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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a speaker apparatus for an
automobile according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a view showing an example of
reproduction characteristics of the speaker apparatus according to the present invention. 2.8 ......
amplifier, 4,10 ...... tweeter, 6 ...... center speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a motor vehicle
audio system, in particular to a loudspeaker system. In the conventional audio equipment for
automobile, in order to improve the acoustic characteristics in the passenger compartment, a
large number of speakers or large diameter speakers are provided, for example, on the upper
surface of danone board (1) h.theta. Although it is hopeful, there were problems with the
construction and installation of the vehicle in terms of space. Therefore, although it is compelled
to attach a small speaker to the left and right, in this case, it was unavoidable that the acoustic
characteristic of the low range was insufficient. The present invention (ll is intended to provide a
speaker device which can improve the acoustic characteristics of the vehicle interior greatly, in
view of the above circumstances, and furthermore, the device on the music source side in front of
the speaker is changed, for example, It is a characteristic that the improvement was made by the
speaker device itself without improvement. Hereinafter, preferred embodiments of the present
invention illustrated in the attached drawings will be described in detail. FIG. 1 shows a
loudspeaker system according to the invention. In the conventional audio device, the left and
right speakers and the amplifier of the left channel are connected by 1 to 1, but in the case of the
present invention 7), as shown in FIG. Is connected in parallel to the right playback high-pitched
speaker (right slider) and the voice coil on the-(2) side of the central speaker for low-range
playback, and the output of the amplifier 8 on the left-side playback piece is for left-sided
playback high-pitched It is connected in parallel to the speaker (left speaker) 10 and the other
voice coil of the center speaker rod. Thus, each amplifier 2. Since the load of g is effectively that
two speakers are connected in parallel and its impedance is half that of the conventional one, the
two voices of the left and right speaker, the voice coil of / θ and the center speaker are The
impedances of the coils are each set to twice that in the prior art. The two sets of voice coils of
the central speaker unit can reproduce, for example, a sum signal of left and right reproduced
sounds, that is, seven aural signals by coaxially winding the coils in the same direction. This is
because the low frequency range reproduction 1 has substantially less action contributing to one
sound localization and three-dimensional feeling (stereo feeling) compared to the high frequency
range reproduction, and therefore the left and right separation in the high frequency range It is
because it is possible to perform stereo reproduction with virtually no feeling of naturality even if
it is monaural reproduction in a low-pitched area. Furthermore, the adoption of such a central
speaker (3) can secure a sufficient space for the attachment of the left and right small speakers
compared to the space, and therefore the large-diameter bass speaker for the central speaker It is
because it can be adopted.
The reproduction characteristic of one embodiment of the speaker mounting and purchasing
according to the present invention is shown in FIG. In FIG. 2, a curve A is a center speaker for low
range reproduction, and a curve B is a characteristic of left and right speakers for high range
reproduction. Next, the attachment in the case of actually attaching the unspeaked speaker
device to an automobile will be described by way of example. The central speaker should be
mounted relatively close to the longitudinal centerline of the single room where space can be
secured, in fact it is mounted near the top of the dash board or near the center of the top of the
cover. Loudspeakers for left and right 1 Speakers may be attached anywhere on the left and right
of the above center speakers, and if there is a space for them, the attachment may be left or right
on the upper surface of the dashboard board D, left or right on the side of the dashboard board,
left or right There is a door, left and right doors of the rear seat, or (4) t the left and right of the
upper surface of the load cell, and further there is a combination of these. In any case, since the
high-pitched speaker is small in diameter and small in size, the mounting may be anywhere on
the left and right of the central speaker provided that there is space. As described above,
according to the present study, it is possible to reproduce the left and right one juice regions with
seven large-aperture speakers, and the small-sized high-sounding speaker that substantially
produces a sense of stereo is small in size because it is small. It can be installed in a small space
in the corner, and the center speaker's own material combines left and right sounds, so the
device on the music source side before the amplifier does not require any change, and the use of
large diameter speakers In particular, there is an advantage that the reproduction characteristic
of the low frequency range is improved.
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