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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a sectional view and a top view
showing an embodiment in which the present invention is applied to an electronic music box,
respectively. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... outer case, 2 ... inner case, 3 ... top panel, 4 ... lower
panel, 6 ... circuit board, 8 ... battery, 10 ... piezoelectric element, 11 ... · · Diaphragm, 12 · · ·
Piezoelectric element, 14 · · · · · sound emission hole, 14a · · · 1-shaped hole portion, 14b · · · Hshaped hole portion.
Detailed description of the invention Description 1 name of the invention small electronic
equipment 2, the scope of the utility model registration request-a book which contains # # a
pager, and forms letters, numbers, symbols and figures in a narrow body A small electronic
device shaped like a sound emission hole. A brief description of the 3p draft 7) Description The
water groove vl-relates to a small electronic device equipped with a Taden Bear. Recently, y small
child watch and small weight calculation now! There is a car equipment for the child equipment,
an alarm supervisor of the earth aza-4-bi λ, an alarm director of the wristwatch, and a person's
article for use as a sound in a key barrel creation cabinet f of a kite. This piezoelectric buzzer
pressure * device is a heavy duty device, and it is a piezoelectric buzzer for the purpose of
improving the sound pressure or directly attaching to the inside of the body in order to provide it
in a small size single child appliance. It is assumed that the resonance box containing the is
mounted inside the box. Force), and the sounder generated by the lft buzzer with a positive
electric buzzer with a configuration of 111 h in the casing of the steamer,. It forms a hole.
However, conventionally, simply circular 円 形 one sound emission hole or a plurality of
theoretical jl! It was only formed in the part, and the device on the design which used this sound
emission hole effectively was not good enough in design. The wooden syllabary was t7 in view of
the above-mentioned circumstances, and the sound emission holes for the city of Busa made in 4
bodies were shaped into letters, several waves, heat and shapes forming figures, and the sound
emission holes were effective (Τ Smi 1 piece 1 (A small calculation plus equipment with a better
design width is provided. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described.
One side of the chair (one piece of atmosphere σ)-A portable small one-piece music box which is
an example is provided. l [1 B; is the outer case, 2 is the inner case fitted to the outer case J inner
periphery filll, both cases 1 and 2 have a circular shape made of 曾 e, resin It is 41 legs in one
body from VC. The upper panel 3 is attached to the upper part of the outer case 1 (mounted,. It is
an egg. In both cases 1.2 ・ · ひ lII + 1 panel 3 ° 4 make up the brain body 111. The internal
case 2σ) is internally provided with a circuit board 6 on which a large scale integrated circuit
57′F is mounted, and for example, the first number of reservoirs 7 are provided in the lower K
of the circuit base 826 It is. A battery j 8 j is stored in each of the battery storing autopsy 7, and
a button 10 is a contact type contactor 9.9 which is pressed by a springboard.
Remove the battery and lower cover 4 from the outer case 1 and release. Piezoelectric buzzer No.
θ is the movement away from the upper panel 3 toward the gJ 1 and the pressure buzzer 10 is a
disc, and the central rB turtle element 12 of the oscillating sand No which forms a disc is crushed
by J11 welding. And, the vibration & 11's peristalsis is held by the outer case 1 and the inner
case 2σ1 at each opening edge. This is a two-node system connecting the 13u piezoelectric
buzzer 10 and the circuit board 6 in the figure. Further, at the central portion of the upper panel
3 and at the portion facing the central portion of the diaphragm 1 in the earth / tongue buzzer
10, a sound emission hole 14 penetrating to the inside and the outside of the panel is formed.
For example, as shown in FIG. 2, for example, a T-note hole M14a for forming Tj and a 1-shaped
hole for forming HJ are shown. 14b is followed by a mechanism 5y. 1) Two roman holes "1" and
"HJ" are formed in the sound output hole 14 to form the shape of the letter. When making the
flat panel 14 of the protuberance part 14 soil part panel 3 with a press, it is formed by r
punching ^ processing. In addition, dust and dirt that intrudes into a case in a thousand cases
through the sound release hole 14) E city buzzer 1 ° adheres to one part ζ r L Ichiko parts.
Then, a voltage is applied to the piezoelectric buzzer 10 to the If element 12 to vibrate the
diaphragm 1 to vibrate the nitrogen phi to generate a sound. The sound generated by the
piezoelectric buzzer 10 is favorably emitted to the outside through the sound emission hole 14
formed in the panel 10. Thus, the small electronic music box has a sound emission hole 14
formed in the upper panel 3 for emitting the sound generated by the piezoelectric buzzer 10 to
the outside, in the shape of a Roman character, so it is simply circular. Compared with the sound
emission hole f, the sound emission hole 14 itself has a bright # 'fr decorative element, and the
sound emission hole 4 and the upper panel 3 vc changing and accenting the width of this 7i + /
sound 14 It dances by giving decoration. In addition, there is an additional element that is not
only a decorative character, but also an intial one that supports the type of the Roman alphabet
as the name of the owner of the music box and the appropriate English language-tn. The element
worn by the sound emission hole is formed by romaji only <Lear hiragana, kanka, characters
such as kanji, * and any figure other than numbers, and it may be a form with a square symbol as
appropriate, ≧ The shape of the object may be appropriately selected, and the shape of the
object may be selected as appropriate. Also, it is better to form a shape with an opening that is
continuous with the sound emission hole, or even if it is better to form a shape by drilling a small
h hole.
PE! In the place and the number which form a sound emission hole! An appropriate position rc
can be set in consideration of effective emission of the sound by the buzzer. For example, in the
above-described embodiment, a sound emission hole may be formed at the peripheral edge of the
upper panel. The structure of the body is different not only according to the embodiment but also
according to the type and model of the small size single child device, and the point is to spin Flfl
I1 products such as batteries, circuit boards, FfTo buzzers, etc. , And pressure! Since the positions
of the buzzers are different depending on the type and model of the small electronic device, they
are formed into one suitable six PFT corresponding to the sound emission hole σ and the
electric buzzer position information. The present invention can be widely applied not only to an
electronic music box but also to an electronic watch, a small electronic computer, and a
piezoelectric buzzer as well as an electronic music box. As described above in the small electronic
device of the present invention, it is possible to effectively utilize the sound emission hole formed
in the housing f and devise in design to give a decorative element, and to enhance the sound
emission hole and integrated design. .
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