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Specification l Title reduced type stereo device
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a small stereo% # which
can be put in a pocket or bag. Recently, along with the miniaturization of audio equipment, there
are various types of radios and tape recorders that can fit in the pocket. However, such a smallsized one can not expect a stereo effect because a sufficient distance can not be obtained even if
two speakers are provided. As a matter of fact, in the past, stereo devices using small-sized audio
devices were impossible and rl at most used large-sized radio cassettes. The present invention
has been made to solve the above problems, and at least one of a pair of speakers of a reducedsize audio device is provided via an expandable end-room to obtain a sufficient distance between
the two speakers. It is an object of the present invention to provide an ultra-compact stereo
cabinet which can be expected to have a good stereo effect by configuring it. Hereinafter, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described in accordance with one plane. FIG. 1 (at
(b) shows an example in which this song is applied to a small-sized radio, EndPage: 1 to 7). In
Saki, 1 is a frequently small radio main body, and this main body 1 is an operation part such as
the tuning dial 2 and dial scale 3 in the approximate center of the front? 11 '' West, and a pair of
speakers 41. 42 are provided on the left and right of the main body l. In this case, one of the
single-effect speakers 41.42, for example, the right-hand speaker 42 is independent and housed
in the telescopic housing 421 and is an expandable end-frame 51, 52? It is provided in the main
body 11 via. Which one of the arms 51.52 is a multi-layered tubular body that is expanded and
bundled into an expandable antenna, and is always accommodated in the main body 1 and the
speaker 41. . It is designed to obtain a predetermined interval in which the stereo effect can be
held between 42. Here, the arm 51.52 is made of a conductive material and doubles as an 11-
conductor for electrically connecting the main body 1 and the speaker 42. Of course, it is also
possible to use a 1 / P acidic one for the arm 51.52 and accommodate a conductor that can be
expanded and contracted along the hollow portion of the arm 51.52. Also, the radio main unit 1
incorporates, for example, two bands for distribution and delivery. In this case, the FM receiver
circuit is capable of receiving stereo broadcasts and generates stereo output. For example, as
shown in FIG. 2, an FM antenna 61, a high frequency amplification and mixing path 62, an
intermediate frequency amplification (B) Path 63, right and left preamplification circuits 651 and
652 of multiplex circuit 64, and output amplification circuits 661 and 662, and the output
terminals of output amplification circuits 661 and 662 are left and right speakers 41.42. Are
connected to each other.
Here, FIG. 2 Hm is known, so the explanation and light here are omitted. Thus, as shown in FIG. 1
ta +, the arm 51.52 is housed in the main body 1 and the speaker 42 is brought into contact with
the radio main body 1 to carry it in a bogette or bag. It is heard using it as a convenient micro
radio. Further, as shown in FIG. 1 tbl, the diaphragms 51 and 52 can be extended to separate the
speakers 42 from the radio main body 1 to ensure and maintain a sufficient distance between the
speakers 41 and 42. As a result, when a stereo output is generated from the FM receiving circuit
of FIG. 2, it is possible to listen to the FM broadcast at this time with a better stereo effect than
both speakers 41 and 42. Therefore, according to such a configuration, it is possible to obtain an
optical distance between a pair of speakers by extending the arm, and f) can be better than the
reduced radio which has been regarded as a symptomless conventional stereo device. It will be
possible to expect a stereo effect. Next, another embodiment of the present invention will be
described in accordance with the third embodiment. Here, the same reference numerals as in FIG.
1 denote the same parts in FIG. In this case, the left +14 I + speaker 4 of the pair of speakers
41.42 is also accommodated in the independent housing 411 similarly to the right speaker 41
and the radio main body 1 is inserted through the telescopic end 53, 54'r. To set it up. Others are
similar to the second (9). In this manner, the interval between the off-speaker 41. 42 can be
further extended, and the stereo effect can be further emphasized. In addition, since the left and
right speaker housings 413 and 412 have the same shape, the sounds emitted from the left and
right speakers 41.42 tend to have uniform characteristics, and from this point as well, a good
stereo effect can be obtained. Further, another embodiment of the present invention will be
described and described according to FIG. Here, the fourth + 121 is the same part as the third =
+, and the same code is attached to the same part. The pigeon main body l is a so-called radio
cassette incorporating a known micro cassette tape recorder. Here, in the figure, 7 is a cassette
loading chamber, and 8 is an operation button of the tape recorder. Others are the same as FIG.
Even in this case, the same effect as described above can be expected. The present invention is
not limited to the embodiments described above, and can be appropriately modified and
implemented within the wholesale scope not changing the gist. Although the example described
the radio or radio cassette in the above-described embodiment, the present invention can be
applied to other audio devices such as a stereo tape recorder. Also, the arms 51 to 54 can be
used as an antenna for the FM reception (R) path.
As described above, according to the present invention, at least one of the pair of loudspeakers of
the ultra-small audio system 4Ii is provided with an extendable arm member so that a sufficient
distance can be obtained between the picture speakers. It is possible to provide a very small
stereo EndPage: 2 # that can be expected to have a good stereo effect.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 + a + rb + shows an embodiment of the present
invention, wherein (a) is an orthographic view showing the state in which the arm is contracted
X1blVi and the film is extended, and FIG. The block diagram of the FM receiving circuit used in
the embodiment of the invention, and the figures 3 and 4 are front views showing another
embodiment of the present invention. ■ · · · Radio body 2 · · · Tuning dial 3 · Tire scale 41. Width
and mixing circuit 63: Intermediate frequency amplification circuit 64: Multiplex circuit 651.652:
Pre-amplification circuit 661, 662: Output amplification circuit 7: Cassette loading chamber 8 ...
Sweeping work 1 Figure 1 Figure 2 EndPage: 3
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