force are separately
derived from the pair of conductor beasts / poles separately. In the case where a large output can
be obtained by widening the facing area of #, the needle pressure stability can be increased. In
addition, there is an advantage that the separation groove characteristics between both channels
can be improved by combining the direction of the groove and the direction of change of the
electrostatic capacitance 1 together. And, in particular, there is the advantage that the fabrication
of the movable house is facilitated so that no deformation occurs.
Furthermore, it is necessary to identify two IC's as in the prior art from K by using a single Vshaped + m-polarizer which is common to both L and R channels. Since it is possible to finish
with a single V-shaped common fixed pole without doing so, it is advantageous in terms of
manufacturing, cost, and reliability, and it is possible to eliminate fluctuations between R-value
channels. It has the advantage of being good. This% l 'imaginary is particularly effective in the
use of electrets as fixed imitations. It should be appreciated that various modifications can be
made within the bounds of the invention of the present invention. Therefore, as detailed above,
according to the present invention, the single defect is improved such that it can be removed
easily and surely because of the drawbacks of the prior art, especially the difficulty in
manufacturing the movable electrode and the ease of deformation. It is possible to provide a very
A [condenser cartridge that can support and force the stereo pickup section of the shape. [1
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