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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a piston movement
area and a divided vibration area of a speaker, and FIG. 2 is a schematic cross sectional view of a
sandwich structure speaker diaphragm according to the present invention. FIG. 3 is aluminum as
a core material. FIG. 2 is an external appearance parent figure of a powdery honeycomb core. In
the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts, 1 is a skin
material, xxx, fiber reinforced plastic, 2 is an aluminum honeycomb core of a core material, 3 is
an adhesive.
[Detailed description of the invention] Gravity system has a wide range of piston 1 area, is a
modified business to chest a speaker diaphragm with a counterfeit sandwich with a small number
of custom-designed chest waves in a stationary machine) Generally a loudspeaker (A) small
density of 111J, (B) specific ratio g / P is large, (E:% 峯, P: dense &) (C) moderate equivalent, as a
diaphragm for low vibration (1) There is a problem of having a habit, loss, or loss. Reducing the
th + density is necessary to increase the sound pressure by increasing the weight of the
diaphragm vI-light. In addition, it is necessary to enlarge the area of the piston movement of the
speaker 比 Figure 1 is an example of the sound pressure-thorax number characteristics of the
speaker, but in general the piston wJ Shinjo and It can be roughly divided into divided vibration
filling areas. In a relatively low imperial region where the piston retarding region ri digging plate
vibrates together, the it pressure-circumferential & number characteristics are flat and the
occurrence of sound φ is small. The segmental peristaltic region is the region of the differential
frequency of the diaphragm that vibrates differently or locally. Accumulated inertia tends to
cause peaks and valleys, and there are many cases where the stop of sound is large. このため、
スピーカの1! ll: In order to enhance Noh, it is impracticable to make the piston linear motion
'1 i 11 area t as wide as possible, but its upper limit station, & 叙 f is compared to the square of
the metaphoric table%. The value of 2% of the plate 3 is set to be as large as possible so that the
value of% of the plate is as large as possible. However, it is impracticable to increase the carbon
percentage by a person so much by a person, and the percentage of carbon fiber contamination
is not good enough. A large turtle? 4) It is a well-known 4) contract 、% can sleep <, ** hunt for
internal loss ス ピ ー カ speaker 倣 得 る 得 る 得 る 得 る ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ
ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ム ハ ニ カ ムAlternatively, a two-layer sandwich
child speaker with a core material made of a counterfeit one with an increased number of 111i
11 injections as a core material, and a polar shaft reinforced plastic based on both 1111IK crow
fibers or carbon junctions. A diaphragm was made once and was put to practical use. 0 However,
the above-mentioned crow Nt 鞭 and the speaker oscillation based on carbon splicing are similar
to E / Pu3. s ~ 5 times larger than t piston movement area? l, 8-2.2 惜 VL 大 た か た か 恒久 恒久
恒久 紙 紙 紙 J J 14 ∼ ∼ ∼ 筒 筒 筒 筒 筒 筒 あ 3 あ (3)-4----frequency characteristics in the
region tend to occur 9 How to increase internal loss by coating with rubber glaze 'ftn cloth or 1
foam sheet 1m layer but it is rice, but on the contrary, the amount of P is decreased and 1% of
the three-layer sandwich structure is fully accommodated There was a drawback that I could not
The present invention has been developed to eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages of the
prior art, and it is a three-layer sandwich structure with a pair of robes, one kevran voice, one
forehead, one forehead, and two trademarks of DuPont 1 Co., Ltd., Poly-P. Pigtailed crow fiber by
using benzamide 轍 &) k. E07. The same ratio of carbon fiber as the three no-width 'Nditch swing
plate' with carbon fiber E7. South, with a pulp pulp diaphragm and internal loss of four-delta, and
a custom-designed custom-made t-piece in the trading area-a small one, one in a solid tki T'4 and
one in a single purpose There is a certain 以下 following this 1 Article Explain about l. Three Nosandwich 織布 織布 織布 素材 ケ ケ ケ 織布 織布 織布 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120
120 (DoPon1 company's practice style)? I-Use epoxy resin shrimp (4) '' '' l coat 828 and
triethylenetetramine 'at a ratio of @ @ 100: 11 is impregnated and heat-cured while pressing,
volume content of fiber 峯 about I got 50% thick, 0.12 thick stock. Stone is made of aluminum
foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm and a cell size of 3/161 nch. An aluminum honeycomb core
having a thickness of 3 was used. I took it. The surface coating material and the aluminyl twocam core are bonded together with a bonding agent having a ratio of epicoat 828 and
triethylenetetramine of 100: 11, and a wave layer is formed by heating and pressing. The
calculated% and internal loss (tlIIIδ) values are shown in Table 1. Table 11C shows for
comparison the wrinkles of a three-row sandwich board made of four materials in a woven fabric
consisting of crow pole phase and carbon main fiber for comparison 0 (5) Table 1 coating anti
base material At / 1 Nica base material 2 × 2 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 61 ′ ′ ′ j, −mMk field 505 ′ ′
2.4 × 100.04 ° 2 glass ′ ′ 1.5 × 100.0243 carbon 'I 3.4 × 100. 0234 conventional green
pulp 7 □ 03-0′′5XIO ′ ′ 0. When the skin material by Kevlar contamination based on the
present invention is used for the 050 batter 1 which is clear from the present invention, the brow
is approximately lWl'8 degrees with that by the conventional carbon M and the conventional
paper in the internal loss (ta + J) IC Compared to the pulp and paper scraps of gE rice, the bi-
piston commuting area is about twice as large as the pulp and paper pulp scraping plates of gE
rice, and the internal loss is large. A three-layer sandwich speaker wJ board is obtained which is
extremely effective also in terms of physical properties such as disappearance of inherent
wrinkles in the axis of the honeycomb diaphragm, and hearing characteristics. Moreover, the
woven fabric by Kevlar moth includes impetus 6) Buds (lJ 4-and 4-! Ll! Of about 0.1-0.2 鱈
summer as well.
In the case of +, the shape of the honeycomb core used as 6M appears on the surface and is also
effective from the design surface, as it is more transparent than carpet cloth made of carbon fiber
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