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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a piezoelectric buzzer according to the
present invention, FIG. 1A is a longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 1B is a top view, and FIG. 2 is a
longitudinal cross section corresponding to FIG. FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
Piezoelectric vibrator, 1a ... Piezoelectric element, 1b ... Resonant board, 1b '... Recess, 2 ...
Housing | casing, 2a ... Base | substrate, 2b ... Lid, 2a ', 2b' ... convex.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
buzzer in which a plate-like piezoelectric element is attached to a resonant plate and housed in
one body and nine piezoelectric vibrators are used as a sound source. explain. In FIG. 7, 1
denotes a silver-burned metallized electrode surface (not shown) on the amphibian surface, and
is polarized so as to exhibit vibration in the thickness direction, and is piezoelectric element / a
made of lead zirconate 9 titanate based compound. The piezoelectric (1) J-7) "v" element is
adhered with an adhesive, and the round metal 11 9 is made of a synthetic resin thin film 11 to
form an annular recess / b 'on the outer periphery of the piezoelectric element And a
piezoelectric vibrator serving as a sound source, and 2 is a case comprising a base core a made of
synthetic resin or the like, and a lid body which is an acoustic box with an upper end surface and
a lower end surface of the base 2a. The body base λaK is provided on the above-mentioned
resonance plate and engaged with the recess / t + ′ to project an annular projection 2a ′ for
supporting the resonance plate / b upward. Concentric crest that is engaged with an annular
convex co 'a protruding from the base co' from the upper bottom surface provided with the hole
co 'b1 The 'projecting downwards, holding the resonant plate / b, fixed. In the prior art
piezoelectric buzzer of this type, as in the first case, the casing containing the piezoelectric
imaging element 1 serving as a sound source has a vertical cross-sectional shape with both side
walls having a pyramidal shape on the base / λa and the lid lco b. Since it is divided to be
crowned and divided into several parts, and the above-mentioned piezoelectric vibrator is held in
the crowned part, bulk accuracy is required for the dimensions of the cone-shaped crowned part
of the base and the lid. In the present invention, a piezoelectric element is attached and a recess
is provided inside the node of vibration of the outer periphery of the resonance plate, and a
convexity for holding the resonance plate in the recess is used as a base and a lid. As it is
provided on the body, it not only facilitates the manufacture and assembly of the base and lid,
but also the piezoelectric vibrator is reliably held by the base engaging with the recess of the
resonant plate and one protrusion. There are many effects, such as not causing positional
deviation, for the operation of the period. In the above embodiment, the base engaged with the
recess and the recess of the resonance plate, and the configuration in which the protrusion of the
lid is an annular continuous groove are described, but the recess is concentric on each center
point It may be set to nine or more depressions.
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