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Description 1, title of the invention
Car mounted speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker, and more
particularly to a speaker for mounting on a car which is disposed in a car and used for a car
stereo or a car radio. In-car speakers are generally installed in a dash-back tray. However, air
conditioning, car radios, car stereos, TVs, telephones and various other in-vehicle equipment tend
to increase. And as car stereos become more sophisticated and move to car components, the
number of required speakers also tends to increase. However, the dash board is a prime place in
the car, and it is almost impossible to dispose the system on the dash board due to the increase
of the equipment in the car. When the speakers are disposed in the rear parcel tray, the
difference in volume between the rear seat and the fluorocarbon F sheet is so large that it is
difficult to give an appropriate volume to each. In addition, it is becoming difficult to obtain an
appropriate speaker placement position for automobile rickshaws that do not have a rear parcel
tray. The purpose of this cloth cutting is to provide a car-mounted speaker in which the
drawbacks in the prior art are eliminated. According to the invention, the loudspeaker is
integrated in a headrest mounted on the seat in order to accelerate this purpose. An embodiment
of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. As shown in
FIGS. 1 and 2, according to the present invention, a pair of speakers 10.11 are disposed in the
four parts of the headrest 140 attached to the seat 12. Each of these speakers 10 ° 11 faces
inward and is positioned as opposed as possible to the ears of the seat occupant. As described
above, when the EndPage: 1 speaker 10. 11 is provided, the distance between the speaker and
the seating layer is (a sound quality can be obtained with a small sound quality as in the case of a
near-headphone that is close to j). In addition, the space that was conventionally used for
headrests was not used, and it was not something that required special space, and the effective
use of space was taken from the space that was conventionally occupied by 7 peca Can be used
for other purposes. As in the embodiment, by arranging a single speaker at the center of the
headrest without arranging the pair of speakers at both ends of the headrest, the number of
speakers to be arranged can be reduced and the structure can be simplified. . It goes without
saying that the seat for arranging the speakers may be a seater or front seat. [F-M'i's simple
description of 4.2] First and second figures are a front view and a right side view showing a carmounted speaker according to the present invention.
10.11・・・スピーカ、12・・・シート、14・・・ヘッドレスト。 Engraved 2 Figure
EndPage: 2
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